What are brands doing?

How Tajin Expands its Marketing Beyond its Mexican American Core Consumer

Tajin, the Mexican company that produces several varieties of condiments consisting predominantly of chili peppers, lime and salt, entered the U.S. market in 1993.  It has since obtained a considerable following among Mexican Americans. The brand also targets the overall U.S. population transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. Portada interviewed Luis Alfaro, Brand Leader of Tajin USA.

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Molson Coors Marketing

Miller Lite’s Elizabeth Hitch: “We Ground Ourselves in How We Can Best Amplify the Mission of this Campaign to Give Back to Local Communities.”

Molson Coors Marketing: it is very difficult to stand out in the highly competitive light beer category. Portada talked to Elizabeth Hitch, Senior Director of Marketing – Miller Lite North America and Global at Molson Coors Beverage Company to understand her marketing initiatives, including the recent collaboration with Colombian Singer J. Balvin.

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Beverage Marketing

Nutrabolt’s Daniel Martin: “D2C will Continue to Be a Priority But We Know that We Will Never Reach the Scale of Marketplaces.”

Beverage Marketing: Energy drinks are the most dynamic part of beverage marketing. Portada talked to Daniel Martin Angelus, VP Digital Sales & Marketing at Nutrabolt, a company that owns three disruptive and innovative performance-oriented brands. Martin talks about the evolution of beverage distribution outlets, e-commerce, the use of AI in marketing, and the company’s recent partnership with Keurig Dr. Pepper.

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World Cup Advertising

Is this the Weirdest Soccer World Cup Ever from an Advertising Perspective?

The 2022 Soccer World Cup is less than 6 weeks away. Normally the World Cup takes place in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere and matches occur during the afternoon or evening. Not this time as the event coincides with the busiest marketing season of the year. How Hisense’s Manuel Medina Riverroll; T-Mobile’s Diego Osuna, Omnicom Media Group’s Michael Roca and UM’s David Queamante are planning World Cup advertising.

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