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sports marketing

Messi Marketing

Messi’s Miami Engagement: 5 Reasons Why MLS Will Surpass Spain’s La Liga

Messi’s engagement with Inter Miami will accelerate soccer’s transformative impact on U.S. sports marketing. Find out  why the MLS has the opportunity to surpass Spain’s La Liga in revenues and shorten the gap to the three U.S. juggernaut leagues, NFL, MLB, and NBA. Five critical questions and answers you need to know about.

World Cup Advertising

Is this the Weirdest Soccer World Cup Ever from an Advertising Perspective?

The 2022 Soccer World Cup is less than 6 weeks away. Normally the World Cup takes place in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere and matches occur during the afternoon or evening. Not this time as the event coincides with the busiest marketing season of the year. How Hisense’s Manuel Medina Riverroll; T-Mobile’s Diego Osuna, Omnicom Media Group’s Michael Roca and UM’s David Queamante are planning World Cup advertising.