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Changing Places: EXTE Names Matthew C. Doherty as CEO for North America and more…

EXTE appoints Matthew C. Doherty as CEO for North America, emphasizing his role in advancing predictive AI solutions for digital advertising.


EXTE, formerly SunMedia, has appointed Matthew C Doherty as CEO for North America, highlighting his focus on generative AI and predictive optimization in digital advertising. Bryan Ruiz joins Relevant+ as Executive Director of Brand Partnerships, bringing experience in the multicultural entertainment and media industry. Lynsey Ellis enthusiastically announces her new position as VP of Client Partnerships at GSTV.

Join us as we unravel the narratives behind these shifts and explore the motivations driving them forward. As companies evolve through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, individuals progress in their careers, taking on new roles and challenges. Portada is here to keep you informed about these transformations.

EXTE’s Digital Advertising Revolution, new CEO for North America and more movements in the industry…


Matthew C. Doherty

CEO, North AmericaEXTE“With a focused approach on EXTE’s generative AI and results-based predictive optimization across all advertising formats and channels, I am confident that EXTE is poised to dramatically impact the US and Canadian markets with advertising solutions that will redefine the digital landscape.”

Bryan Ruiz

Executive Director, Brand PartnershipsRelevant+Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the multicultural entertainment & media industry.

Lynsey Ellis

VP, Client PartnershipsGSTV“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as VP, Client Partnerships at GSTV!”


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