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Will YouTube Movie Marketing Replace TV?

YouTube and other social media channels could make TV buys less critical, as Millennial consumers move to over-the-top viewing. Find out why earned views on YouTube help movie marketers gain an effective cost-per-view below that of AdWords campaigns.


Analysis: Will Marketer owned Media stretch Consumer Trust to a Breaking Point?

It is a first. The winner of the 2014 Portada Top Content Provider to Hispanic Audiences Award went to Kellogg’s Dias Grandiosos digital platform. For the first time in its 7 year history the Award goes to a company that is not a traditional media company but to a company whose main business lies in the production and marketing of cereals and convenience foods. The pros and cons.

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One more Latin MCN: FAV! Network launches with Emiliano Saccone as COO

What: Founded by a team of private investors and CEO Alejandro Burato, digital entertainment company FAV! Network has oficially launched across the Americas. The company also announced the … [Read More...]


How General Mills doubles down on Hispanic Online Video: 6 things to know

Hispanic Online Video Consumption is huge and getting even larger. The executives behind General Mills Hispanic Que Rica Vida (QRV) digital property know it. "Consumers today are spending 40% of their … [Read More...]

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Time Inc’s Luis Solis: “Leading brands now have content marketing, social, mobile and video in their RFPs”

Magazine Media has been evolving to much more than print magazines over the last decade. To celebrate the brightest executives in Magazine Media, Folio Magazine  each year puts out a list of 100 … [Read More...]


MamasLatinas Programmatic strategy bets on Audience Extension and PMPs

As programmatic trading is increasingly becoming a part of the Hispanic digital media market, with major brands such as Kraft also targeting the Hispanic demographic via computer software … [Read More...]


McDonald’s new Brand Vision moves from a “billion-served to a billion-heard”

What: McDonald’s has introduced a new vision for its brand as well as a new campaign. At the core of the campaign is the idea to spread more love and positivity into the QSR's giant marketing … [Read More...]

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Audio.Ad launches digital audio advertising network for the U.S Hispanic and LatAm markets

What: Founded by Entrepreneurs German Herebia, Carlos Cordoba, and Gonzalo Alonso, Buenos Aires, Argentina based Audio.Ad  just launched a digital audio advertising platform for the U.S. Hispanic … [Read More...]

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