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Marketing News

The latest news and analysis about marketing in multicultural America as only Portada's editorial team can provide. “Sales Leads” with account changes, consumer insights and other intelligence impacting the marketing budgets of major brands. People on the move (“Changing Places”). Breaking news and thorough analysis that will help you understand the business and gain more.

Frequency: Weekly every Monday.

"Portada is at the forefront of news and insights on Hispanic marketing and media. Portada's websites, magazine and events are an essential informational tool for any marketer who wants to succeed in Multicultural America."

Gonzalo del Fa
President, GroupM Multicultural

Latin America Marketing News

Breaking news and analysis about the Latin American Market. Everything you need to know that’s happening from Patagonia to Mexico. The latest news influencing Latin American marketing budgets (“Sales Leads”). People on the move (“Changing Places.”), consumer insights and more.

Frequency: Once a month, every first Monday.

"It’s a pleasure to be associated with Portada. Portada does a great job covering the marketing and media space."

Steven Swartz
President & Chief Executive Officer, Hearst