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Coca-Cola Racing’s Daniel Suarez is the sole Mexican-born driver currently on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit. He is the face of and focal point of an industry-wide initiative that began in 2019, Daniel’s Amigos, to drive awareness and grow the Hispanic and Latino fan base in the sport of NASCAR. Portada talked to Suarez about how he reaches out to the Hispanic sports fan.

As a rising star in the sport that is proud of his Mexican roots, Daniel Suarez has teamed with Coca-Cola racing to plan several special moments throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. First, Daniel raced on September 18 in the Bass Pro Shops night race in Bristol, TN, in a sphecially designed car with a Hispanic Heritage Month commemorative paint scheme.

Coca Cola NASCAR

The second event was a Daniel’s Amigos meet-and-greet event with Daniel Suarez before the race in Las Vegas on September 26. This event was also in partnership with Coca-Cola, NASCAR, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and Trackhouse Racing (Daniel’s racing team). Invitees included Las Vegas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce leaders, local Hispanic College leaders, and students from the Nevada “SLAM” school, a sports leadership-focused charter school. There are several SLAM schools across the country (started in Miami), and Armando “Pitbull” Perez is heavily involved with the SLAM Foundation and the establishment of the schools.

Daniel will wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 9. Coca-Cola and NASCAR will be sponsors of the 9th annual Charlotte Hola Festival, the largest Hispanic Heritage celebration in Charlotte highlighting Latin American culture and all its richness. Daniel will make an appearance, speaking to festival attendees and giving away some tickets to the October 10th race, the Bank of America ROVAL 400, which will happen in Concord, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte.

Coca Cola NASCAR

Coca-Cola Nascar: Portada interviewed Suarez about his experience as the only Mexican-born driver in the NASCAR Cup Series

Portada: What has your experience been as the only Mexican-born driver in the NASCAR Cup Series and how does it feel to be the face for Hispanics in the sport?

Daniel Suarez: “It’s an honor, privilege, and a responsibility. I’m proud of where I come from and hope I can serve as an inspiration to those kids who want to come to NASCAR someday as drivers, engineers, or whatever they want to do in the sport.”

I’m proud of where I come from and hope I can serve as an inspiration to those kids who want to come to NASCAR someday.

With the Hispanic population growing in the country, do you sense a growing interest in NASCAR from Hispanics, and does it excite you to be someone those Hispanics can look up to and support?

D.S.: “Oh yes, I see more and more Hispanics at the race track every year. We have a strong car culture and family culture that I think fits NASCAR perfectly. I want to show that they are welcome here and that they will have a good time when they visit.”

How do you feel you can help attract your fellow Hispanics to become NASCAR enthusiasts?

D. S.: “I think we can show them they are welcome and this sport’s values are their values. And, just how much fun and cool it is to come to watch the racing. I think if we can get them to the track, they will keep coming back.”

What can NASCAR and the sport do to attract more Hispanics?

D. S.: “We have to keep showing everyone they are welcome and show them a good time with things to do before and after the race.”

Coca Cola NASCAR

How do partnerships – like yours with Coca-Cola Racing – help to appeal more to Hispanics?

D. S.: “Coca-Cola has gone out of its way to help me show the Hispanic community how welcoming NASCAR is to everyone. We ran a special paint scheme honoring National Hispanic Heritage month at Bristol and they were strong supporters of the Daniel’s Amigos program when we brought several hundred Hispanic fans to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. About 70 percent of the people we brought were coming to a NASCAR event for the first time.”

You recently held an event for Daniel’s Amigos at Las Vegas Motor Speedway after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. What is it like to connect with your fans in a city with a large Hispanic population and how do you feel getting to interact with fans again?

D. S.: “The fans are the best part of racing. Getting to meet them, hear their stories, share your story with them. We had a Mariachi Band and gave away a lot of prizes. It was a lot of fun. I hope we can work with Coca-Cola and NASCAR to do more and more events in the future.”

The fans are the best part of racing. Getting to meet them, hear their stories, share your story with them.

What was it like to sport your native Mexican colors on your car to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month? What role did you play in helping design the look of the car?

D. S.: “I loved it. Coca-Cola and Trackhouse designed the paint scheme and it was one of the best I have ever seen. That car just looked fast. I got a ton of compliments on how cool our Chevrolet looked that night in Bristol.”

How Coca-Cola Racing NASCAR Driver Daniel Suarez Inspires Hispanic Sports Fans
How has your partnership with Coca-Cola Racing helped raise your profile as a driver?

D. S.: “Coke has used us in so many different ways. From Daniel’s Amigos to sustainability issues to the whole Coke Family of Drivers. It’s been a lot of fun to be part of the Coca-Cola Racing program and look forward to keeping working with them in the future.”

What do you look for when considering a sponsorship like Coca-Cola? Do you look for sponsors that are aligned with your values and mission?

D. S.: “Of course. Coca-Cola has been a huge supporter of mine and I feel like we have been a great team for several years now. They are very good friends. Daniels Amigos would not have happened without a lot of hard work by Coca-Cola. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what they have done for me.“

The celebration begins with Latinx Heritage Month, as NFL teams, players and celebrities join in  including global music superstar Ozuna as a creative advisor. “El Snap NFL” social content highlights the intersection of culture and football year-round.

The National Football League is celebrating Latinx Heritage Month with a variety of new culture and community driven activities at both the national and local level.  The League is introducing new partnerships, collaborations and activations that are designed to celebrate “la cultura Latina” throughout the NFL season, including working with global music superstar Ozuna to enhance this effort.  With a large and passionate Latinx fanbase, as well as a number of Latino NFL players, personnel, and Legends, the NFL and its clubs are committed to celebrating the diverse cultures within the Latinx community.

NFL Latinx Heritage Month
Victor Cruz – Photo credit Josh Lobel

Today the League launches a new advertising campaign highlighting how the sport of football embraces culture, unifies people, and uplifts youth.  The campaign introduces a new tagline – “Por La Cultura” – signifying how the NFL aims to champion the diversity and vibrancy of its fans, players, and personnel.   The League will also incorporate a simple, hand-drawn tilde over the N in the NFL shield, a nod to Spanish language and the Latinx community.  Latin GRAMMY Award-winning Ozuna, who is an avid NFL fan, has joined the NFL to advise on its season-long content vision for reaching Latinx fans.  Additionally, Ozuna, along with NFL Legend Victor Cruz, will be featured in the campaign and support promotional initiatives.

The NFL is also partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to recognize Latinx youth who have contributed to the sports and fitness arenas.  Winners, who will be announced later this NFL season, will receive grants in support of their college education and/or to enhance their community service efforts.  The League and NFL teams will spread the word and encourage local nominations, and the League’s national advertising will likewise drive awareness of this opportunity, with support from Ozuna.  Nomination and sign-up is available at NFL.com/PorLaCultura.

“We are fortunate to have one of the largest Latinx fanbases of any sport in this country,” said Amanda Herald, NFL Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Insights. “It’s important that our content, marketing and partnerships celebrate and serve the diversity within the population, as we know the way our fans and players identify as well as their cultural preferences vary by region, country of origin, language preference, and other factors.”

“The ‘Por La Cultura’ campaign is about the vibrancy, commonalities, and differences within our fanbase,” said Javier Farfan, NFL Cultural Marketing Strategist.  “We lead with inclusivity, and welcome all into the NFL family. Through an authentic brand campaign, and partnerships with key players and personalities in the community, we want to inspire excitement, engagement and avidity all year round – por la cultura.”

