What: We looked at the sports websites with the highest amount of Latin American (and particularly Mexican) visitors in January 2018.
Why it matters: A significant percentage of Latin Americans devotes time to consuming sports content online. Interestingly, two of the top three sites are based in Brazil.

Sports are a big deal worldwide, but there is perhaps no place with more enthusiasm for certain events (i.e. soccer matches) than Latin America. We have analyzed comScore rankings of the most-visited sports websites during January in this region paying special attention to Mexico, and we found several interesting pieces of information.

Top 10 Sports Websites in Latin America, January 2018

 Fuente: Total Audience, PC/LaptopTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience191,289
1Globo Esportes9,825
2MSN Sports6,643
3UOL Esporte4,637
4AS.com Sites3,233
7Marca Sites2,455
8Jornal Extra – Esportes2,139
10Perform Sports – Goal Sites1,833
[Source: comScore]
  • From the total amount of internet users in Latin America, 24.7% looked for sports content online.
  • The Brazilian website Globo Esportes received 20.7% of those visitors.
  • MSN Sports was visited by 14% of Latin American sports-content users.
  • 9.8% of visitors looked for sports content on another Brazilian website: UOL Esporte. 
  • As sites, focused on different Latin American countries, received 6.8% of visitors, with Desafío Mundial close behind with 6.6%.
  • ESPN is in 6th place, with 5.3%, and not far behind on the 7th position is Marca, with 5.1%.
  • Another Brazilian website, Jornal Extra Esportes, received 4.5% of visitors.
  • 4.2% of viewers chose Argentinian website OLE.COM.AR.
  • At the bottom of the list, with 3.8%, are Perform Sports – Goal Sites.

Top 10 Sports Websites in Mexico, January 2018

 Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop, All smartphones, All TabletsTotal Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
 Total Digital Population
Total Internet : Total Audience68,613
3AS.com Sites2,884
4Marca Sites2,864
6MSN Sports1,848
7Televisa Deportes (Site)1,536
8Minute Media1,526
9NFL Internet Group932
    • [Source: comScore]
  • A significant 29.3% of total internet users looked for sports content online in January 2018.
  • 19% of those sports-content consumers visited MEDIOTIEMPO.COM
  • ESPN was on the second position in the ranking, with 18.5% of visits.
  • As and Marca sites received very similar numbers of views: 14.2% and 14.1% respectively.
  • 10.4% of Mexican viewers visited RECORD looking for sports content.
  • MSN Sports, the top second website in the overall Latin American ranking, received 9.1% of views in Mexico.
  • Televisa Deportes and Minute Media are almost tied in the seventh and eighth positions of the ranking, with 7.6% and 7.5% of views.
  • 4.6% of Mexican sports-content viewers visited the NFL Internet Group.
  • JUANFUTBOL.COM received 4.4% of visits.

Which sports video platforms do US Hispanic users prefer? What types of sports do they prefer? Do they prefer league sites o news media sites? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s May 2017 ranking.

Although sports sites are making a major effort to generate video content and are increasingly including live broadcasts across their digital platforms, content consumption by U.S. Hispanics still remains low. Only 14.7% of all Hispanic netizens view sports video content. Just in the last month, we saw an almost 1% drop, for a total of 3.9 million users.

Source: comScore Video Metrix , U.S., Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop Only, May 2017, 6+Total Unique Viewers (000)
   Total Internet: Hispanic All26,624
1   Fox Sports-SI Group-Perform Media1,265
2   ESPN846
3   Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network669
4   MLB558
5   MSN Sports510
6   Marca Sites501
7   SendtoNews445
8   Whistle Sports396
9   CBS Sports376
10   NFL Internet Group298

Although Yahoo Sports ranked 7th on our list of sports sites most visited by Hispanics, it is doing even better in sports video content consumption, coming in 3rd in our ranking of Top 10 sports video platforms.

Spanish language soccer site Marca also makes its debut in our list this month, ranking 6th, with 501,000 unique users. What we don’t know is whether Hispanics are consuming videos in Spanish or English, since the site offers both options. In the overall rankings, Hispanics tend to choose to consume sports content in English.

In addition to the presence of sports news sites, there are two leagues that managed to attract sports video consumers directly to their official sites: the NFL and MLB. Coming in 4th is the MLB, with 558,000 unique users, while the NFL ranked 10th with 298,000 video consumers.

Text written by Lorena Hure @lorenahure

Which gaming sites do US Hispanics prefer? What is most important to them? How are users spread out within this category? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s March 2017 ranking.

