What: We looked at the sports websites with the highest amount of Latin American (and particularly Mexican) visitors in January 2018.
Why it matters: A significant percentage of Latin Americans devotes time to consuming sports content online. Interestingly, two of the top three sites are based in Brazil.

Sports are a big deal worldwide, but there is perhaps no place with more enthusiasm for certain events (i.e. soccer matches) than Latin America. We have analyzed comScore rankings of the most-visited sports websites during January in this region paying special attention to Mexico, and we found several interesting pieces of information.

Top 10 Sports Websites in Latin America, January 2018

  Fuente: Total Audience, PC/Laptop Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience 191,289
Sports 47,295
1 Globo Esportes 9,825
2 MSN Sports 6,643
3 UOL Esporte 4,637
4 AS.com Sites 3,233
6 ESPN 2,545
7 Marca Sites 2,455
8 Jornal Extra – Esportes 2,139
9 OLE.COM.AR 2,022
10 Perform Sports – Goal Sites 1,833

[Source: comScore]

  • From the total amount of internet users in Latin America, 24.7% looked for sports content online.
  • The Brazilian website Globo Esportes received 20.7% of those visitors.
  • MSN Sports was visited by 14% of Latin American sports-content users.
  • 9.8% of visitors looked for sports content on another Brazilian website: UOL Esporte. 
  • As sites, focused on different Latin American countries, received 6.8% of visitors, with Desafío Mundial close behind with 6.6%.
  • ESPN is in 6th place, with 5.3%, and not far behind on the 7th position is Marca, with 5.1%.
  • Another Brazilian website, Jornal Extra Esportes, received 4.5% of visitors.
  • 4.2% of viewers chose Argentinian website OLE.COM.AR.
  • At the bottom of the list, with 3.8%, are Perform Sports – Goal Sites.

Top 10 Sports Websites in Mexico, January 2018

  Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop, All smartphones, All Tablets Total Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
  Total Digital Population
Total Internet : Total Audience 68,613
Sports 20,172
2 ESPN 3,733
3 AS.com Sites 2,884
4 Marca Sites 2,864
5 RECORD 2,103
6 MSN Sports 1,848
7 Televisa Deportes (Site) 1,536
8 Minute Media 1,526
9 NFL Internet Group 932
    • [Source: comScore]
  • A significant 29.3% of total internet users looked for sports content online in January 2018.
  • 19% of those sports-content consumers visited MEDIOTIEMPO.COM
  • ESPN was on the second position in the ranking, with 18.5% of visits.
  • As and Marca sites received very similar numbers of views: 14.2% and 14.1% respectively.
  • 10.4% of Mexican viewers visited RECORD looking for sports content.
  • MSN Sports, the top second website in the overall Latin American ranking, received 9.1% of views in Mexico.
  • Televisa Deportes and Minute Media are almost tied in the seventh and eighth positions of the ranking, with 7.6% and 7.5% of views.
  • 4.6% of Mexican sports-content viewers visited the NFL Internet Group.
  • JUANFUTBOL.COM received 4.4% of visits.


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