Ozuna. Photo Credit Albizu Albikon

Ozuna added: “I’m honored to be partnering with the NFL on such a groundbreaking new initiative to highlight the diversity of their fans, especially now during Latinx Heritage Month. For the NFL to acknowledge, support, and encourage our culture is meaningful.”

To connect the Latinx community with the sport of football on an ongoing basis, the NFL launched El Snap NFL on Instagram for the start of the 2021 NFL season, adding to the TikTok presence launched in 2020.  El Snap is “el lado cool de la NFL,” showcasing how music, gaming, food, traditions, language and people can enhance the NFL fan experience and highlighting how NFL teams across the country are embracing diversity within their local communities.  El Snap NFL on Instagram adds to the roster of NFL content designed for Latinx fans, including MundoNFL on YouTube, NFLenEspanol on Twitter, NFL.com/espanol, and content from many NFL clubs.  In addition, the League and its partners offer live Spanish language game coverage on ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, Universo, Telemundo, and Entravision (Click here for ways to watch the NFL ).

Photo credit Mom and Dad.

Throughout the 2021 season, NFL teams will bring to life the Por La Cultura effort through in-game recognitions, community events and social media amplification.


The NFL has collaborated with a Latinx-led design and production team to launch an exclusive merchandise line as part of its Por La Cultura initiative.  Produced by Dunbrooke, a Hispanic owned company, the apparel collection, which consists of a varsity jacket, hoodie, t-shirt and cap, showcases two unique marks: the ÑFL logo and Por La Cultura tagline. The merchandise showcases the ÑFL shield in unique colors.  Designed in silver and gold, the color palette of the merchandise speaks to dedication, achievement and excellence — symbolizing championship rings and trophies.  The collection will be available beginning September 17 on NFLShop.com.

Cover image photo credit Mom and Dad.

Tecate Sponsorship of Liga BBVA MX in the U.S. Tecate announced the official, multi-year U.S. sponsorship of LIGA BBVA MX, the most-watched soccer league in the U.S. Tecate USA will also be a partner of LIGA BBVA MX’s other competitions, LIGA BBVA Expansion MX and LIGA BBVA MX Femenil. To get a better understanding of the initiative, Portada talked to Oscar Martinez, Senior Brand Director Tecate USA.

The official Tecate sponsorship and its associated activations reflect the long-standing affinity and passion for Mexican soccer here in the U.S. The agreement includes the use of logos, names, and images of teams and players participating in LIGA BBVA MX, interviews with Mexican soccer legends, presence in matches during the season openings and closings, access to exclusive items, and a presence in the best match highlights on LIGA BBVA MX social platforms.

Tecate Sponsorship
Oscar Martinez, Senior Brand Director, Tecate USA with Tecate Legend, Claudio Suarez

“With this exclusive sponsorship, Tecate takes a strong step forward to stand as the brand that best connects U.S. fans with their favorite LIGA MX soccer teams, offering memorable experiences on and off the field,”  Tecate Sr. Brand Director, Oscar Martinez tells Portada. “With an exciting summer of soccer upon us, we’re thrilled to deliver unforgettable experiences that speak to our maverick and unapologetic spirit. Mexico is in us!”

There is no doubt that LIGA MX’s following in the US is very strong, with an average of over 400,000 viewers per match, representing 40% of LIGA MX’s audience.

Guillermo Alegret, Commercial Director of LIGA MX, added “We are very excited to have Tecate, an established, well known Mexican brand, expand their partnership of LIGA MX into the United States. There is no doubt that LIGA MX’s following in the U.S. is very strong, with an average of over 400,000 viewers per match, representing 40% of LIGA MX’s audience. The American market continues to be an important place for LIGA MX to grow and connect on a daily basis with the Hispanic community, in addition to the over 35 million Mexican Americans residing there.”

“Tecate is already one of Mexican-Americans’ favorite brands to enjoy with friends, and that is the intention of this partnership: to offer fun and safe experiences for fans of legal age, while allowing us to deliver messages of social responsibility,” Martinez added.

Tecate Sponsorships: Switch from Boxing to Soccer

A few years ago Tecate switched from boxing to soccer in terms of the sports it will be supporting to reach U.S. audiences.  Martinez notes that “boxing gave a lot to Tecate and for that we’ll be always grateful to our partners in the sport. With soccer, however, we have the opportunity to expand our consumer base, and engage in ongoing conversation with them 365 days a year, with a more fluid schedule of events and retail activation opportunities.”

With soccer we have the opportunity to expand our consumer base and engage in ongoing conversations 365 days a year, with a more fluid schedule of events and retail activation opportunities.

According to Martinez, “the pivot to soccer is a biproduct of the natural evolution of our consumer base, and we jumped at the opportunity to become official sponsors of LIGA MX in the U.S. The ultimate goal of course being to recruit more avid Tecate consumers while helping to elevate the overall profile of the sport in America. Martinez adds that as a brand,  “we’re constantly on the lookout for how our consumers are engaging with and reacting to the content we put out there. We do a yearly internal marketing mix analysis, the preliminary data from which shows very positive responses to our soccer programming. As a brand that has taken on a new positioning in the last couple of years, it’s important to us to be mindful of what moves our U.S. market, and soccer is definitely trending in that direction.”

It’s important to be mindful of what moves our U.S. market, and soccer is definitely trending in that direction.

Nick Kelly, until the end of 2020 Head of U.S. Sports Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, and currently president of Charlotte, F.C. told Portada in an 2019 interview that “LigaMX can be a much better experiential marketing vehicle to engage U.S. Hispanics than the MLS.”  Tecate’s Martinez agrees: “Liga MX is the most watched and followed soccer league in the U.S., and our brand attributes and consumer base align near perfectly with Liga MX expansion goals in the US. We’re in a great position to engage with the fans of the fastest growing sport in the U.S.”
According to Martinez, Tecate has built “a very strong relationship in the U.S. with three of the most relevant soccer teams from Mexico: Chivas, Tigres, and Rayados, which have allowed us to engage with their fans in markets like California, Texas, and Illinois – each of which is a core DMA for the Tecate U.S. brand.”
Regarding upcoming activations of the new Tecate sponsorship, Martinez says that he is currently “developing an activation plan that will leverage and help proliferate key points of the sponsorship. Our team is excited to fully execute on that plan as soon as it’s safe to reopen, including soccer legends’ participation at retail activations, fan viewing parties, incentive trips to games in Mexico for our consumers and retailers, and text-to-win opportunities among others.”

Additionally, within the HEINEKEN USA portfolio, the Heineken® brand has already been a passionate supporter of MLS for many years, as sponsor of Inter Miami Club de Fútbol, Orlando City SC, NY Red Bulls and NYCFC, among others. Last year, the brand executed a “Stadium in a Box” sweepstakes which effectively brought the passion and excitement of an MLS match to winning fans’ homes.

Synergies on Both Sides of the Border

Tecate is the official sponsor of Liga BBVA MX in Mexico as well, thus the synergies on both sides of the border bring added power and opportunity to the overall Tecate sponsorship. “This particular partnership will facilitate us becoming even more engaged with and meaningful to an already loyal bicultural consumer in the USA,” Martinez adds.

In addition, Tecate will be the main sponsor of the Campeón de Campeones match, set to take place in Los Angeles this July. This game is the only official Liga MX game held outside of Mexico, and Tecate will be fully activating at retail and on-site to bring even more energy and excitement around the most watched soccer league in the U.S.

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Jordan Gnat, Robin Chhabra, Andy Clerkson, Loida Ruiz….People invest in companies, change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it. Check out last week’s Changing Places here.


