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Pivot Marketing Group Strikes Deal with App Science

App Science's cross-platform analytics solution to enhance Pivot's marketing capabilities.


App Science, a subsidiary of Sabio Holdings Inc., announced the signing of a multi-year contract with Pivot Marketing Group to support clients such as Toyota Motor North America.

This extended commitment follows a year of successful collaborations, during which App Science’s cross-platform analytics solution significantly enhanced Pivot’s marketing capabilities, surpassing traditional audience measurement firms. The solution offers detailed insights into human behaviors and interests, addressing Pivot’s requirement for an in-depth understanding of diverse audiences and their behaviors.

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Unlocking Deeper Insights: App Science’s Advanced Analytics Revolutionize Audience Understanding and Market Reach

Utilizing its proprietary 55MM validated household graph covering 280MM mobile devices and 110MM CTV households, App Science provides data analytics tailored to uncover deeper audience insights. With AI and machine learning algorithms developed since 2016, App Science offers a unique dataset that bridges gaps compared to conventional measurement providers.

“Prioritizing strategic collaborations that elevate diverse audience insights are paramount at App Science, and our deepening relationship with Pivot enhances our ability to improve in-market customer reach and data validation beyond what traditional measurement firms can offer,” said Helen Lum, Executive Vice President at App Science. “In an era of tightening privacy regulations requiring reliance on a more contextual approach to insights, we are furthering our partners’ marketing effectiveness to reach key audiences with our AI driven analytics in this evolving diverse marketplace.”

Empowering Interoperability: App Science and Pivot Forge Strategic Alliance for Enhanced Audience Validation and Engagement

App Science’s dynamic platform has facilitated Pivot’s increased interoperability, offering a versatile solution to monitor and assess their partners and platforms from one centralized location. This collaboration also yields reciprocal advantages, as Pivot offers valuable insights to enhance App Science’s analytics platform. Through this ongoing collaboration, both entities leverage these insights to improve efficiencies across diverse audiences, optimizing their strategic media strategies.

“App Science’s reporting dashboard bridges the gap in our current measurement limitations to support audience verification at more than just the age and gender level,” said Matthew Carter-Reel, Director at Pivot. “For a multicultural ad agency with a focus on the Asian American market, App Science’s diverse level of insights have been helpful in validating our Asian American targeting strategy and informing future media partner selection, empowering us to reach Asian American audiences more effectively.”

App Science’s comprehensive cross-platform measurement solutions will enable Pivot to connect with, interact with, and validate their audiences and their behaviors at a more profound level. App Science’s platform strives to streamline marketing decisions for greater effectiveness by capturing the dynamic shifts in human behavior in real-time.

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