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#PortadaLat: Kaltura and Zoomin.TV Founders to Speak at Latin Online Video Forum

A who is who of the Online Video World is participating at Portada’s Latin Online Video Forum on June 3 in Miami. Dr. Shay David, CRO and Co-Founder of Kaltura, a leading open source video platform, and Jan Riemens, CEO of international Multichannel Network Zoomin.TV will be speakers in the Forum. Both thought leaders will […]

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Association of National Advertisers

SURVEY: Is There Enough Collaboration Between Agencies? Brands Don’t Think So!

A just published Association of National Advertisers Survey (ANA), shows that brand marketers (clients) are demanding a more holistic approach from agencies and for a better way for agencies to … [Read More...]


James M. McNamara: “Big Media Has Not Been Friendly to Hispanics Because it is All About Preserving the Status Quo”

James M. McNamara, Chairman of Panamax Films and Pantelion Films, will be a keynote speaker at AHAA's Annual Conference next week. Portada interviewed Mc Namara ahead of this speaking engagement to … [Read More...]

latin grammmie

Finding the Language Sweet Spot in Social Media

It's not a simple question of Spanish vs. English. Marketers must understand levels of acculturation – and who the influencers are. Maria Lopez-Knowles, CMO of Entravision, has seen some marketers … [Read More...]

MLB spot still

Major League Baseball Launches Big Hispanic Campaign

LatinWorks wins MLB account, as baseball swings for the hearts of Hispanics. Hispanics are widely represented in baseball, including more than 20 percent of players. If you include players with some … [Read More...]

media kitchen

Agency Profile: The Media Kitchen, How Chefs Cook Up Media Plans

Entrepreneurial "media chefs" cook up the best media plans at an agency that prides itself on its culture.   Elevator pitch: Multi-modal and digital-centric media entrepreneurs. Origin … [Read More...]

kraft koolaid

Kraft Heinz Company: Synergies for Hispanic Marketing

A nice brand mix and media clout, for sure. But will accounts go back for another round of reviews? Two food giants are merging to form The Kraft Heinz Company. The merger likely means brand … [Read More...]

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