Jordan Gnat, Robin Chhabra and Andy Clerkson Invest in Futbol Sites

Futbol SitesDigital sports media group Futbol Sites announced that it is joining forces with Jordan Gnat, Robin Chhabra and Andy Clerkson, who together have acquired a significant interest in the Group, as well as appointing Mr. Gnat as Vice-Chairman of Futbol Sites. The terms of the investment were not disclosed.
Federico Grinberg, CEO of Futbol Sites tells Portada that a “key element of the company’s strategy going forward will be to accelerate growth in the U.S., both in the U.S. Hispanic as well as the general market. Futbol sites recently launched a new website catering to the U.S. general market. ”
Grinberg adds that online sports betting has had a significant advance in the United States and Futbol Sites also aims to be a major player in this sector. Jordan Gnat is a Senior Business Executive with over 25 years of leadership experience and over 17 years in the global gaming and media industries. Most recently Jordan was the Group Senior Vice President of The Stars Group, the parent company of PokerStars, FOX Bet, PokerStars
Casino, SkyBetting and Gaming and Oddschecker Group Media. Robin Chhabra is an experienced executive in the online gambling industry and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of FOX Bet, a landmark partnership between Flutter Entertainment and FOX Sports in the USA. He was previously on the Executive Committees of The Stars Group, William Hill and Inspired Gaming Group where he focused on strategy, business development and M&A and expanded the global footprint of each of these companies. Andy Clerkson has spent three decades building brands for media, sports betting and gaming companies in the USA, UK and Europe. In 2019, he helped The Stars Group and FOX Sports set up FOX Bet, for whom he is a senior advisor. In 2007 Andy founded influential digital marketing agency Grand Parade, which specialized in sports betting and was acquired by William Hill in 2016.


Loida Casares

Loida CasaresLoida Casares has taken on a new role as Account Manager for Houston Public Media and Market Enginuity. She manages an account desk and sells corporate sponsorships for KUHF 88.7 NPR, Channel 8 PBS, digital media and podcasts for Houston Public Media and Market Enginuity. She also sells multi-market campaigns that include any of the other 17 markets that Market Enginuity represents. She will report to Millie Adan-Garza, Director of Sales and Corporate Sponsorships. Casares began her professional career in advertising 27 years ago at the Houston Chronicle. Until recently, Casares worked as a Senior Account Manager at the Houston Chronicle.

Charles Gabriel

Charles Gabriel

WildBrain Spark, the digital media division of WildBrain—one of the world’s largest independent kids’ and family entertainment companies—has appointed Charles Gabriel to the newly created position of Vice President and Head of US Advertising Sales. WildBrain Spark builds brands through the management and creation of preschool and children’s entertainment content on platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Video Direct and ROKU. WildBrain Spark’s branded YouTube network is one of the largest of its kind, featuring more than 260,000 videos for more than 800 kids’ channels in over 30 languages. Every 90 days, one in every three kids worldwide with access to YouTube watches video content on the WildBrain Spark network, which has over 168 million subscribers, and approximately 4 billion views per month.


Americans’ interest in soccer both as active participants in soccer matches as well as in fandom is growing at a high rate. Therefore, the brand marketing community is taking notice and considering more soccer sponsorships. What is the best strategy for marketers to engage with the Hispanic population through the soccer passion point? International leagues and clubs such as LigaMX, English Premier League and La Liga are alluring propositions. Here’s why.


A 2018 Gallup poll shows soccer ranks second in popularity only surpassed by football among the coveted 18-34 demographic. Soccer ties with basketball at 11% and is ahead of baseball at 6%. Undoubtedly, soccer, including beach soccer, is a substantial alternative for brands to reach out to this coveted population segment. These are two reasons why European and Mexican soccer sponsorships can be viable alternatives.

1. High Name Recognition of European Clubs and Stars

Lionel Messi – Photo Property of Futbol Club Barcelona

The high name recognition of European clubs among U.S. audiences, and even more among U.S. Hispanic audiences, explains why brand marketers prefer these marketing platforms over MLS. Thus, more American brands are closing soccer sponsorships with clubs including Futbol Club Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich. Moreover, the fact that global soccer stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are household names makes maximizes opportunities.

Partnering with European Leagues can be alluring to major U.S. consumer brands. As an example, LaLiga North America  —a joint venture between LaLiga, Spain’s top-soccer league, and Relevent Sports Group- recently partnered with Allstate for Soñando con LaLiga, which details the experience and progress of the best 17 players from the Allstate Sueño Alianza National Showcase while they traveled to Spain and competed against LaLiga academies and in front of LaLiga coaches and scouts. (Check out the partnership of Paris Saint German with Nike subsidiary Air Jordan.)

2. LigaMX Soccer Sponsorships Speak Closer to Hispanic Consumers than MLS

The Mexican LigaMX can be a much better soccer marketing vehicle to engage U.S. Hispanics than the MLS, Nick Kelly, Head of U.S. Sports Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, said at last fall’s Portada New York conference. The fact that 70% of Hispanics are of Mexican origin explains the high popularity of the Mexican National Team and LigaMX clubs (e.g. América, Guadalajara, Toluca, and Cruz Azul) among U.S. Hispanics.

soccer sponsorships expert
Nick Kelly

All our world cup campaigns were about the Mexican National Team (not the U.S. National Team)”, said Nick Kelly, a member of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board. Anheuser-Busch partners with the LigaMX particularly for soccer sponsorships and activations in the Southwestern U.S., an area with a very large Hispanic population. In particular, he mentioned Texas, Arizona and Nevada, as well as cities like Houston, Dallas, and surprisingly, Nashville.

Toyota is another company that is betting on Mexican soccer for its Hispanic outreach. Tyler McBride, Engagement and Events Marketing Manager at Toyota Motor North America, told Portada that he is partnering with Club America because they are the top club and most successful team in North America. The team is recognized internationally with a storied history and winning tradition in Mexico’s Liga MX and they are the most-watched soccer league in the United States. “Our partnership with Club America allows us to engage with Liga MX fans year-round across multiple touchpoints,” he said.

Featured image by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash


Scotiabank’s sponsorships in Canada and Latin America are focused on sports passion points like hockey and soccer, as well as arts & culture. How do we know this? We talked to Mike Tasevski, VP Global Sponsorships at Scotiabank, and a Portada Council System Member.


sports passion points expert
Mike Tasevski

Until a few months ago, Mike Tasevski held the position of VP, Market Development at Mastercard. We asked him in what way his current job at Scotiabank is different from the one he had at Mastercard. “At Scotiabank, I have a global role in which I oversee a very different portfolio that is heavily focused on sports passion points hockey and fútbol with a very unique flavor of arts & culture. In comparison to my previous role, where there was a focus on multiple partners, my role at Scotiabank is to establish unique partnerships that will assist in delivering ROI on all channels for our bank objectives including personal banking, wealth and clients…

My role at Scotiabank is to establish unique partnerships that will assist in delivering ROI on all channels for our bank objectives.

Mike Tasevski, VP Global Sponsorships at Scotiabank, will be one of the dozens of brand marketing innovators participating in Portada Miami on June 4, 2020. If you are interested in participating in Portada Miami and/or in Portada’s networking and knowledge-sharing platform with brand marketers please contact us here.


