Horizon, Publicis Groupe, Starcom and UM Worldwide: Interactive Multicultural Marketing Session at #PortadaNY

What: Members of the Portada Agency Star Committee will lead an interactive session at #PortadaNY about multicultural insights as an ingredient of more effective marketing campaigns. Join Starcom’s Dana Bonkowski and Darcy Bowe, Horizon’s Karina Dobarro, Publicis Groupe’s Jessica Roman, and UM Worldwide’s David Queamante. Register now!
Why it matters: As the presence of multicultural populations increases in the U.S., all marketing needs to include multicultural insights in order to have a chance to succeed.

As multicultural consumers increase in quantity and we get a step closer to them being a majority, doing multicultural marketing becomes more and more necessary. According to Liz Castells-Heard, CEO of Castells & Asociados, even though multiculturals are nearly 40% of U.S. consumers and spend US $1.7 trillion, they get under 18% of all ad dollars. “Most of the Fortune 500 are still reticent, late in the game or not doing it right,” she writes. “It is not just about a few adjunct in-language TV spots, influencers, soccer, events or social. It’s about a top-down, thoughtful, holistic and organization-wide approach.”

But what are the right steps and elements a brand needs in order to “do it right”? As Dana Bonkowski, SVP, Multicultural Lead at Starcom and member of Portada’s Agency Star Committee says, “Whether or not you intend to officially embark on a multicultural marketing initiative, the reality is multicultural consumers are already part of your brand’s story,” and so companies really should start taking these consumers into account if they wish to stay relevant in the future.

Tomorrow, September 25, Dana Bonkowski will delve deeper into this topic with other members of the Agency Star Committee: Darcy Bowe, SVP, Media Director at Starcom USA; Karina Dobarro, SVP, Multicultural & International Brand Strategy at Horizon Media; Jessica Roman, VP, Media Director at Publicis Groupe; and David Queamante SVP, Client Business Partner UM Worldwide.

Portada New York attendees will have a never-before-seen opportunity to participate in the panel in a fully interactive way. Together in a Samoan circle format, the panelists and the audience will answer the question: HOW CAN MULTICULTURAL INSIGHTS AND ADVERTISING MAKE GENERAL MARKET CAMPAIGNS MORE EFFECTIVE?

You still have time to join this and all the other Portada New York thought-provoking activities. Did you know that just by acquiring a ticket you get the opportunity to meet with three prominent brand executives? Click on the banner below and join #PortadaNY now.