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At #PORTADA13: Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum: “Digital: Same Meaning in Both Languages”


panel.baryJoel Bary, CEO of Latinmedios and moderator of the panel, “Going Digital,” at the  Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum#PORTADA13, reminded the audience that Hispanics in the US have $1 trillion in buying power. With a population of 50.5 million, brands have achieved on 70% penetration of the market. Still, Hispanics are engaged in social media, and “it’s not just about soccer,” he said.

padilla“Hispanics are represented in every sport. Elisa Padilla, VP of Marketing at the Brooklyn Nets, said, “We’ve had to change the way we approach fans and potential fans. We know consumers are going to get the information when they want it.” She said that from a franchise perspective, they want to “engage the general market. Content is king. Content is relevant to the market we’re going after.”

She said the Nets are in the process of defining the Hispanic segment, the bi-cultural Hispanics. “We want to reach our consumers where they live, work and play.”

franklinMicrosoft’s Lisa Franklin said mobile and tablets are key strategic tools. She also discussed the innovative spirit within the Hispanic market. “If you want to try something new, the Hispanic audience will be the first to pick it up”.

She said Microsoft is offering immersive content and video, along with real time information – video and interactive. “You could follow your team’s automatic feed to continue the communication. We think about this from cross-cultural passion points and interest, more than ethnicity.”

In a focus group that Microsoft conducted with Millennials, the company learned that the younger demographic didn’t want material translated for them, and that a company could lose their interest if it provided content in Spanish, showing it was out of touch with its consumer. “Be on the pulse on who you’re targeting,” Franklin said.

navarroVicente Navarro, Director of Hispanic Marketing at Sports Endeavors, said “Hispanics want to know everything. What people are wearing, everything. We need to be online, people buy products, want to know what’s going on, what people are saying about the players.”

nowakJorg Nowak, VP of Emerging Markets at YUME said, “as media consumption has changed, everything should be considered as a multi-media project. No one is competing with television. Every market has to stretch their dollars. Nowak sees the current climate as a opportunity to go from TV to digital video.”

krasnooEric Krasnoo, VP of MLS Digital Properties of Major League Soccer said, “digital Media is creating better sports advocates. We’re in the presence of a super fan. What about the Hispanic super fan?” Krasnoo said, “the Hispanic community is part of the fabric and DNA of our league. Our players, our office. One third of our fans are Hispanic.”

One issue the league grapples with in their communications strategy is language: English or Spanish? “We have best in class partners, ESPN, NBC, Univision. It has to be authentic.” Krasnoo said MLS is working on the “integration of its broadcast partners and digital platforms. We want to listen to what our customers are thinking. How can our digital assets help them to enjoy” the sport. “We make sure that a feature running on tv has a long form content online,” he added.

When it comes to gaining more loyalty among Hispanics, Navarro says, “language plays a less important role than culture. Different sports are different. We want to send a specific message to this audience. Role models in soccer are important.” For Padilla, “one size doesn’t fit all.” At the team level, it’s crucial to be authentic in order “to resonate with a passion point within the Hispanic segment.” To evoke loyalty, the Nets engage Hispanics in the brand in person at Barclays, on tv, on the radio, and connecting the brand with the players.

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