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Kia, Zillow, Miller Lite, Allianz, American Standard, Unilever… and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Kia


Kia is debuting the all-new 2022 Carnival MPV in a multifaceted marketing campaign, the centerpiece of which is a :30-second broadcast spot entitled “What Else Ya Got?” The spot illustrates how the Carnival MPV offers active consumers a host of benefits to support their busy lives and stakes Carnival as a new offering in the unoccupied space between SUV and family hauler. “The Carnival MPV defines a new vehicle segment – the multi-purpose vehicle: versatile, capable and comfortable, and provides owners what they need, when they need it,” said Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia Motors America. “From daily commuting and long-haul road trips to camping adventures, family vacations and moving duty, the Carnival MPV easily transforms from a stylish and sophisticated adventurer to a cavernous cargo hauler. And everything in between.”  The Carnival MPV arrives in the U.S. as a new name and will be the first vehicle sold in the U.S. with Kia’s new logo on its sculpted hood.  Check out a recent Kia Hispanic marketing campaign.


  • Zillow

ZillowAs the pandemic spurs more people to move, Zillow has expanded its offerings to make it easier to rent, buy or sell a home. The new brand campaign called ‘To Move Is To Grow’ launched last week  to redefine Zillow from a search-and-find platform to a full-service real estate ally. The campaign is anchored by two national TV ads ideated and executed by creative advertising firm FIG that appeal to a wide spectrum of needs that movers encounter, as well as the spectrum of emotions that comes with a move. (Watch ‘The Journey‘ and ‘Susans.’) ‘Moving is inherently about moving forward – letting go of the past and embracing life’s next chapter,’ says Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Aimee Johnson. ‘Our research shows that more than 75% of recent movers were held back by emotional factors such as a fear of change, yet 80% of them said their most recent move was worth it. While it is sometimes hard to make a life change, it can bring tremendous hope, possibility and excitement. Zillow has the services and expertise to navigate every step of the process, which can make those big decisions easy.” The campaign launched with a primetime 60-second ads in NBC’s ‘This is Us,’ ABC’s ‘Soul of a Nation,’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ along with placements in ‘Saturday Night Live’ and the NBA playoffs. The new video creative will also air on national cable, including HGTV and ESPN, plus streaming, online video and social platforms such as Hulu, YouTube and Facebook. The media campaign was planned and purchased by Zillow’s media partner, UM.


  • Miller Lite

Miller Lite

Check out our interview with Catherine Pastiak, Associate Marketing Manager for Miller Lite at Molson Coors, where she discusses all components (including PR, paid social and influencer marketing) of the recent Give Back 12-Pack integrated marketing campaign. While mass market media like TV and sports team sponsorships will continue to play a role for Miller Lite,  Pastiak tells Portada that the Give Back 12-Pack initiatives  provides a sneak peek of what’s to come for Miller Lite’s marketing programming.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive virtual event on September 22, 2021 Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Enzo Araujo at Enzo@portada-online.com.


  • Unilever

UnileverUnilever is launching a media review in North America and most of the world, with a mix of incumbents and unnamed newcomers to the roster competing in the briefing stage, according to Unilever Chief Marketing and Digital Officer Conny Braams, Mediapost reports.. “We are doing a media agency review across many of our markets,” a rep for the company said. “This is part of our standard process to periodically review, to ensure best in class media agency partnership.”  The company spent $4 billion on measured media last year, according to COMvergence. Unilever’s last major media review was in 2015, when it retained GroupM’s Mindshare (North America, Europe and other territories), Omnicom’s PHD (China, Australia and other countries) and IPG’s Initiative (Latin America, as well as a global communications planning remit). 


