RESEARCH: The 10 Most-Visited Sites by US-Hispanics

We take a look at the media consumption habits of Hispanic Americans compared to the rest of Internet users in the country, according to comScore‘s rankings.

Translated by Gretchen Gardner

Hispanic Americans‘ consumption habits do not differ from those of the rest of the country’s Internet users when it comes to the top-ranked sites.

In the case of both Hispanic Americans and the general American populace, Google is ranked first, followed by Microsoft and Facebook.

In fourth place is Yahoo, followed by Amazon, AOL and Mode Media.

Further down the lists, we see a divergence in the rankings: while the general U.S. populace placed CBS Interactive in eighth place, US-Hispanics seem to be interested in keeping updated on Apple products.

The Wikimedia sites are also present on both rankings, but in different places. While these sites occupy ninth place in the American populace’s rankings, US-Hispanics placed it in tenth.

US-Hispanics put Comcast NBC Universal in ninth place.

Finally, the general U.S. populace prefers to shop for groceries online, (or at least the persence of Wal-Mart in tenth place suggests that this may be true).

Inquiries, Content Production, e-Commerce and the Consumption of Quality Content

From looking at the rankings of the 10 most-visited sites by US-Hispanics, one observes that users are carrying out four primary activities online: inquiries and searches, content production, online shopping and the consumption of high-quality content.

The presence of Google and Wikimedia on the rankings suggests that users are looking for lots of information online, probably due to the immediate answers as well as easy access that these sites provide.

Facebook, in third place, indicates the importance that US-Hispanic users assign relating with their friends and acquaintances through the consumption and production of content.

The presence of Amazon and Apple on the rankings signal a certain consumption habit related to online shopping, as well as an interest in staying updated on the newest products and trends.

Finally, we see the consumption of curated or quality content through Mode Media and Comcast NBC Universal. With regards to Yahoo and AOL, while they do provide quality content, they offer a wider range of services, and the fact that they both facilitate the creation of e-mail accounts is no small detail. It is likely that many Hispanic Americans use these companies’ platforms for their e-mail accounts.

Source: comScore MMX, United States, December 2015, Home and Work, PC/Laptop Only Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Persons: 6+ 232.202
1 Google Sites 208.309
2 Microsoft Sites 151.063
3 Facebook 145.033
4 Yahoo Sites 140.012
5 Amazon Sites 118.629
6 AOL, Inc. 101.186
7 Mode Media 72.346
8 CBS Interactive 63.280
9 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 56.573
10 Wal-Mart 56.250
Source: comScore MMX, United States, December 2015, Home and Work, PC/Laptop Only Total Unique Visitors (000)
Hispanic All: Persons: 6+ 30.464
1 Google Sites 27.716
2 Microsoft Sites 19.423
3 Facebook 19.097
4 Yahoo Sites 18.171
5 Amazon Sites 13.409
6 AOL, Inc. 11.139
7 Mode Media 8.891
8 Apple Inc. 7.361
9 Comcast NBCUniversal 6.962
10 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 6.804