Forty percent of US Hispanic users visit game sites as part of their online entertainment activities.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, March 2017Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All26.592
1    EA Games – Media Network1.301
3    IGN Entertainment875
4    Curse856
5    GameSpot813
6    Fandom Games, Powered By Wikia659
7    TWITCH.TV605
8    Reddit Games590
9    Gamer Network481
10    Miniclip447

The themes within this category seem to be diverse, with no one predominant activity. Individually, the number of unique users on each of the ranked sites and platforms did not exceed 5% during the reporting period.

Based on the ranking, we can discern that, for US Hispanics, online games are as important as participating in forums where they can comment and find out about their favorite games. Although e-gaming is not new, it is interesting to observe how users are increasingly interested in this mode of content consumption, as well as the response of these platforms to constantly reinvent themselves with new games and monetizing modalities that come from both users and advertisers.

Which video platforms do US Hispanic users prefer? What types of content do they provide? Does gender play a role in audiovisual content preference? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s February 2016 ranking.

100% of US Hispanic users consumed audiovisual content through Google sites in the reporting period.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, US Hispanics-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, Type of Video: Total, February 2016, 2+Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet:4,999
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites4,976
2    Facebook1,662
3    VEVO1,502
4    BroadbandTV1,259
5    Warner Music1,010
6    Yahoo Sites933
7    Comcast NBCUniversal721
8    Microsoft Sites714
9    ZEFR601
10    Vimeo595

Although Facebook ranked second on the list, in percentage terms it attracted 33% of users (three times less than Google sites).

Fifty percent of users chose to watch music videos through VEVO and Warner Music (reflecting users’ interest in this type of content).

Audio-visual content produced by YouTube personalities also appears to be one of the most prevalent interests among US Hispanics, which is reflected in the fact that 25% of unique visitors consumed BroadbandTV content.

Yahoo, ranked sixth, attracted 19% of users interested in video, while Comcast NBCUniversal (owned by the NBC network) attracted 14% of users.

Microsoft sites, ranked eighth, came in slightly below Comcast in terms of percentage of visitors.

ZEFR, the video advertising platform, drew 12% of all Hispanic users in the reporting period.

And finally, Vimeo, the video social network, came in last in the ranking, with 12% of users.

Viewing habits among Hispanic women

In general terms, viewing habits among US Hispanic women were similar to those of the overall population, except for the last two spots in the ranking. Specifically, it appears that women in this market segment are particularly interested in viewing content generated by YouTube personalities, with 21% of these users visiting the Maker Studios and Fullscreen platforms during the period reported.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, US Hispanics-Women-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, Type of Video: Total, February 2016, 2+Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Custom Target2,027
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites1,905
2    Facebook629
3    VEVO564
4    BroadbandTV428
5    Warner Music374
6    Yahoo Sites330
7    Comcast NBCUniversal270
8    Microsoft Sites258
9    Maker Studios Inc.221
10    Fullscreen Media Network209

Which sports sites are the most visited by US Hispanic users? What types of content do they provide? Do US Hispanics prefer visiting news sites or web sites of their favorite sports leagues? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s February 2016 rankings.

70.7% of all US Hispanic web users regularly visit sites with sports-linked content.

Source: comScore MMX, Multi-Platform, United States, Hispanic All, Sports, February 2017, Desktop 2+ and Mobile 18+Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Total Digital Population
   Total Internet: Hispanic All35,046
1   ESPN9,554
2   Fox Sports-SI Group-Perform Media7,566
3   Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network6,916
4   SB Nation6,302
5   CBS Sports6,287
6   Bleacher Report – Turner Sports Network6,001
7   USA TODAY Sports Media Group5,769
8   NFL Internet Group4,243
9   Minute Media2,588
10   MLB2,355

The ranking is clearly led by ESPN‘s sports news and content site. Out of the total number of users who visit sports content sites, 38.6% of them chose to visit this site regularly. In fact, the first 7 spots in the ranking are occupied by sites focused on sports news, not teams or leagues.

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The first sports league to be ranked in this Top 10 list is the NFL, with 4.2 million Hispanic followers. We know that the National Football League is among the most relevant sports leagues in the United States. However, among the Hispanic population, American football is not the most followed sport.

In the number 10 spot is Major League Baseball (MLB), the second league site in our ranking, with 2.3 million unique visits.

Hispanic netizens undoubtedly prefer to stay well-informed about sports news in general, as opposed to visiting specific sports and league sites for updates.


