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MillerCoors’ Gustavo Aguirre: “More than 50% of Our Marketing Budget is Sports Related”

Gustavo Aguirre, Associate Brand Manager at Coors Light, will be one of the major brand marketers speaking at our upcoming #Portada15 Conference in New York City on Sept. 16 (Sports Marketing Forum: Check out the agenda!)  and 17 (9th Annual Conference: Check out the agenda). We interviewed Aguirre, who among other interesting things tells us that more than 50% of Coors Light marketing budget efforts are sports related.


Kellogg’s Jon Suarez Davis: “I Would Love to be Able to Buy Ads on YouTube”

Jon Suarez Davis, VP Global Media Strategy at Kellogg Company, and a speaker at #PortadaLat which is taking place in Miami, would love to be able to buy advertising on YouTube. “We can’t because of their lack of third party verification. They do not allow third party tags,” Suarez told Portada.  Kellogg’s and other major marketers have been asking publishers including  YouTube to enable them to check viewability rates.

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#Portada15: Hispanic Advertising and Media Award Finalists are In!

The Award Finalists in 8 different categories are in! Thousands of votes were cast by Portada's Audience and below you will see the 3 finalists per category. Now Portada's Editorial Team of top Brand … [Read More...]


Wilma Jordan: “Entrepreneurs Need to be Tech-savvy and Focus on Content and Engagement.”

The Jordan Edmiston group is one of the main media and advertising technology investment banks. As such the New York based group, led by  its Founder & CEO Wilma Jordan, gets many insights … [Read More...]


Epson to Target the U.S. Hispanic Consumer

Epson, the Japanese electronics company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, is launching the new EcoTank printer and cartridges line in the U.S. The company is also … [Read More...]

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#Portada15 Awards: Xavier Turpin, Fabian Castro, Trisha Ranes, Javier Delgado or Julian King: Who do you vote for?

Awards in 8 different categories are up for grabs. Vote now! One of the most coveted categories is the Top Marketer to Hispanic Audiences, with major nominees such as Xavier Turpin, Multicultural … [Read More...]


Stephen Seabolt of Carnival’s Social Brand Fathom: “Many People Hunger for a Different Travel Experience.”

Doral, FL based cruise ship giant Carnival Cruise recently introduced a social impact travel brand called Fathom. Fathom will operate as a standalone brand, the 10th global brand in the Carnival … [Read More...]


Research: Digital Advertising “Steals” US $2 Billion from Traditional Media Channels

What: Digital ad spending increased by 16% in the U.S., up US$3 billion, with about US$1 billion in “organic” growth from October 2014 through June 2015 (compared to the October 2013-June 2014 … [Read More...]

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