  • Allianz

AllianzOmnicom Group  announced it has signed a multi-year agreement with Allianz, a leading financial services provider, for creative development and production services. Through this master framework agreement, Omnicom will produce work for Allianz on a global and local level, offering creative solutions to activate the global brand strategy for the more than 70 countries Allianz operates in. The global relationship will be managed by the “A-Lab”, a specially formed, multi-disciplinary team of leaders who will lead, direct and align all brand activities from a strategy, creative, audience and data perspective. In an open ecosystem approach, the “A-Lab” will pull together teams for individual projects with best-in-class capabilities from Omnicom and beyond. “We are thrilled to partner with Allianz to further strengthen its brand, with a focus on increasing its role in the lives of consumers around the world,” said Asit Mehra, Executive Vice President at Omnicom Group. “We’re leveraging Omnicom’s global scale and stand-out creativity to create a nimble, flexible and bespoke solution, led by the ‘A-Lab’. With the full power of Omnicom being tapped, we’re ready to help Allianz continue building prominence worldwide.” The agreement with Omnicom comes after an intense pitch process involving a number of industry competitors and several months of deliberation. Omnicom will kick off its creative solutions for Allianz in the second quarter of 2021.

  • American Standard

American StandardLIXIL Corporation, the global leader in housing and building materials, products and services, best known for kitchen and bath brands American Standard, DXV, and GROHE names Empower its Media AOR. The announcement comes on the heels of the award-winning social campaign Empower ideated and executed for American Standard. Empower was named Social Media AOR last Spring by American Standard, which included paid media and creative responsibilities. “In working with Empower on American Standard’s social media, the agency has helped us to get closer to our consumers and professional customers while positioning us differently in the market,” said Noelle Giblin, Leader of the American Standard brand. “Empower’s data-driven thinking and proven return-on-investment gives us confidence to compete in today’s market across all of LIXIL’s brands and media channels,” she said. Empower is leveraging one of its newest products, Culture Tap to help American Standard intersect with relevant DIY trends. In beta-testing, Culture Tap is Empower’s proprietary digital marketing platform that uncovers trending content, topics or themes. The platform  allows brands to react to real-time moments, instead of creating strategies around moments that have already passed. Empower is also leading the influencer marketing relationship between American Standard and Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson East. The 2008 Olympic gold medalist is renovating her home using American Standard products.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive virtual event on September 22, 2021 Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Enzo Araujo at Enzo@portada-online.com.

Online marketers who work on retargeting have seen the pattern. From 95 to 98 percent of online visitors search for something but the search never converts into a purchase. They leave the site without buying. For marketers, this leaves much to speculation and assumptions that can then lead to wasted time and investments in ineffective marketing programs.

Its a key element  of e-commerce marketing. One of the more common ways online marketers attempt to solve this problem is to “retarget,” which is to track those consumers and reconnect with them at some later point by showing display ads when they browse other websites. You’ve probably noticed this when you’ve used Google search to find something like a pair of shoes, and then later when you’re reading separate a news site, you’re exposed to a number of display ads centered on that very thing you were searching for earlier.

But once that marketer gets your attention, what can they do to increase the likelihood that you will make a purchase? That question is at the center of a new study that reveals what may be the best approach to increase conversion rates.

The research study to be published in the April edition of the INFORMS journal Marketing Science is titled Consumer Search and Purchase: An Empirical Investigation of Retargeting Based on Consumer Online Behaviors. It is authored by researchers from The Warton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of California, and Fudan University in Shanghai, China.


To conduct their research, the study authors analyzed consumer behaviors in response to two distinct marketing strategies. In one approach, they sent out coupons via those retargeted display ads. The coupons would be redeemed upon purchase. In the other approach, the study authors used those display ads to provide seller recommendations that centered on a specific product offering customized to the user, but with no coupon or discount.

We have found that while both strategies help increase the conversion rate, the seller recommendations were more effective than coupons,” said the authors.  “This told us that providing consumers with the sellers’ information that is most relevant to them may be a more effective way to tap the power of retargeting.