Which websites do US Hispanics prefer? What activities do these sites allow them to do? Does gender play a role when it comes to choosing online media? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s February 2016 ranking.

85% of US Hispanic users visited Google sites in the reporting period.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, US Hispanics-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, February 2016, 2+Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:4,999
    Top 10 Properties
1    Google Sites4,226
2    Microsoft Sites3,135
3    Facebook2,839
4    Yahoo Sites2,626
5    Amazon Sites1,405
6    Apple Inc.1,015
7    AOL, Inc.988
8    Comcast NBCUniversal932
9    eBay782
10    Wikimedia Foundation Sites671

Microsoft sites came in second, chosen by 63% of unique users.

The production and consumption of content are important activities for US Hispanics, who also gravitate towards Facebook, which ranked third with 57% of users.

The Yahoo and AOL portals together attracted 73% of unique visitors, which would indicate a certain level of user interest in consuming general information.

E-commerce occupies a considerable place within the habits of Hispanic users—Amazon and eBay collectively received 44% of unique visitors.

Apple, the only site dedicated exclusively to vertical technology, ranked sixth with 20% of unique users.

Almost 20% of users view NBC’s television content, which placed Comcast in eighth place in the ranking.

Rounding out tenth place were the Wikipedia sites, which reflect some “encyclopedic” interest among 13% of users.

What Women Want

Female site usage was consistent with overall user preferences, with the exception of vertical technology.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, US Hispanics-Women-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, February 2016, 2+Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Custom Target2,027
    Top 10 Properties
1    Google Sites1,660
2    Microsoft Sites1,212
3    Facebook1,100
4    Yahoo Sites1,077
5    Amazon Sites515
6    Comcast NBCUniversal382
7    AOL, Inc.344
8    Apple Inc.337
9    Dropbox Sites255
10    eBay242


Specifically, it seems that for women, the content provided by NBC is more interesting to them than Apple products (whose site ranks eighth among female users).

Another interesting note is the presence of Dropbox, ranked ninth, which would appear to indicate a higher interest in file than e-commerce (eBay), ranked tenth.

As for Wikipedia sites, which occupy last place in the general ranking, they do not appear at all among the sites favored by female users.

What are the most popular sports websites among U.S. Hispanics? What impact did the months preparing for the  Olympic Games have on theconsumption of sports content? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore‘s June 2015 and June 2016 rankings.

As much as the amount of Hispanic users with Internet access increased,by 4% according to the table below, in June 2016 compared to June 2015, it is interesting to note how the general trend in the consumption of sports sites was negative. But one of the most important events of 2016 has been the Olympic Games, so maybe we will need to look at comScore’s August results to determine if this downward trend was reverted during the event.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, Junio 2015 vs Junio 2016Unique Visitors (000)% Growth
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All30.14031.3574%
1    ESPN2.4912.374-5%
2    Yahoo Sports-NBC Sports Network2.5392.080-18%
3    Fox Sports Digital – Sporting News Media1.6621.558-6%
4    MSN Sports1.1081.41928%
5    Bleacher Report – Turner Sports Network1.7141.269-26%
6    USA TODAY Sports Media Group1.4601.205-17%
7    SB Nation1.4491.165-20%
8    MLB1.155979-15%
9    CBS Sports891794-11%
10    Sports Illustrated Sites746684-8%

In general terms, the sports category was visited by 32% of US Hispanics during June 2016, which represents an 8% decrease compared to the same month in 2015.

On all of the informed sites on the comScore ranking, there was a decrease in monthly visitors during June 2016, except in the case of MSN Sports, whose unique users increased by 28% compared to June 2015.

ESPN, the sports site operated by The Walt Disney Company, lost the least amount of users, while Bleacher Report, owned by  Turner Broadcasting, lost the most in this particular time period.

What are the most popular retail sites and platforms among US Hispanics? What priority do they give each one? What do they use the sites and platforms for? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore‘s May 2016 rankings.

70% of Hispanics with access to internet that reside in the United States visited at least one of the sites in the category during May 2016.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All31.321
1    Amazon Sites11.867
2    eBay6.235
3    Wal-Mart4.319
4    Apple.com Worldwide Sites3.285
5    Target Corporation2.196
6    The Home Depot, Inc.1.991
7    Google Shopping1.816
8    Best Buy Sites1.573
9    Macy’s Inc.1.462
10    Intuit1.453

The preferred platform by US Hispanics is Amazon, which attracted 54% of users, followed by eBay, with 28% of the visitors.

20% of the users made supermarket purchases online through Walmart (or at least looked at products and prices before making a purchase in a physical store).

