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Changing Places: San Diego FC’s New Appointment’s Objective of Revolutionizing Soccer in the USA and More…

Explore San Diego FC's transformative initiatives and key appointments, and stay informed on other industry developments.


San Diego FC’s New Appointments intend Transforming Soccer in USA: Joaquin Escoto has joined San Diego FC as the Executive Vice President of the club and the Right to Dream Academy, expressing enthusiasm for the academy’s potential to revolutionize soccer in the United States by providing top talent with a fully-funded residential program. Yamilet Bermudez, President of Mediahub Latin America at IPG Mediabrands, highlights her career focus on strategic solutions including market research, online media campaigns, and social media management. Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous, Interim CEO of MediaCo, discusses the merger with Estrella Media, aiming to create a unique multicultural media company to reach diverse U.S. audiences and offer value to marketers targeting these audiences.

Join us as we unravel the narratives behind these shifts and explore the motivations driving them forward. As companies evolve through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, individuals progress in their careers, taking on new roles and challenges. Portada is here to keep you informed about these transformations.

San Diego FC’s New Appointments is Transforming Soccer in the USA and more…


Joaquin Escoto

Executive Vice-President of the San Diego FC and Right to Dream AcademySan Diego FC“I am excited to join San Diego FC as the Club’s Executive Vice President of San Diego FC and Right to Dream Academy. The Right to Dream Academy in San Diego will change soccer in the United States, giving top talent the opportunity to develop their academic and athletic potential in a fully-funded residential program, the first of its kind in North America. The vision of San Diego FC is to create an integrated pathway based on the successful Right to Dream methodology for the top talent to integrate from the academy to the first team. We are excited for the future and look forward to seeing the next generation of talented athletes and future leaders emerge from this program.”

Yamilet Bermudez

President Mediahub Latin AmericaIPG Mediabrands“Throughout my management career I have delivered strategic solutions that have included; integrated strategic planning and support, market and consumer research, website development, email programs, online media campaigns, search engine marketing, Affiliate programs, viral marketing programs, Social Media, and the tracking and analysis associated with each.” (LinkedIn)

Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous

Interim CEOMediaCoWe believe this combination (MediaCo and Estrella Media) is the first step in building a unique multicultural media company that will reach diverse U.S. audiences wherever they choose to consume content and create value for marketers working to reach these important audiences.”

*The image for this article comes from a San Diego FC post they shared online about the recent eclipse. Here’s the original post.

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