To conduct their research, the study authors tapped empirical data from Taobao.com, which is owned by Alibaba and is the largest online retail platform in China. Like other major e-commerce platforms, it collects consumer browsing history and can reach consumers through direct messaging on the platform, either through the website or its mobile app.  The researchers built a consumer search model to establish the relationship between consumer preference and search behaviors. They studied the behavior of 104,189 consumers who searched for a specific product among 20 sellers.

Search Intensity Impacts Retargeting Efficiency

We noticed some predictable patterns,” said the study authors. “Consumers who had a higher search intensity for a specific product were more likely to actually make a purchase. Search intensity was measured in the volume of clicks tied to the same search or search term. What we found was that even where the consumer clicked on multiple possible products, it was the first link they clicked on that had the highest potential of generating a sale. In other words, after a more intense search, the consumer is more likely to go back to that initial seller once a decision to make a purchase is made.

Consumers who had a higher search intensity for a specific product were more likely to actually make a purchase….even where the consumer clicked on multiple possible products, it was the first link they clicked on that had the highest potential of generating a sale.

In addition to the two basic retargeting strategies – discounting or customization – the authors proposed to use the auction as a pricing mechanism to implement the policies. The auction pricing mechanism requires the seller to self-select. This means the seller selects certain criteria for its ideal customer for a specific product at a specific price-point and then bids on how much it will pay to reach that consumer.

“Through our research, we were also able to show that a pricing mechanism, such as an auction, also tends to improve the effectiveness of a retargeting program,” said the authors. “When Taobao used a pricing mechanism such as an auction, the company was able to improve the efficiency of its retargeting campaigns.”

When Taobao used a pricing mechanism such as an auction, the company was able to improve the efficiency of its retargeting campaigns.

McDonald’s Hispanic Specific Move, HHS, Chispa, KFC, Facebook, Weee!… and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Mc Donald’s Marketing Approach

McDonald's MarketingMcDonald’s has appointed Canvas Worldwide and Houston-based, Hispanic-owned full-service agency Lopez Negrete Communications to handle Hispanic media communications for McDonald’s in the U.S. This will include media planning, strategy and consumer insights. The partnership between Canvas WW and Lopez Negrete Communications will be known within the two agencies as “Navigation Blvd,” which is a nod to one of the most historically significant, vibrant neighborhoods within Houston, one of America’s most diverse cities. Canvas WW will staff a majority of the full-time employees working on the business while Lopez Negrete Communications will oversee the Hispanic consumer insights portion of the account. The account team will be led by Chicago-based Laura Willis. 

McDonald’s Marketing: More sophisticated Approach Toward Hispanic Media

McDonald’s move to carve and designate agencies for Hispanic media planning, strategy and costumer insights runs somewhat counter the trend of the last few years where most multicultural, and Hispanic media specific work of major corporations has been included in their general marketing agency scope of work. “We believe this union is going to be a catalyst in transforming how media plays a vital role in multicultural marketing from a too-often oversimplified practice to a much more sophisticated approach that consumers deserve,” said Jose Lopez Negrete, President and CEO of Lopez Negrete Communications.

McDonald’s move to carve and designate agencies for Hispanic media planning, strategy and costumer insights runs somewhat counter the trend of the last few years where most multicultural, and Hispanic media specific work of major corporations has been included in their  general marketing agency scope of work. 
According to Lopez Negrete, the alliance between McDonald’s, Canvas Worldwide and Lopez Negrete seeks to “break through old paradigms and siloed models in order create a more workable, real-world model that is fueled by actionable consumer insights, relevant, real-time data and analytics, and most importantly, higher levels of collaboration.”  Mc Donald’s creative duties are handled by Wieden and Kennedy, while OMD is McDonalds corporate media agency in the U.S.  In November last year, McDonald’s announced a new corporate growth strategy.