Apple seems to be the preferred technology brand by Hispanics in the United States: 15% consulted the site, and it is the only in its category on this list.

26% of the visitors accessed sites related to products that improve quality of life and home maintenance (Target, Home Depot, Best Buy). This is no small detail, as it adds up to almost as many visitors as eBay’s (ranked second on this ranking).

8% of US Hispanics compared prices and chose Google Shopping as their preferred platform for grocery shopping.

7% of users went to department store Macy’s site.

Finally, personal finances appear on the list of retail platforms: 7% of visitors consulted Intuit (the company specialized in financial programs for small and medium-sized companies and individuals) during the informed period.

What are the 10 most visited sites and platforms by Hispanic residents in the United States? What topics do they cover? What activities do they allow users to engage in? Here are the responses to those questions and more, according to comScore’s May 2016 report.

The Google sites are at the top of the rankings, with 84% of the unique users.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, May 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All31.321
    Top 10 Properties
1    Google Sites26.426
2    Microsoft Sites21.151
3    Facebook19.778
4    Yahoo Sites17.734
5    Amazon Sites11.867
6    AOL, Inc.8.313
7    Mode Media8.254
8    Apple Inc.6.905
9    Comcast NBCUniversal6.835
10    eBay6.235

Microsoft, in second place, brought in almost 70% of US Hispanics.

63% of users chose Facebook as the platform through which to generate, consume and share content with friends and acquaintances.

58% of Hispanic residents of the United States chose Amazon and eBay as their preferred e-commerce platforms.

83% of the users visited portals (specifically Yahoo and AOL). This is no small detail, as they tie Google between the two of them (in terms of the quantity of visitors).

Mode Media, the platform dedicated to lifestyle whose content is generated by the user and curated by experts, attracted 26% of the unique visits.

While it came in 8th place on the rankings, Apple seems to be leading in its category: 22% of unique users visited this site in the informed period, and it is the only site dedicated exclusively to technology.

With respect to online TV content, users chose the site NBCUniversal: while it came in last place, it is the only in its category.


What types of content are associated with entertainment? What are the preferred platforms in Latin America? Where do they come in on the rankings? The responses to these questions and more, according to comScore’s 2016 classifications.

87% of Latin American users visited entertainment platforms in April 2016.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Latin America, Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, Abril 2016Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience194.872
1    YOUTUBE.COM132.670
2    MSN Entertainment19.439
3    Globo Entretenimento18.540
4    UOL Entretenimento18.536
5    R7 Entretenimento18.105
6    Netflix Inc.17.605
7    Webedia Sites17.250
8    Spotify11.227
9    Terra Entertainment11.004
10    MUSICA.COM10.994

YouTube, the Google video platform, led the rankings, coming in far ahead of the others: during the informed month, 78% of the users in this category chose to consumer audiovisual content on this platform. This is no small detail, as online video is the principal activity that users engage in when looking for entertainment online.

The rest of the platforms that appear on the rankings come in far below YouTube (in terms of unique users per month).

The “entertainment” section for the MSN, Globo, UOL and R7 portals (together and individually) received 11% of users, while Terra attracted 6%.

Netflix, the paid movie and series platform, received 10% of users in the region in April 2016 that tend to seek entertainment online. This reveals a certain tendency for LatAm users to consume legal audiovisual content, which they are willing to pay for.

Webedia, (the global network of leisure services: movies, video games and e-sports, cooking, glamour and travel), received 10% of the users interested in entertainment topics.

13% of users chose musical consumer content as part of their online entertainment activities. This is observed through the presence of Spotify and Musica.com on the rankings, with 7% and 6% of the visitors, respectfully.

Which video platforms do US Hispanics visit the most? Whose traffic increased between 2015 and 2016? How high on the rankings do ad platforms come in? comScore gives us all the answers in its latest report.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, February 2015- February 2016, Video Type: TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)
Feb-2015Feb-2016Growth %
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All 24.853 31.15025%
1    Google Sites 21.467 25.31418%
2    AOL, Inc. 16.606 16.6090%
3    SpotX Video Advertising Platform 10.629 11.68410%
4    BrightRoll Platform 19.252 11.530-40%
5    Facebook 12.092 10.404-14%
6    LiveRail 17.766 8.929-50%
7    Specific Media 19.532 8.637-56%
8    Yahoo Sites 5.798 8.63049%
9    VEVO 7.349 8.07710%
10    Teads 1.436 7.284407%

In general terms, the video category saw a 25% increase in the number of unique visitors between February 2015 and the same month in 2016.