Canada’s Sports Passion Point: Hockey

Scotiabank has billed itself as “Canada’s most international bank” due to its acquisitions primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean, but also in Europe and parts of Asia. We asked Tasevski how Scotiabank’s marketing investment approach to sports passion points differs in all these regions. “The key focus in Canada is hockey due to the popularity of the sport in this nation,” he answered. “People widely consider us Canada’s Hockey Bank due to all our partnerships. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) (20-year sponsorship agreement valued at C$800 million, many Canadian hockey teams, the NHL, Hockey Canada) In the South America market, we are investing heavily in soccer (A major partner of Concacaf, Fútbol Club Barcelona (FCB), Costa Rica Fútbol, etc.)”


The Way to Mexico’s Heart: Fútbol 

In 2000, Scotiabank increased its stake in Mexican bank Grupo Financiero Inverlat to 55%. Scotiabank later acquired the Inverlat banking house in 2003, taking over all of its branches and establishing a strong presence in the country. The Mexican bank’s name subsequently changed to Grupo Financiero Scotiabank Inverlat.

“Soccer/Fútbol will play an important role in the Latin American market. For example, there are over 25 million FCB fans in the Mexican market,” said Tasevsi. “Our association with FCB allows us to jointly communicate with the passionate fútbol fan and to educate them on the Scotiabank brand and how we can assist with all their financial needs. Fútbol is key in the Latin Market and we will continue to invest and support the growth of this sport passion point in this market.”

Our association with FCB allows us to jointly communicate with the passionate fútbol fan and to educate them on the Scotiabank brand.

Future Plans to Tap into Sports Passion Points

Spanish soccer champions FC Barcelona have unveiled a new regional partnership with financial group Scotiabank, the first deal struck from the club’s recently opened New York office.

The multi-year agreement will see Scotiabank become the La Liga side’s official partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, and it will work alongside the club to sponsor a number of soccer programs in the regions aimed at underprivileged youth.

Scotiabank will also set up soccer festivals and will support local teams in attending training events in Barcelona. On top of this, customers will receive exclusive ticket deals and competitions.




YouTube Gaming was the clear leader in the esports mobile streaming space in 2019.  Although gamers tend to use highly sophisticated hardware for their training and tournaments, mobile gaming has grown more than any other platform.  In fact, mobile games made up 60% of revenue for the global video game market in 2019 and are expected to grow annually by 2.9% until 2024.  This monthly esports column provides a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as it relates to streaming.

Data provided by StreamHatchet shows that the top 10 mobile esports events of 2019 accumulated over 75 million hours watched.  YouTube Gaming got an overwhelming majority of that viewership. The numbers make sense when comparing them with App Annie’s findings. The mobile market data provider shared in a study that “mobile gaming is on track to surpass $100B across all mobile app stores in 2020.

There are many pocket consoles in the market. Still, mobiles are much more accessible to the grand majority of the global population. In gaming, mobiles have sort of democratized gaming. No wonder Call of Duty: Mobile and Mario Kart Tour launched their mobile version in 2019.

Here are the top ten mobile esports events of 2019:

Overall, the top 10 mobile events of the year accumulated over 75 million hours watched. The data shows that YouTube Gaming had the lead, followed by Facebook Gaming. This finding is particularly relevant, because Twitch is the definite leader in non-mobile esports streaming, with a 78.1% market share (and almost insignificant when it comes to mobile streaming).

In terms of the games themselves, PUBG Mobile is ahead of the game owning 2 of the top 5 events and 3 out of the top 10 in total. Combined, PUBG Mobile generated about 30% of the total hours watched across the top mobile events of 2019.

Since its launch in 2011, Twitch has become the leader in esports streaming. In December 2019, the Amazon subsidiary held a 78.1% market share. The share represents almost four times as much as competitors like YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. We are introducing this monthly esports data column to provide a quick update of the most important esports consumption behavior, particularly as they relate to streaming. 

Ranking: Last Month’s Most Popular Tournaments

esl proleague
Foto via @ESL

On December 6 and until December 8, the world switched on their screens to stream the ESL ProLeague S10 Finals, live from Odense Denmark. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) professional esports league reached a total of 9,2 million live hours watched, according to data provided by StreamHatchet.

As mentioned on superbettingsites, this was ESL ProLeague’s 10th edition. With a total of 48 professional teams distributed over Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, it is no wonder that the tournament reached over 9 million fans around the globe.

EPICENTER 2019, the main Russian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports tournament, came in second place, well below ProLeague, with 3,6 million live hours watched. The tournament took place in Moscow on December 17-22. DreamLeague S3 Qualifiers came in third, with 3.5 million live hours watched. The numbers show that the new league created by DreamHack, ASUS ROG as well as Roccat, TheGDStudio and Swedish TV channel TV6 is not too far from the Russian competition.

DreamLeague‘s goal is to become the world’s most prestigious Dota 2 league with a focus on Europe and North America.

ESL ProLeague S10 FinalsCS:GO9,197,539160,341160,516353,986
EPICENTER 2019 – CS:GOCS:GO3,637,31959,00069,282234,386
DreamLeague S3 QualifiersDOTA 23,573,83143,41744,285141,432

*LIVE HOURS WATCHED: The Total live hours watched for a specific event across all major NA streaming platforms

**AVG CCV: The Time-dependent average concurrent sessions that watched a broadcast across multiple streams

***LIVE AMA: The live average minute audience associated with the total premium minutes watched (H. Watched/defined airtime)

****PEAK CCV: The Time-dependent maximum concurrent sessions that watching the top moment of the broadcast across multiple streams

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Ranking: Top Streaming Platforms

In terms of streaming platforms, Twitch remains king, with a total of 35.9 million hours watched during December 2019. According to StreamHatchet, Amazon’s subsidiary gained 78.1% of the total market share. 

YouTube Gaming came in second, but way below Twitch, with only 19.4% of market share. This translates into 8.9 million hours watched during December. Launched in 2018, Facebook Gaming managed to get a 2.2% market share, which is not too bad, considering how new the platform is. In comparison, Twitch was launched in 2011 and YouTube Gaming back in 2015.

YouTube Gaming8.9M19.4%
Facebook Gaming1M2.2%


Daniel Galvan Duque, Marketing Director for Flavored CSD’s at Gepp PepsiCo Mexico tells Portada about their Consumer Engagement Cycle for reaching audiences through meaningful experiences, heartfelt stories and open conversations. You may know everything about your consumers nowadays – what they wear, where they go, what they eat, and even what they need and when they need it. Perhaps your brand has been paying close attention for years. But have your brand’s consumers been paying attention to you? Read on to see how Gepp PepsiCo Engages the Mexican Consumer.


Interview conducted by Alejandra Velazquez

Daniel Galvan Duque, Portada, Brand Marketing
Daniel Galvan Duque, Gepp PepsiCo Mexico @gepp

The Power of Storytelling

PepsiCo has been mastering the Consumer Engagement Cycle for decades. Their beverage portfolio is relatable, and their strongest brands have been household names for the fashion, music, and sports industries for decades. This isn’t just about what people like, it’s about how people live. Melding into consumers memories of meaningful events gives brands a backstage pass into people’s experiences. And once they’ve shared an experience, it’s how the story gets told.

El Peluches: Creating Engagement Through Passion

When people don’t immediately skip your ad, you know you’ve hit a home-run. “Truth is, in an era populated with so many brands, communication, and content, the challenge is grabbing people’s attention,” says Daniel Galvan Duque, the man behind PepsiCo’s marketing strategy. In August 2016, Gatorade partnered with Alejandro “El Peluches” Ruiz, a man who runs marathons wearing a vest covered entirely in plush toys. Why? Because his unique passion encourages others and brightens their day. Gatorade was clever enough to notice and share the story to connect with their Mexican audience.

Truth is, in an era populated with so many brands, communication, and content, the challenge is grabbing people’s attention.

