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Research: Digital Advertising “Steals” US $2 Billion from Traditional Media Channels

Digital ad spending increased by 16% in the U.S., up US$3 billion, with about US$1 billion in “organic” growth from October 2014 through June 2015 (compared to the October 2013-June 2014 period). According to the report by Standard Media Index,  US$1.1 billion of national TV ad dollars, in addition to US$400 million in local TV and syndication spending; US $350 million of print ad dollars and US$150 million of radio spending, flowed to the digital bucket  from October 2014 to June 2015.


Kellogg’s Jon Suarez Davis: “I Would Love to be Able to Buy Ads on YouTube”

Jon Suarez Davis, VP Global Media Strategy at Kellogg Company, and a speaker at #PortadaLat which is taking place in Miami, would love to be able to buy advertising on YouTube. “We can’t because of their lack of third party verification. They do not allow third party tags,” Suarez told Portada.  Kellogg’s and other major marketers have been asking publishers including  YouTube to enable them to check viewability rates.

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Julian King on PayPal Buying Xoom: “We Plan to Innovate and Bring Improvements to our Products Faster”

 Online payments service PayPal recently acquired money transfer company Xoom, for US $890 million.The acquisition is aimed  at expanding its digital payments business before splitting from … [Read More...]


Univision Jumps on Online Fantasy Sports with Soccer Fantasy League based on Liga MX

What: Univision Deportes, the sports division of Univision Communications Inc.,announced the launch of soccer fantasy gaming, based on Liga MX, the most-watched soccer league in the U.S. Univision … [Read More...]


Social Marketing: How Bolzter Creates a Social Graph for Each Lead

Social Marketing Platforms create a social graph for each lead by tracking that lead's connections and behaviors. This allows a company to generate leads from its existing cluster of customers, and … [Read More...]


Ernest Bromley: “Hispanic Agencies Are Now Competing with the Large Total Market Shops”

Ernest Bromley announced the end to a 34 year career in Hispanic marketing last week. The CEO/Chairman of Bromley Communications told his employees that he is retiring to  pursue a PHD and that … [Read More...]


Pantelion: Universal Entertainment in a Changing Cultural Landscape

The whole is greater than its parts for Pantelion Films, a joint venture between Lionsgate Films and Grupo Televisa. Five-year-old Pantelion Films has been on a roll since the 2013 release of … [Read More...]


How a Hispanic Publisher Follows into the Penny Saver’s FootSteps

EC Classifieds' inaugural edition is hitting the streets today July 1, 2015 with 95,000 copies at distribution points in the areas of Bakersfield, Orange County and Inland Empire. The new publication … [Read More...]

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