Google sites came in first with an 18% increase in users in February 2016 compared to February 2015.

AOL came in second, showing stable growth between 2015 and 2016 (in terms of the numbers of unique users).

Facebook comes in fifth, with a 14% decrease in traffic (year on year).

Yahoo sites took eight place in the ranking, with a 49% increase in unique visitors between February 2015 and February 2016. This contrasts with the decrease in traffic observed on the BrightRoll ad platform (see more below).

VEVO, the Universal Music video platform, took ninth place, with a 10% increase YoY.

Video Ad Platforms

It is interesting to observe how diverse ad platforms make up a large part of the video traffic coming from US Hispanics. Nonetheless, in almost all of the cases there is a trending decrease in the number of unique visitors per month (looking at February 2015 vs. February 2016).

One of the ad platforms with positive growth was SpotX, with a 10% increase in traffic in February 2016, compared to the same month in 2015.

BrightRoll, Yahoo‘s ad property, came in fourth place, even with a 40% YoY decrease in traffic.

In sixth place came LiveRail, a Facebook property, with a 50% decrease in the number of unique visitors in February 2016 (compared to the same month in 2015).

Specific Media, a Viant property, came in seventh place, even with a 56% decrease in traffic.

Even though it came in last in the ranking, the Teads video ad platform saw annual growth of 407%.

In this article we analyze the rankings from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. Which video sites and platforms were the most visited? How did things change between 2015 and 2016? What consumption habits were formed? We give you the answers to these questions and more, according to comScore.

In all surveyed countries, an increase in unique visitors was observed in January 2016 compared to January 2015.

Google and Facebook alternate between the two first spots on the rankings in all countries except Chile, where Facebook came in third behind VEVO.

MCNs saw a decrease in unique users.


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Argentina, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)% Change
    Total Internet : Total Audience15.61618.89021
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites12.51313.5228
2    Facebook6.55312.89797
3    VEVO9.1639.8588
4    Warner Music6.4117.95524
5    Maker Studios Inc.7.0175.922-16
6    Grupo Clarin3.6585.49650
7    Teads2825.4561.837
8    Machinima Entertainment5.7275.414-5
9    Fullscreen5.0204.170-17
10    ZEFR3.5573.5730
  • In terms of the quantities of unique visitors, Google and Facebook took the first and second spots on the rankings, respectively. In the case of Facebook, it’s interesting to observe the 97% increase in unique visitors between January 2015 and January 2016.
  • Universal Music and Sony Music record labels (which appear as VEVO on the rankings) and Warner occupy the third and fourth spots, respectively. This is interesting, as it indicates a particular interest in visualizing music.
  • When it comes to multi-channel networks (Maker Studios, Machinima, Fullscreen, ZEFR), a tendency towards less unique visitors is observed in January 2016’s results (compared to the same month in 2015).
  • Grupo Clarín (one of the most important newspaper groups in Argentina) showed a 50% increase in visitors compared to January 2015. This is no small detail, as it indicates a certain interest in accessing the latest news in Argentina.
  • Teads, the video ad technology platform, grew by 1.837% between January 2015 and January 2016. This is particularly relevant for media and advertisers that use this technology.


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Brazil, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)% Change
    Total Internet : Total Audience65.39781.39624
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Facebook48.94552.5617
2    Google Sites57.71447.930-17
3    VEVO19.70522.56615
4    Warner Music16.92820.91924
5    Teads2.27618.418709
6    Globo15.50116.8168
7    Fullscreen17.92215.927-11
8    Samba Ads2.90415.634438
9    Webedia Sites1.90714.908682
10    Maker Studios Inc.21.46714.541-32
  • Facebook and Google occupy the first and second spots on the ranking, respectively. In the case of Google, a 17% decrease in traffic occured between January 2015 and 2016.
  • Like in Argentina, in Brazil, Universal Music and Sony Music (VEVO) and Warner occupied the third and fourth spots, respectively.
  • In fourth place appears Teads, with a growth of 709%. This is particularly relevant for advertisers and media that use this platform.
  • With respect to multi-channel networks, in Brazil, the same is true as it was in Argentina: Fullscreen and Maker Studios saw a decrease in traffic in 2016.