The “El Peluches” ad was an unconventional format with a story worth telling. “You have to constantly challenge yourself to produce things that create proximity. The digital world demands you to keep your pre-rolls under five seconds long and all your content under 20, and here was this 2’30’’ narrative with a 70% view rate” reminisces Galvan Duque.

5v5 Montemorelos: Rooting for the Underdogs 

The Gatorade 5v5 soccer tournament in partnership with the UEFA Champions League has gained plenty of momentum in its four-year run (check out our interview with Jill Leccia, Senior Marketing Director – Gatorade Latin America). In 2017, a team from the small rural town of Montemorelos made it to the playoffs but lost in the semifinals. “They asked us if there was a chance they could try again at the second playoffs, and we gave them permission. This time they won, and that gave us a chance to tell a great story. They ended up losing at the finals and didn’t get to travel to Barcelona for the first prize, but we still made the story fit perfectly with the brand’s message: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never quit trying” says Galvan Duque.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never quit trying.

The outcome was a brief 3’34’’ documentary in which the narrator says “At the end you might win. You might not win. You might have all the odds against you. But one thing is true: in Montemorelos and anywhere else, if you keep sweating, nothing can stop you”. The message matched the brand messaging and reached over seven million views.

Fido Dido Parade: Nostalgia and Influence  

Relatable characters, a touch of nostalgia and partnerships with influencers can keep brand awareness alive. Fido Dido was 7UP’s beloved hand-sketched character in the nineties who was “ageless, thoughtful, chill, and compassionate towards one and all” according to one of its creators Joanna Ferrone. Reviving an ambassador like Fido Dido, highly nostalgic and relatable, does wonders for sparking all kinds of conversations, activations, experiences, and stories – the cogs that keep the Consumer Engagement Cycle alive and spinning.

We wanted each to have a different personality, imprinted by the person creating them. So we found an influencer pool that made sense with the brand.

He recently made a comeback in a series of ads and parades held across Mexico where the brand invited different artists to decorate blank forms of the beloved character. “We wanted each to have a different personality, imprinted by the person creating them. So we found an influencer pool that made sense with the brand. First thing to consider is whether they believe in your message and what you’re doing” reveals Galvan Duque. The right strategy goes a long way for how Gepp PepsiCo engages the Mexican consumer.

Daniel Galvan Duque, Marketing Director for Flavored CSD’s at Gepp, PepsiCo Mexico, will be one of the dozens of brand marketing innovators present at Portada Miami on June 4, 2020. If you are interested in participating in Portada Miami and/or in Portada’s networking and knowledge-sharing platform with brand marketers please contact us here.

Portada Insights Reports are tools that help navigate different disciplines of marketing for both brand marketers and marketing service suppliers. Portada’s new report, ‘Innovative Approaches to Property and Media Rights Evaluation’, sheds light on how brand marketers can better evaluate and implement sponsorships and partnerships. 


Even though most brands know the value of a good sponsorship, most companies struggle to align their partnerships with the brand’s objectives. Negotiations tend to be complicated, and success measurement a great deal more so. In spite of this, sponsorships spending has increased steadily in the latest years. Brands everywhere partner up with all sorts of properties, from sports and entertainment to arts and social causes, but it’s still a challenge to truly measure ROI and know where the value is.

Portada is thrilled to announce its newest insights report titled Innovative Approaches to Property and Media Rights Evaluation’, which offers a fresh perspective into sponsorship evaluation and gathers insights from Portada’s Council System of Brand Marketers.

The report includes:

  • Data showing growth of sponsorships per property in North America
  • Data showing the challenge of ROI measurement
  • Challenges and opportunities as seen by brand marketers
  • Practical examples and lessons learned
  • Solution approaches

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For brands who want to connect with Caribbean Hispanics in the U.S., baseball could represent the right platform to start a long-term consumer-brand relationship. Nearly one-third of all major league players are Latinos, including those born in Latin America and within the 50 U.S. states. The Dominican Republic has the highest number of players in the big leagues.

Once upon a time, on May 9, 1871, Estevan Enrique “Steve” Bellán debuted as the first Latin American born individual to play professional baseball in the U.S.A. He played as a third baseman for the Troy Haymakers in New York. About 200 years later, nearly one-third of all major league players are first or second-generation Latinos.

connect with caribbean hispanics
Augusto Romano, CEO at Digo Hispanic Media.

According to the Major League Baseball (MLB), the Dominican Republic has the highest number of international players in the big leagues, with 102 players during Opening Day in 2019. Second in the ranking is Venezuela, with 68 players, and Cuba comes in third with 19 players. “Baseball receives the most attention in Caribbean countries, even more than soccer,” Augusto Romano, CEO at Digo Hispanic Media, tells Portada.

Catering for A Segment’s Needs

First, Digo noticed Caribbean Hispanics are a niche market with particular needs, separate from the general Hispanic market. Then, the U.S Hispanic audience network figured how to reach about five million Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Dominicans who are concentrated on the east coast of the U.S. However, Romano has a new strategy in mind: “Get to them through baseball!

Get to them through baseball!

Born from the union of the two largest media groups in the Caribbean, GFR Media from Puerto Rico and Grupo Corripio from the Dominican Republic, Digo’s audience has shown a special interest in how Caribbean-born baseball players are developing within MLB. We write stories about the players in a culturally relevant manner, starting with their origins, something the mainstream media doesn’t do. This allows U.S. Hispanic fans to follow players from their country of origin on our premium sites, says Romano. Nevertheless, it seems brands are still missing out on the opportunity.

Individual Promotions

According to Josh Rawitch, Sr. Vice President, Content & Communications for the Arizona Diamondbacks, since last year, the MLB has been working on promoting individual players.This is an important shift in the league’s marketing strategy where traditionally entire teams were promoted.

“The league is smart enough to let these players be who they are,” Rawitch tells Portada. “Therefore we are letting their personalities show a little bit more.”

Most of Arizona Diamondbacks’ fans come from Mexico and Venezuela. However, the team also recognizes the importance of its Caribbean followers. The star, pitcher Yoan Lopez, for example, is from Cuba.

Concerning Puerto Rican players, Esteban Pagán, sports editor at GFR Media, believes that even though Puerto Rico has produced four island born hall of famers, and they have always been very active and noticeable with players in the league, right now there’s a new group of very talented players that are starting to arise. It is a matter of time for us to see more profesional global Puerto Rican players, he explains. “Brands are missing out on opportunities to connect with the U.S.H. audience because these big players are just starting to emerge and are recently being noticed and followed by MLB fans.”

“We are in the exact time in which we can see the potential [of the Caribbean players] in the long run,” Jorge Cabezas, GFR Media, General Manager, adds.

Connecting With Caribbean Hispanics

“The way we try to connect with the Caribbean fan base is first through our social media accounts. They’re being followed by Latinos all over the world, thus we specifically try to highlight our Hispanic players. We have some Cuban players and tons of Venezuelans and Dominicans,” adds Rawitch. “We know when we are sending out messages on social media, we are interacting heavily with fans from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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The second way the D-Backs are connecting with Caribbean Hispanics is through their local baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. In fact, all 30 major league clubs have baseball academies there, according to Anthony Salazar, chair of the Latino baseball committee.

The way we try to connect with the Caribbean fan base is first through our social media accounts.
Josh Rawitch
Josh Rawitch, Sr. Vice President, Content & Communications at team Arizona Diamondbacks.

“We go down there for graduation every January or February. Moreover, we do a second trip when we do a clinic in the Dominican Republic or we’ll do public appearances,” explains Rawitch.