  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

DHSThe Biden administration on Thursday unveiled a large-scale effort to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, rolling out its first national ad campaign and announcing a national network of community organizations, sports leagues and other leaders to boost confidence in the vaccines. The Department of Health and Human Services is spending $10 million to air four new TV ads this month, two administration officials told CNN, framing vaccination as a way for Americans to fight back against the pandemic and reclaim their lives with the slogan “We can do this.” One of the ads is in Spanish and another, narrated by Henry Louis Gates Jr., the prominent intellectual, author and filmmaker, is aimed at Black Americans. The rollout comes as the Biden administration prepares for the next phase of the US’s vaccination effort, with vaccines becoming more accessible and more widely available. All adults are expected to be eligible to get their shot by May 1, putting concerns about vaccine hesitancy front of mind. The ads can be seen on the below

Beyond TV ads, the administration’s vaccine confidence campaign centers around efforts to equip trusted voices with the information and resources to tout the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine. Nearly 300 organizations — including doctors’ groups, sports leagues, rural organizations, unions and religious groups — have signed up to be part of that effort, which the administration is calling the COVID-19 Community Corps.HHS and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are also launching new profile picture frames on Facebook to help Americans who have or plan to get vaccinated to encourage their friends and families. Facebook will promote the frames and encourage influencers to use them, HHS said in a statement.


  • Facebook

Social media giant Facebook’s global media account worth US $750 million is up for review, according to media reports. The pitch, which is being managed by ID Comms, will see participation from incumbents Mindshare and Dentsu. The media mandate will include media planning and buying across Facebook’s entire businesses which includes Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Facebook is one of the biggest spenders on ads with its ad spends increasing by 43% in 2020.
Facebook’s creative mandate is managed by multiple agencies. These include Ogilvy (Instagram), Wieden + Kennedy (Facebook), Leo Burnett (Messenger), BBDO (WhatsApp), and Droga5 (corporate brand). Over and above this, Facebook’s internal creative agency Creative X works across brands.

Portada LiveAt this exclusive virtual event on September 22, 2021 Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Enzo Araujo at Enzo@portada-online.com.

  • KFC

KFC held the final pitches in its CRM review last week, with Havas, MRM and Rapp still in contention. The fast food chain is seeking the successor to its current partner, Iris, which did not participate in the process handled by AAR.




  • Weee!

Weee!Weee!, a leading ethnic e-grocer, announced US $315 million in Series D financing led by existing investor DST Global. New investors include funds managed by Blackstone, Arena Holdings, and Tiger Global; significantly deepening the company’s capital base. The new capital will be used to further accelerate the company’s geographic expansion with the most efficient fulfilment technology, build a stronger and more diverse product assortment, recruit exceptional talent, and invest in engaging the broader Asian and Hispanic communities with state-of-the-art personalization features. “Ethnic communities have been overlooked in the online and retail space. We believe the opportunity to provide these fast growing communities access to exciting and affordable groceries is tremendous,” said Larry Liu, founder and CEO of Weee! “We are thrilled to leverage DST Global and our new investors’ strategic view on the future of retail and vast experience building and scaling technology companies to accelerate our mission.” “Weee! has a unique understanding of how explosive growth can be achieved sustainably in the emerging online grocery space,” said Rahul Mehta, managing partner at DST Global. “The team’s back-to-basics focus on merchandising, everyday low prices, and remarkable social shopping approach are what sets Weee! apart, and we’re excited to deepen our support for their mission.” While grocery remains the lowest penetrated retail segment within the e-commerce landscape, the grocery market for ethnic customers is expected to surpass $464 billion by 20301. Weee!’s current category assortment spans ethnic ingredients essential to Asian and Hispanic cuisines, catering to an underserved population with >20% growth since 20102. Weee! Currently serves 14 key regions coast-to-coast and aims to expand to 30 cities across North America by 2024.