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Chile, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)% Change
    Total Internet : Total Audience5.4367.32535
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites4.0414.017-1
2    VEVO3.7953.8622
3    Facebook3.4283.83712
4    Warner Music2.7253.34523
5    Machinima Entertainment2.4022.5024
6    Maker Studios Inc.2.9032.435-16
7    Fullscreen1.8081.697-6
8    Teads791.6822.017
9    ZEFR1.6021.585-1
10    ZOOMIN.TV1.4751.286-13
  • Google and VEVO occupied the first and second spots on the ranking, respectively. It is interesting to observe how Facebook was brought down to third place (as it usually comes in first or second on the LatAm rankings).
  • Like in Argentina and Brazilmulti-channel networks showed light growth (as is the case of Machinima) or a decrease in traffic (Maker StudiosFullscreenZEFR, and ZOOMIN.TV).
  • With respect to Teads, and in line with what happened in Argentina and Brazil, there was notable growth (in this case, 2,017%).


Source: comScore Video Metrix, Colombia, January 2015 vs January 2016, PC/Laptop Only, TotalTotal Unique Viewers (000)% Change
    Total Internet : Total Audience12.74116.06926
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites8.5637.087-17
2    Facebook6.7797.0594
3    VEVO5.4965.6343
4    Warner Music3.4814.10618
5    Maker Studios Inc.3.5943.088-14
6    Machinima Entertainment2.5622.6915
7    Vimeo1.8692.54636
8    ZEFR1.8531.9153
9    Fullscreen2.2801.871-18
10    Teads3821.822377
  • Google and Facebook occupy the first and second spots in the rankings. In the case of Google, there was a 17% decrease in traffic between January 2016 and January 2015.
  • As in Argentina and Brazil, VEVO and Warner occupied the third and fourth spots, respectively.
  • In line with the trends in other countries, multi-channel networks (Maker StudiosMachinimaZEFRFullscreen) showed either light growth or significant decreases in unique visitors.
  • With respect to Teads, the same positive trend is observed here as in other countries, with a 377% growth.

What are the most notable habits of Latin American Internet users? What are their priorities when it comes  to consuming different media? What categories do they prefer? The answers to these questions and more, according to comScore’s December 2015 rankings.

Source: comScore MMX, Latin America, December 2015, Home and Work, Top Categories, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% ReachTotal Minutes (MM)Total Visits (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience182.473100,0217.8698.224.576
1    Services178.15797,635.5815.310.178
2    Social Media166.13791,065.0323.917.516
3    Search/Navigation164.68890,36.8013.058.071
4    Portals164.10189,927.0053.439.753
5    Entertainment163.89489,842.9962.781.671
6    News/Information120.57366,17.3471.211.204
7    Directories/Resources119.48565,53.135718.511
8    Retail119.24965,45.718854.644
9    Technology104.37557,21.415440.690
10    Lifestyles102.19256,02.765519.385

E-mail, Download Sites and Web Hosting Among the Top Activities

97,6% of resident users in Latin America tend to use services like e-mail, downloads and web hosting as a part of their primary online activities. The total number of visitors in this category puts it in first place in the rankings, even above social networks and search engines.

Social Networks Before Search Engines

While the difference is less than a percentage point, social networks are ranked above search engines. This is interesting, as Google sites typically occupy the first stop in comScore rankings (although if we only considered the search engine, Google would probably be ranked lower in those rankings0. Of course, the classification analyzed in this article, within the category of Google “search engines,” Google is not the only in the region, although it is the most emblematic and visited of the group.

In this ranking, when it comes to the amount of visitors, there is almost no difference between social media platforms and search engines. Nonetheless, inequality appears with respect to the amount of time users stay on the page: the minutes that users spend on search engines represents 10% of those spent on social networks. There is a reason for this: generally, search engines resolve users’ consultations in seconds, while social networks generate an engagement that is reflected in the total number of minutes spent on these platforms.

Similarities in Portals and Entertainment

It is interesting to observe how portals and entertainment sites are visited by the same percentage of users. While they appear individually on the rankings (due to their particularities), what is certain is that portals also tend to satisfy certain entertainment needs by the users.

When it comes to visitor behavior, certain difference are observed: while the amount of minutes on portals is less than that of entertainment sites, the number of visits to portals is larger than that of entertainment sites. In this sense, portals observe “less time on the site and more visits,” while entertainment sites observe “more time on the site, and less visits.”

Another interesting point is that the amount of unique users in each category is similar to that of visitors in the social media category (which should not be ignored when evaluating the reach of the “portal” and “entertainment” categories, individually).

News and Information in Sixth Place

Only some Latin American countries prioritize news and information sites. This is reflected in the rankings, in which this category comes in sixth with 66% of the visitors, below the entertainment category.