As a matter of fact, Digo Hispanic Media recently announced their exclusive partnership with NGL Collective, focused on custom content generation.

Their first docuseries named “Las Academias,” explores the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic along with the small towns scouting for talented hopefuls. These athletes each and every day train at one of the 30 major league youth training camps across the island.

“Brands will have access to sponsor these content series via our sales team and we will insert them in the story to ensure their brand and products are showcased in a relevant and engaging manner,” said Aisha Burgos, SVP of Sales & Marketing for Digo Hispanic Media.

Brands’ Approach

It seems that the league and its teams are already reaching out to their Hispanic and Caribbean Hispanic fans. So, what’s happening with brands?

Most brands recognize that outside of soccer, baseball is probably the second most followed sport in Latin America. However, in some countries like Cuba or DR, it is even bigger, believes Rawitch. “Simply, look at the sheer volume of people who are following baseball from the Caribbean. If you’re a company looking to communicate with them, it makes sense to find your way there through a major league team, for instance.”

According to Google Trends, in the past 12 months the words baseball, beisbol and pelota were the most searched the most in countries like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panamá & Venezuela. “Baseball runs in our blood. This represents a huge opportunity that brands need to take advantage of,” said Romano.

Visa’s sponsorship reached it’s first big win after the U.S. Women’s National Team won the World Cup back in June. Now, the financial company is going for more. The American audience on English-language television for the Women’s World Cup final was 20% higher than the 2018 men’s final.

Visa's sponsorship
VANCOUVER, BC – JULY 05: Carli Lloyd of USA (2nd R) celebrates scoring her 3rd goal with her teammates during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Final between USA and Japan at BC Place Stadium on July 5, 2015, in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Steve Bardens-FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images).

Back in May 2019, Visa announced a Five-Year Partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation with special support of the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT). Visa had also locked a deal sponsoring the male team. But, the company made it soon clear that its support of the female division was serious.

At least 50% of Visa’s sponsorship budget would be designated for the women’s side, the company shared. It seems that Visa made a smart move. According to Fox Sports, the American audience on English-language television for the Women’s World Cup final was 20% higher than the 2018 men’s final.

That final was the one that made the USWNT four-time world champion. This represents more than any other women’s soccer team in the world.

This is only the beginning of a new growth era for the USWNT, and for Visa as its supporter. The company’s sponsorship also includes the SheBelieves Cup, a four-team women’s international team tournament played in the United States each year.

We talked to Chris Curtin, Chief Brand, and Innovation Marketing Officer at Visa, about the ongoing five-year sponsorship, and how the company is planning to leverage this new relationship.


Chris Curtin, Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer at Visa.

Portada: Why was now the right moment to lock a partnership with the U.S. Women’s National Team through 2023?

“Visa is partnering with the U.S. Women’s National Team because both the sport and the team are on the rise. We believe they represent the best values in Visa and we believe the sport is at a tipping point in popularity. Over the course of this summer, not just the performance of the team, but also the character will help advance the popularity of the sport in the United States and beyond.”

Portada: What does the sponsorship specifically include?

“Visa recently announced a five-year partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation in support of the U.S. Women’s National Team through 2023. As the Official Payment Technology Partner of the US Soccer Federation, Visa will also be the presenting sponsor of the SheBelieves Cup, an annual four-team international invitational. The tournament is based around U.S. Soccer’s SheBelieves initiative to inspire girls and young women to achieve greatness, an integral theme throughout Visa’s FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ campaign.”

Portada: Why did you choose to become the main sponsor of the SheBelieves Cup?

“Beyond the title and its mission – the main reason Visa sponsored the SheBelieves Cup is because it will be hosted in the United States and we think it is a nice precursor to the FIFA World Cup coming to the Americas. Also, the ability for younger female players in the United States to be able to attend the games and interact with the teams that will compete—at Visa, we believe those are really meaningful opportunities to be affiliated with.”

…we think it is a nice precursor to the FIFA World Cup coming to the Americas.

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Portada: How will you leverage this sponsorship?

“Visa is best in class in terms of activating and supporting global sports properties and sponsorships. We use these moments in time to showcase the best of our brand and the future of payments to fans, media, and our partners.”

Portada: Which platforms will be key?

“At Visa, we try to focus on the right choreography with traditional and emerging platforms to live up to our tagline of ‘everywhere you want to be.'”

Portada: Who is your main target?

“We believe that this is the moment when women’s soccer is going to attract a broader audience and population. At Visa, we look forward to being a contributor to that outcome.”

This is the moment when women’s soccer is going to attract a broader audience and population.

Portada: How will you measure your return on investment?

“We look at all metrics, both for the impact of the brand but also the impact on the business. We are looking at the near term, midterm, and longer-term outcomes as a result of this particular effort.”

Portada: You have been described as the most progressive brand supporting women’s soccer. Do you agree with this term? Why?

“Personally, I do. It seems to be validated by those who are close to the sport and affiliated with the property. To be honest, our efforts are a source of great pride for the 16,000 employees that wake up every day and go work at Visa. We think it will serve as a beacon we stand for on our best days.”

Soccer Marketing

Portada: Where in the market is women’s soccer now?

“The sport is only growing in popularity and I have consistently said that the tournament this summer will be a tipping point for the sport and this is one of the reasons we are so excited to be a part of this journey, particularly at this stage.”

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Portada: What has been key for its growth?

“The quality of the play, as well as the character of the female footballers, are key for the growth of women’s football. Both have created a bond and connection with the audience, within the stadiums and beyond, which is contagious and growing.”

The quality of the play as well as the character of the female footballers are key for the growth of women’s football.

Portada: What makes it attractive for sponsors?

“Women’s soccer is attractive for sponsors as it provides an opportunity for your brand to make a statement about who you are and what you stand for. If at the end of the day, you only stand for mature well-established categories, then you are missing a lot of opportunities to stand for growth, development, and equality. Growth, development and equality are hallmarks of the Visa brand, both internally and externally.”


We talked to Terry Sell, national truck manager at Toyota Motor North America, about Toyota’s recent soccer campaign featuring Jorge Campos.  Toyota is one of the top 10 spenders in broadcast TV advertising, with $157 million spent in 2017. Through the campaign “Choose the Toughest Field”, the car company has managed to reach out to three audiences: Hispanics, soccer fans, and car lovers. Here’s what Sell had to say.

Toyota Campaign
Photo via Toyota.

Portada: Tell us what the “Choose the Toughest Field” soccer campaign is about.

Terry Sell: “The ‘Choose the Toughest Field’ soccer campaign is the 2019 soccer platform for Toyota. It builds powerful connections between the sport of soccer, players, fans, and trucks. The campaign was inspired by some of the more traditional playing conditions in Latin America. We considered that soccer is often played in dirt fields rather than nicely groomed grass. Those tough fields are where players exhibit their true potential, just like our trucks. The campaign’s commercials capture the toughness of the Tacoma and Tundra trucks as they take on tough terrains in a rough, non-traditional environment, thus their connection to the sport.”

To learn about another automotive brand that is reaching out to U.S. Hispanics, read  How to Market to Hispanic Consumers According to Kia’s Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing.

P: Who is the target of the campaign?

TS: “Toyota has long recognized Hispanic guests as a linchpin of its success. Hispanic vehicle registrations account for over 20% of overall registrations, making the Hispanic market a significant portion of Toyota’s overall success. In fact, Toyota has been the number one automotive brand among Hispanics for 14 consecutive years.”

Hispanic vehicle registrations account for over 20% of overall registrations.

P: On which platforms will it appear?

