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Mediavine and Sertify Team up to Offer a Certification Partnership That Supports Brand Marketers in Managing Diverse Media Expenditures

Strategic Collaboration Aims to Increase Multicultural Ad Dollars for Diverse-Owned Publishers


Full-service ad management firm Mediavine announced a strategic partnership with Sertify, a diversity certification network, to certify diverse publishers within the company’s Uplift marketplace. 

Sertify simplifies and standardizes the identification process for diverse-owned publishers and influencers (women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, veteran, disability). This partnership will reinforce Mediavine’s work to amplify diverse publishers by proving identity and ownership and increasing their programmatic connection to advertisers.

Currently, Mediavine’s network of ~11,000 publishers can self-identify as diverse-owned businesses through Uplift, Mediavine’s diverse publisher offering. Powered by this partnership, Sertify’s solution will then certify those self-identified publishers in Uplift and create more business opportunities for both the buy and sell sides. This partnership removes the barrier for advertisers committed to supporting diverse-owned publishers programmatically.

Industry Benchmark

ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) declared an industry benchmark for committing 6.5% of total ad investment to diverse-owned media by 2025. For many advertisers to reach that benchmark, agencies would need to sizably increase budget allocations for diverse-owned media to achieve the mark.

Promoting Diversity in Media

As part of this partnership, Mediavine publisher partners who have self-identified as diverse-owned businesses will be vetted and confirmed by Sertify’s solution. Publishers will be granted a site badge denoting ownership by diverse individuals, which they can showcase to signify their commitment to inclusivity, foster partnerships, and fortify relationships with brand marketers looking to spend ad dollars earmarked for multicultural media plans.

“Mediavine committed to moving from self-declaration to certification by the end of 2024 and found Sertify’s solution to be the best equipped to give buyers the confidence to spend DE&I budgets said Amanda Martin, SVP, Monetization & Business Strategy at Mediavine. 

“We’re unlocking certified, non-self-identified publisher inventory to ensure a greater allocation of media funds towards more publishers who have been historically underrepresented,” said Dennis Tze, Co-Founder of Sertify. 

Mediavine is dedicated to counseling brand marketers when optimizing their reach and prioritizing brand safety and alignment with their values.

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