Inquiries for Useful Data, Visited by 65.5% of Users

65.5% of users use directories, maps and wikis to resolve everyday problems (according to the rankings for Directories/Resources on the rankings).

Retail, Technology and Lifestyle

In the last three spots are retail (65.4%), technology (57.2%) and lifestyle (56%). What’s interesting is the connection between the three categories: some technology sites have a direct connection to retail sites, and both categories are very associated with lifestyle.

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 What are the ten most-visited sites and platforms in Latin America? How do they factor into users’ social media priorities? How are views distributed? Here, you’ll find the answers to those questions based on the December 2015 comScore rankings.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

Users choose different social media platforms based on each one’s available functions (which allow people to post, share, debate and relate with each other), as well as how each platform facilitates and solves these needs. Try kennected video for video messages.

In this article, the comScore report shows the total amount of unique visitors in the social media category, distributed among 10 different platforms. Given that users, in many cases, utilize more than one of them, the total sum of unique users for each platform indicates the amount of duplicate users in the social media category.

Source: comScore MMX, Latin America, December 2015, Home and Work, Social Media Category, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)
 Total Internet:  Persons: 15+182.473
 Total Social Media166.137
1    Facebook140.553
2    Blogger61.231
3    Linkedin22.836
4    Twitter18.312
5    WORDPRESS.COM*17.746
6    TARINGA.NET17.650
7    NAMETESTS.COM12.966
8    TUMBLR.COM*10.967
9    Google+8.004
10    PINTEREST.COM7.372

85% of Visits Are on Facebook, 5% Google+

85% of users in Latin America that use social media platforms prefer Facebook, while Google+ receives 5% of the visits.

Both platforms are on extreme ends of the rankings: Facebook in first, and Google+ in ninth.

Similar but different, while Facebook proposes a more connected world, Google+ serves as the social network of Google products.

Blogger Sites Receive 54% of Visits

54% of Latin American users in the social media category visit BloggerWordPress and Tumblr. This is no small detail, as an almost equal percentage are visiting Facebook. When it comes to Pinterest, while it’s not really a blog, it has functions that are compatible with those types of formats (which increases the visits in this category by 4%).

Entertainment: Taringa and Nametests

Almost 20% of unique users relate to each other through entertainment. According to this ranking, Taringa (an Argentine social network with a large following in Spanish-speaking countries) receives 11% of the visits, while Nametests is visited by 8% of the users in the region.

LinkedIn Takes 40% of Visits

While LinkedIn is a niche site (given that it caters to users that have strictly professional interests), it is interesting to observe how users put it among the top spots in the ranking.

Twitter Receives 11% of Visits

Apparently, Twitter did not end well in 2015: the company suffered a decline in users in the third trimester of 2015, and according to this comScore ranking, the percentage of visits that it received in Latin America comes out to 11% of unique visitors in the social media category. While it is below LinkedIn, what is certain is that it is among the top spots, coming in fourth in the ranking.

A point in favor of this platform is the repercussion of its publication in diverse media (online as much as offline), and its popularity among users. These factors are variables that could contribute to a quick recovery from the decline in users.



What are the most-visted retail sites by U.S. Hispanics?  How do they behave when it comes to making consumption decisions? The answers to this and other questions below.

The fact that the users visit retail sites doesn’t mean that they will actually make a transaction: sometimes, the inquiry isn’t directly related to an online purchase, but a search for information on the characteristics of a product or relevant information to making a purchase decision.

Visiting different retail sites, users don’t indicate an interest in particular articles, nor do they express interest in particular sellers. Here, we present user preferences according to the most-visited retail sites by  Hispanic residents of the U.S. (based on comScore rankings).

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, US Hispanic, December 2015, PC/Laptop only, Home & Work, 6+Total Unique Visitors (000)
1Amazon Sites13.409
4Target Corporation3.812
5Apple.com Worldwide Sites3.802
6Best Buy Sites2.942
7Macy’s Inc.2.278
8Google Shopping2.184
9The Home Depot, Inc.1.934
10Kohls Corporation1.794

Bargain Seekers: Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the most-visited sites by users searching for bargains on the products they desire. While Latin American users recur to Buscapé, Hispanic U.S. residents turn to Google Shopping.

Supermarket: Walmart

U.S. Hispanics choose Walmart as their favorite online supermarket.

Technology: Apple

When it comes to technology the preference of  U.S. Hispanics  is Apple.

Clothing: Macy’s y Kohl’s

Hispanic  recur to online versions of their favorite stores: Macy’s and Kohl’s.

