RANKINGS: The 10 Most-Visited E-Commerce Sites in the US-Hispanic Market

Below is our weekly analysis  of comScore ranking. This week the  10 most-visited e-commerce sites in the US-Hispanic market.

Amazon Sites, Ebay, Walmart and Apple Worlwide sites hold the top four spots in the ranking of the most-visited e-commerce sites in the US-Hispanic market and account for a total of 70.66% of the market share of the top 10 sites. Amazon, in first place, accounts for 31.66% of the market of the top 10 (an impressive figure that represents almost the sum of the second, third, and fourth-placed sites’ market shares).

The presence of new players like Target Corporation, Best Buy Sites, Home Depot, Hewlett Packard and Macy’s is a highlight, as they did not appear in the July 2015 rankings.

Additionally, while people can buy a wide variety of products on Amazon, the presence of Macy’s on the rankings is interesting because the chain specializes primarily in clothing, jewelry ,watches, bags and furniture. What is not surprising is that its number of visitors increases significantly during the month of December due to the holidays.

Ranking: US-Hispanic Market

Source: comScore MMX, Category Retail, US Hispanic, September 2015, PC/Laptop only, Home & Work, 6+ Total Unique Visitors (000)
1 Amazon Sites 11.831
2 eBay 6.492
3 Wal-Mart 4.146
4 Apple.com Worldwide Sites 3.941
5 Target Corporation 2.676
6 Best Buy Sites 1.907
7 The Home Depot, Inc. 1.886
8 Google Shopping 1.584
9 Hewlett Packard 1.482
10 Macy’s Inc. 1.424