The 10 Video Sites and Platforms Most Visited by US Hispanics (2015 vs 2016)

Which video platforms do US Hispanics visit the most? Whose traffic increased between 2015 and 2016? How high on the rankings do ad platforms come in? comScore gives us all the answers in its latest report.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, February 2015- February 2016, Video Type: Total Total Unique Viewers (000)
Feb-2015 Feb-2016 Growth %
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All  24.853  31.150 25%
1     Google Sites  21.467  25.314 18%
2     AOL, Inc.  16.606  16.609 0%
3     SpotX Video Advertising Platform  10.629  11.684 10%
4     BrightRoll Platform  19.252  11.530 -40%
5     Facebook  12.092  10.404 -14%
6     LiveRail  17.766  8.929 -50%
7     Specific Media  19.532  8.637 -56%
8     Yahoo Sites  5.798  8.630 49%
9     VEVO  7.349  8.077 10%
10     Teads  1.436  7.284 407%

In general terms, the video category saw a 25% increase in the number of unique visitors between February 2015 and the same month in 2016.

Google sites came in first with an 18% increase in users in February 2016 compared to February 2015.

AOL came in second, showing stable growth between 2015 and 2016 (in terms of the numbers of unique users).

Facebook comes in fifth, with a 14% decrease in traffic (year on year).

Yahoo sites took eight place in the ranking, with a 49% increase in unique visitors between February 2015 and February 2016. This contrasts with the decrease in traffic observed on the BrightRoll ad platform (see more below).

VEVO, the Universal Music video platform, took ninth place, with a 10% increase YoY.

Video Ad Platforms

It is interesting to observe how diverse ad platforms make up a large part of the video traffic coming from US Hispanics. Nonetheless, in almost all of the cases there is a trending decrease in the number of unique visitors per month (looking at February 2015 vs. February 2016).

One of the ad platforms with positive growth was SpotX, with a 10% increase in traffic in February 2016, compared to the same month in 2015.

BrightRoll, Yahoo‘s ad property, came in fourth place, even with a 40% YoY decrease in traffic.

In sixth place came LiveRail, a Facebook property, with a 50% decrease in the number of unique visitors in February 2016 (compared to the same month in 2015).

Specific Media, a Viant property, came in seventh place, even with a 56% decrease in traffic.

Even though it came in last in the ranking, the Teads video ad platform saw annual growth of 407%.