Home and Family: Target y Home Depot

Hispanic residents of the U.S. prefer Target and Home Depot when it comes to buying products for their home and family needs. Of course, many of the products on the list can be bought through different e-commerce sites, although Target and Home Depot are particular because of the image that they have built around their compatibility with home and family.

General Purchases: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay

For U.S. Hispanics, Amazon, eBay and Best Buy are the most popular sites for general purchases.


We take a look at the media consumption habits of Hispanic Americans compared to the rest of Internet users in the country, according to comScore‘s rankings.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

Hispanic Americans‘ consumption habits do not differ from those of the rest of the country’s Internet users when it comes to the top-ranked sites.

In the case of both Hispanic Americans and the general American populace, Google is ranked first, followed by Microsoft and Facebook.

In fourth place is Yahoo, followed by Amazon, AOL and Mode Media.

Further down the lists, we see a divergence in the rankings: while the general U.S. populace placed CBS Interactive in eighth place, US-Hispanics seem to be interested in keeping updated on Apple products.

The Wikimedia sites are also present on both rankings, but in different places. While these sites occupy ninth place in the American populace’s rankings, US-Hispanics placed it in tenth.

US-Hispanics put Comcast NBC Universal in ninth place.

Finally, the general U.S. populace prefers to shop for groceries online, (or at least the persence of Wal-Mart in tenth place suggests that this may be true).

Inquiries, Content Production, e-Commerce and the Consumption of Quality Content

From looking at the rankings of the 10 most-visited sites by US-Hispanics, one observes that users are carrying out four primary activities online: inquiries and searches, content production, online shopping and the consumption of high-quality content.

The presence of Google and Wikimedia on the rankings suggests that users are looking for lots of information online, probably due to the immediate answers as well as easy access that these sites provide.

Facebook, in third place, indicates the importance that US-Hispanic users assign relating with their friends and acquaintances through the consumption and production of content.

The presence of Amazon and Apple on the rankings signal a certain consumption habit related to online shopping, as well as an interest in staying updated on the newest products and trends.

Finally, we see the consumption of curated or quality content through Mode Media and Comcast NBC Universal. With regards to Yahoo and AOL, while they do provide quality content, they offer a wider range of services, and the fact that they both facilitate the creation of e-mail accounts is no small detail. It is likely that many Hispanic Americans use these companies’ platforms for their e-mail accounts.

Source: comScore MMX, United States, December 2015, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Persons: 6+232.202
1Google Sites208.309
2Microsoft Sites151.063
4Yahoo Sites140.012
5Amazon Sites118.629
6AOL, Inc.101.186
7Mode Media72.346
8CBS Interactive63.280
9Wikimedia Foundation Sites56.573
Source: comScore MMX, United States, December 2015, Home and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)
Hispanic All: Persons: 6+30.464
1Google Sites27.716
2Microsoft Sites19.423
4Yahoo Sites18.171
5Amazon Sites13.409
6AOL, Inc.11.139
7Mode Media8.891
8Apple Inc.7.361
9Comcast NBCUniversal6.962
10Wikimedia Foundation Sites6.804

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Below is our weekly analysis  of comScore ranking. This week the  10 most-visited e-commerce sites in the US-Hispanic market.

Amazon Sites, Ebay, Walmart and Apple Worlwide sites hold the top four spots in the ranking of the most-visited e-commerce sites in the US-Hispanic market and account for a total of 70.66% of the market share of the top 10 sites. Amazon, in first place, accounts for 31.66% of the market of the top 10 (an impressive figure that represents almost the sum of the second, third, and fourth-placed sites’ market shares).

The presence of new players like Target Corporation, Best Buy Sites, Home Depot, Hewlett Packard and Macy’s is a highlight, as they did not appear in the July 2015 rankings.

Additionally, while people can buy a wide variety of products on Amazon, the presence of Macy’s on the rankings is interesting because the chain specializes primarily in clothing, jewelry ,watches, bags and furniture. What is not surprising is that its number of visitors increases significantly during the month of December due to the holidays.

Ranking: US-Hispanic Market

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, US Hispanic, September 2015, PC/Laptop only, Home & Work, 6+Total Unique Visitors (000)
1Amazon Sites11.831
4Apple.com Worldwide Sites3.941
5Target Corporation2.676
6Best Buy Sites1.907
7The Home Depot, Inc.1.886
8Google Shopping1.584
9Hewlett Packard1.482
10Macy’s Inc.1.424


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