RANKING: Top 10 Gaming Sites Most Visited by US Hispanics

Text written by Lorena Hure @lorenahure

Which gaming sites do US Hispanics prefer? What is most important to them? How are users spread out within this category? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s March 2017 ranking.

Forty percent of US Hispanic users visit game sites as part of their online entertainment activities.

Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Hispanic All, Home and Work, PC/Laptop only, March 2017 Total Unique Visitors (000)
    Total Internet:  Hispanic All 26.592
    Games 10.463
1     EA Games – Media Network 1.301
3     IGN Entertainment 875
4     Curse 856
5     GameSpot 813
6     Fandom Games, Powered By Wikia 659
7     TWITCH.TV 605
8     Reddit Games 590
9     Gamer Network 481
10     Miniclip 447

The themes within this category seem to be diverse, with no one predominant activity. Individually, the number of unique users on each of the ranked sites and platforms did not exceed 5% during the reporting period.

Based on the ranking, we can discern that, for US Hispanics, online games are as important as participating in forums where they can comment and find out about their favorite games. Although e-gaming is not new, it is interesting to observe how users are increasingly interested in this mode of content consumption, as well as the response of these platforms to constantly reinvent themselves with new games and monetizing modalities that come from both users and advertisers.