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Hispanic Campaigns are a Focus of ANA Click Fraud Study

Nasty, nasty bots that suck up ad dollars while leaving brands with phony stats is probably a huge issue for advertisers. How huge? The ANA’s partnership with White Ops in The Marketers’ Coalition aims to identify the extent of click fraud. During the study, campaigns of participating brands will be tagged to allow White Ops to monitor them for fraud. Are Hispanic campaigns included in the effort? If so why?


Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree buys Family Dollar creating biggest Discount Retailer, how will it affect their Marketing?

Discount store chain Dollar Tree is buying  rival Family Dollar Stores Inc for about US $8.5 billion, creating North America's biggest discount retailer with combined 2013 sales of more than US … [Read More...]

Gaby Natale, SuperLatina

Amplificación! In Hispanic Entertainment Marketing it’s all about Social Media and Content Marketing

The role of Social Media and Content Marketing efforts can not be emphasized enough when it comes to Hispanic Entertainment Marketing. Portada Digital Media Correspondent Susan Kuchinskas on how … [Read More...]

New York City

BREAKING: Free daily Quiubo! launches in NYC

Starting Monday July 28 commuters going into Manhattan from Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and New Jersey will have a new daily free newspaper to choose from: Quiubo! (Spanish colloquial for "What's up?"), a … [Read More...]


How Dish Latino “crossed-over” a Hispanic Soccer Campaign to the General Market

The 2014 World Cup is over, but Soccer Marketing is definitely not. In the below interview, Alfredo Rodriguez, Vice President of Latino Marketing at DISH describes  the … [Read More...]

Final - Germany vs Argentina

FIFA World Cup: Who got more engagement official sponsors or non-sponsoring brands?

What: FIFA’s major sponsors have paid upwards of US $50 million a year to have their marketing efforts scattered. Advertising related to the just finished World Cup may have boosted  2014 … [Read More...]

Marines Minute

An in-depth Look into the Marines World Cup digital Outreach targeting Multicultural Millennials

The United States Marine Corps wants to engage multicultural Milennials around the 2014 World Cup. This is why it created "The Marines Minute", a custom integrated solution with several key … [Read More...]

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