TS: “The campaign broadcast elements were timed for the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup. But it will continue through March 2020 on other soccer media properties that we sponsor such as the UEFA Champions League, the U.S., and Mexican National Teams and Liga MX.”

P: Why did you choose retired Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos as your spokesperson?

TS: “We are delighted to partner with Mr. Campos. He is the embodiment of someone who has taken on the toughest terrains throughout his life and career as a legendary soccer player. His personal story, very much in sync with the attributes of the vehicles, resonates incredibly well with fans.”

Mr. Campos is the embodiment of someone who has taken on the toughest terrains throughout his life and career as a legendary soccer player.

P: How will you measure the success of the campaign?

TS: “Our goal is to drive consideration for Toyota trucks by increasing model association within their competitive set, and elevate ad awareness, vibrancy, opinion, consideration, and imagery. On the ground, through our interactive footprint at events, we are looking at engagement levels that funnel into sales leads.”

Photo via Toyota.

P: What other activities will you do around the campaign, off-screen?

TS: “The campaign has a diverse and robust digital and social component, including videos and rich mobile display ads and banners. For our social channels, we teamed up with Jorge Campos to develop a series of soccer technique videos. These showcase his great foot skills to engage guests in the sport.

Off-screen, we’re bringing the campaign to life through an interactive soccer footprint. It was present throughout the Gold Cup games and will be present during our sponsorship of Tour Aguila with our Club America partners in July. Also, it will appear at the Toyota Copita Alianza youth tournaments that continue through September.”

Off-screen, we’re bringing the campaign to life through an interactive soccer footprint.

P: Does this campaign appeal to any other market apart from Hispanics?

TS: “Soccer is part of the Hispanic culture. It is part of their life and brings generations together to enjoy the game. In fact, we know that Hispanics over-index when it comes to viewership in the U.S. With that in mind, our campaign fully focuses on this important target market for our brand.”

This is not the first time Toyota uses a Mexican celebrity to reach the Hispanic audience. Check out the campaign with movie star Diego Luna.

P: What challenges do you face with this campaign and how will you overcome them?

TS: “As soccer continues to gain popularity in the U.S., we have seen more brands getting into this space. Toyota has supported the sport and engaged with its fans for more than a decade so we’re appreciative of the brand loyalty we’ve received from fans and owners over the years. We’ll continue to engage with fans by developing creative campaigns that leverage partners, properties and celebrity talent that truly speak to the fans and to the essence of the game.”

As soccer continues to gain popularity in the U.S., we have seen more brands getting into this space.

P: What else are you working on?

TS: “As I mentioned, our campaign ambassador, Jorge Campos, engaged with us on a series of videos showcasing soccer techniques. In August, Jorge Campos hosted a soccer clinic at one of the Toyota Copita Alianza youth tournaments. We’ll also recognize a stellar student-athlete with a scholarship for their outstanding accomplishments in the classroom and on the field as part of our partnership with Alianza de Futbol.”


Barcelona will debut as the first sports club to use Facebook’s new fan subscription platform. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.

Barcelona Facebook
Foto via Facebook.

FC Barcelona has become the first soccer club to use Facebook’s new fan subscriptions product. Subscribers will have access to special rewards, exclusive content and interactive experiences. Also, the social media platform will provide users with exclusive groups and virtual badges highlighting their status as a Barcelona supporter.

Barcelona’s site subscribers will have access to exclusive content in different formats, including on their news feed and in the supporter-only Facebook group. Barcelona’s official Facebook page will also have a ‘For Supporters’ tab, which will only be available to subscribers.

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Liverpool and Turner Sports have expanded their partnership. The US broadcaster will now share exclusive content from the club’s in-house channel LFCTV via streaming platform B/R Live.

Subscribers to the OTT service will have access to 40 live Liverpool matches each season. This number includes pre-season, women’s, academy and legends games. Also, users will be able to watch replays from all men’s first-team matches.

Turner will also distribute behind-the-scenes content. It will feature the European champions, including access to players and manager Jürgen Klopp.

Louis Vuitton to sponsor 2019 League of Legends World Championship. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


louis vuitton league of legends
Photo via Riot Games.

Louis Vuitton could become the main sponsor for the Riot Games’ 2019 League of Legends World Championship. The luxury brand will create a “one-of-a-kind” Louis Vuitton-branded trophy case to host the Summoner’s Cup. In addition, players will receive unique champion skins and a capsule collection designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections.

The Video Game Entertainment and New Network (VENN) has added US$17 million in seed round funding to the launch of its own new network dedicated to esports and gaming entertainment. The platform is planned to go live in 2020 with two studios based in New York and Los Angeles. Content will also be available on-demand across social media.


The Golden State Warriors locked a deal with Biofreeze. The partnership makes the pain relief brand secure naming rights to the franchise’s new training facility: the Biofreeze Performance Center. The facility is located in the Warriors’ new US$1.4 billion Chase Center home.


Singapore Airlines will continue to serve as Formula One’s title sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix until 2021. “We are very pleased that Singapore Airlines will continue to be the title sponsor for the Singapore Grand Prix until 2021,” F1 chief executive Chase Carey said.

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San Francisco-based Social Finance (SoFi) has acquired the naming rights to the NFL Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers’ home stadium. According to Bloomberg, the 20-year agreement could be worth more than US$30 million per year. If so, the amount could represent the record for a naming rights deal for a sports venue.

For the ninth time, the NFL, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Nationwide partnered for the annual NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Awards. The awards recognize the contributions of Hispanic leaders in each NFL market. Nationwide will help each recipient to select an organization of their choice that serves the local Hispanic community to receive a $2,000 donation.

Coca-Cola and the Oakland Raiders locked a multi-year stadium and team partnership. Hence, Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling will become the official soft drink partner of the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium.


USL is now officially open to receiving betting sponsorships. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.

USL betting sponsorship
Photo courtesy Ivan Pierre Aguirre / El Paso Locomotive FC.


Any USL team is now officially allowed to sign shirt sponsorships with sports betting companies. The change of the league’s policies puts the North American soccer’s secondary league body in line with the MLS, which opened its shirt sponsorship category to betting brands in July.


MLS has opened its sponsorship inventory for the match breaks created by video assistant referee (VAR) technology. League executive Carter Ladd, told the Sports Business Journal (SBJ) that MLS is in a “couple of ongoing conversations” with companies interested in sponsoring VAR, which was introduced to the league in 2017.

BODYARMOR has become MLS’ official sports drink partner in the US. As part of the agreement, BODYARMOR’s logo and branding will appear on coolers, cups, squirt bottles and towels on MLS sidelines within the US starting in 2020. Also, BODYARMOR and MLS will collaborate on exclusive custom content featuring top MLS players and BODYARMOR athlete partners.

Andrew Hauptman, chairman, and owner of the Chicago Fire, is selling his share to US billionaire Joseph Mansueto. Hence, Mansueto will take over control of the Fire with immediate effect. He will also assume the position of chairman. According to Forbes, Mansueto could have paid US$204 million to acquire the remaining 5% of the team.

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Women’s Soccer

A recent Wall Street Journal publication stated that advertisers invested close to $100 million on US spots in and around the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. This number is significantly higher than the company’s earlier estimate of $43 million. The report notes that the initial projection didn’t account for ad revenue generated by Spanish-language networks, such as Telemundo, which made up 11% of the total.

Secret deodorant brand will reportedly snatch up 9,000 seats to National Women’s Soccer League games this season. In July, Secret donated $529,000 to members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team, to highlight the gaping pay difference between women and men.

thereforeNFL extends Facebook partnership until 2020. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in multicultural sports marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.


The Oakland Raiders have named Twitch as the founding partner of their new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The deal, which starts in 2020, will see Twitch have a branded lounge in the lower level of the 65,000-seater stadium. The aim of the partnership is to make Las Vegas ‘the global hub for esports’.

The Philadelphia Eagles launched a redesigned mobile app. The platform includes a new content interface featuring live TV and radio streaming access from Eagles’ games for the first time. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

The NFL extended its partnership with Facebook for two more years. Under the extension, the Facebook Watch video service will continue as a platform for three-minute game recaps of all regular-season contests. Similarly, video highlights will also be accessible from the NFL Draft, Pro Bowl, and scouting combine.

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MLB signed a multiyear partnership with EquiLottery Games. The deal makes this the first North American pro league to tie in with lottery draw game. Looking to boost fan engagements, MLB has thrown out the first pitch on Baseball Bucks. “We are always aiming to work with partners who share our goal of providing innovative ways for fans to engage with live games,” said Kenny Gersh, MLB’s executive vice president for gaming and new business ventures.


UFC and Toyo Tires expanded their long-time partnership to launch a new annual end-of-year awards program that honors UFC’s top fighters, performances and moments. The winners of the ‘UFC Performance of the Year’ and ‘UFC Fight of the Year’ awards will be personally chosen by UFC President Dana White. Meanwhile winners in the ‘UFC Honors Fan Choice’ group will be determined through social and online voting.


Univision’s TUDN Radio network strengthened its affiliate base, signing 10 new deals. Therefore, with 38 stations TUDN Radio reaches more than 60% of all Hispanic adults in the U.S., thanks to its presence in top Latino markets including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

FuboTV is officially debuting its own free-to-view TV channel. Hence, the platform will expand its reach via third-party connected-TV platforms Xumo, which also powers LG Channels; Samsung TV Plus; and the Roku Channel. Therefore, Fubo Sports Network features a mix of original programming, licensed content from partners as well as some live college football and basketball games, soccer matches, horse racing, and cycling action.

The Mexican LigaMX can be a much better experiential marketing vehicle to engage U.S. Hispanics than the MLS, Nick Kelly, Head of U.S. Sports Marketing at Anheuser -Busch, said during last week’s  Portada New York.

Kelly, a member of Portada’s Sports Marketing Board, said that his company partners with the LigaMX particularly for soccer activations in the Southwestern U.S. which has a very large Hispanic population. In particular, he mentioned Texas, Arizona and Nevada as well as cities like Houston, Dallas and, surprisingly Nashville. “All our world cup campaigns were about the Mexican National Team” (not the U.S. National Team), he told Portada’s Janet Grynberg during the keynote interview at Portada New York in the Westin Times Square last Thursday.

Chicharito Soccer Activation

Mexican soccer player Javier Hernandez (“Chicharrito”) has also been sponsored by Anheuser-Busch In-Bev brands. “The Chicharrito sponsorship worked very well and showed lift in the markets that mattered most”.”We don’t need brand awareness lift, what we have seen is retail lift in markets such as San Antonio and El Paso,” Kelly noted. “We activate 100% retail”, he added..

Anheuser Busch also activates jersey sponsorships of LigaMX teams through Corona (which is a Grupo Modelo brand; Grupo Modelo was acquired by Anheuser Busch InBev in 2012). LigaMX Club America recently switched its jersey sponsorship from Corona to Bud Light.

One of our objectives is to find out how to activate on a hyperlocal level.
Nick Kelly (right) at the Portada Sports Marketing Board meeting (on his left, Jose Antonio Ortega,(Prisa Brand Solutions), Manny Gonzalez, (Moët Hennessy USA) and Eugene Santos (Kia).

Asked by an audience member at Portada New York whether it makes sense to bring a LigaMX team to play in the U.S, Kelly said that while this type of soccer activation would be popular in the region the match is played, beer wholesalers in other regions would not necessarily like it.
However, Bud Light recently gave soccer fans in Las Vegas a chance to virtually experience a game 1,500 miles away with immersive technology. The four “Seats of Glory” were featured at Beerhaus, a beer hall on the Las Vegas Strip, for a Liga MX playoff match between Club América and Cruz Azul. Every fan over age 21 who visited the bar was able to watch part of the game in VR.

Anheuser-Busch InBev brands spent US$ 591 million advertising to the U.S consumer in 2017, according to Kantar Media.

Coca-Cola extends Euro sponsorship for the 2020 season. Here you’ll find a weekly summary of the most exciting news in soccer marketing. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop-shop.

coca-cola euro
Foto via Uefa.com

Coca-Cola extended its deal with Uefa which makes the drinks company the Euro 2020’s official non-alcoholic beverage sponsor. Thus, Coca-Cola will showcase several of its brands across various city venues, using physical and digital branding. Next year’s competition will be hosted in 12 cities across the continent to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA EURO.

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Sports AI and data expert Stats Perform announced a five-year deal with the Argentine Football Association (AFA). As a result, they get the rights to global betting video and data across competitions including Superliga Argentina, Copa Superliga Argentina, Argentina Cup, and Recopa Argentina.

German subscription streaming platform Sportdigital has added MLS competitions rights to its programming line-up. The company has acquired the rights as part of sub-licensing deals with DAZN, which holds MLS rights in the country.

La Liga locked a deal with Premier Sports to show Spanish soccer in the UK and Ireland. Hence, LaLigaTV, the league’s own 24/7 English-language content channel, becomes part of the broadcaster’s linear and over-the-top (OTT) channels.

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The NFL is working on an alliance with TikTokNFL TikTok, to lock a new multi-year partnership. Through the new deal, the football league is looking to reach TikTok’s global community. Thus, the NFL is launching its official TikTok account. Content will include uniquely packaged highlights, sideline moments, and behind-the-scenes footage.

NFL star Antonio Brown and helmet company Xenith Shadow have locked a partnership. Previous to this deal Brown used to carry a Schutt helmet. Due to the previous model was banned by the league after it was deemed not to meet required safety standards, Brown decided to change the brand.

NFL has added Reddit to its roster of digital marketing channels. As a result, Reddit will host a monthly series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) discussions on its platform.

Pepsi unveiled its “Always be Celebrating” NFL campaign. The season-long campaign “spotlights and honors the amazing celebrations that NFL fans and players have taken part in over the years.” Included in the campaign will be a new spot, a new charitable program with United Way and the NFL, and more.

The Denver Broncos signed a 21-year naming rights deal for their Mile High Stadium with retirement plan provider Empower Retirement. The stadium’s new name will be Empower Field at Mile High until 2039.

Subscribe to Portada’s weekly Sports Marketing Updates!

Buffalo Wild Wings announced a multiyear deal with MGM Resorts International and its sports betting venture Roar Digital. For this reason, odds and point spreads will appear on screens at select Buffalo Wild Wings. Together, the companies will launch Picks and Props, a free-to-play, mobile-only football game that mimics sports betting. Prizes include trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


Lino Garcia, founding General Manager of ESPN Deportes TV, Radio and Digital, will oversee a new sports radio network. Titled Radio Unanimo Deportes the network will retain most of the ESPN Deportes talent from its airwaves, who will be hosting shows in their normal timeslots.


G2 Esports and Red Bull signed a 360-degree global, multi-year partnership. Hence, the pair will collaborate across all teams, players, and content creators to “enhance individual player and team performance, produce high-end entertainment formats and create dynamic and unique event activations.” G2 teams will wear Red Bull-branded jerseys.

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