  • Chispa

ChispaMatch.com owned Chispa, a dating app designed for Latinx singles, recently reached a new milestone of 4 million downloads just as they announced the official launch of a new feature in partnership with Tragos, a card game for Latinos, that will take users’ dating app experience to the next level. Chispa’s user base, which has grown 28% year-over-year (Q1 2020 vs Q1 2021), can now experience a one-of-a-kind version of the card game within the app. Earlier this year, Chispa surveyed members and found that 56 percent of Latino users have a hard time starting a conversation on a dating app, and 74 percent of users said a game would help as an icebreaker when meeting potential matches. With the Chispa and Tragos feature, singles will have new, clever conversation-starters to bond over answers to a series of culturally relevant questions. “Breaking the 4 million downloads mark in just over three years since Chispa’s launch is no small feat and we’re proud to be the first dating app for Latinx singles to reach that milestone as we continue to look for innovative and culturally relevant ways to connect our members,” said Julia Estacolchic, Director of Brand Marketing for Chispa. “Partnering with Tragos for this new feature was a no-brainer for us; we are thrilled to have Tragos onboard to help us make the process more relatable and entertaining for Latinos by providing them with the opportunity to answer a series of light-hearted questions that will inevitably spark conversations based on their responses.”


Portada LiveAt this exclusive virtual event on September 22, 2021 Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Enzo Araujo at Enzo@portada-online.com.







Pepsi®, Avocados From Mexico, Tru Alchemy, EmblemHealth, Coppertone, Target, CÎROC, Trinity Health, Verizon Media, Noodles & Co., Gentleman Jack… and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.


  • Pepsi®

pepsiPepsi is excited to announce the nationwide rollout of Pepsi Mango, the brand’s first new permanent flavored cola in five years. Beginning Monday, March 22, Pepsi Mango will be available nationwide for all to enjoy this surprising mix of cola and tropical fruit flavor. To support the launch, Pepsi created a new national TV commercial which will also run digitally. Set to the uplifting top 40 hit “Take You Dancing” by award-winning superstar Jason Derulo, the spot shows a mango pop out of a fruit bowl and roll over to its perfect match – a can of Pepsi – to create the exciting new flavor, Pepsi Mango. in early April, Pepsi is turning its advertising inventory on select social media platforms into real dating advertorials for a handful of interesting, young singles. The series, partly inspired by the video dating fad of the 80’s, will introduce the singles to the world with fun personality introductions and contact information so other singles at home can shoot their shot. Pepsi, together with longtime partners at ViacomCBS and its in-house branded content studio, Velocity, will unveil a fully integrated perfect match themed series starring some of the most adored dating reality show stars. Fans should stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. Beginning Monday, March 22, Pepsi Mango will be widely available at grocery stores, mass retailers and convenience stores nationwide in Regular and Zero Sugar varieties, in 12oz 12 packs and 20oz bottles.

  • Avocados From Mexico

afmAvocados From Mexico (AFM), the No. 1 selling brand of avocados in the U.S., announced the launch of Avocado Nation Studios, the latest digital innovation from AFM which employs data intelligence to offer predictions, recommendations and personalized content tailored to each viewer. Featuring exclusive videos created by a network of content creators, the platform provides fresh and fun ways to engage with the brand.Thalia Sodi, the global superstar singer, songwriter, author and entrepreneur will partner with AFM once again for a brand-new campaign titled, “Salud, Ejercicio y Grasas Buenas” con Thalia, meaning “Health, Fitness & Good Fats” with Thalia. Thalia’s Spanish channel will be centered around health, wellness and ways to incorporate the heart-healthy fruit into diet and exercise routines. Thalia’s Avocado Nation Studios content series is an extension of a partnership forged last year with her brand, “Cooking Healthy with Thalia,” a consumer program that promoted thThalia leads a roster of top content creators that have partnered with Avocados From Mexico to develop various videos that both entertain and educate audiences about avocados. Deborah Berebichez, the first Mexican woman to graduate from Stanford University with a PhD in Physics and a data scientist, TV host, educator and entrepreneur, explores the science of avocados. Instagram darlings Mila and Emma Stauffer have a channel detailing their adorable adventures with AFM, while Ally Brooke of the girl group Fifth Harmony takes viewers along with her for a virtual tour across the U.S.e positive impact avocados have as part of a healthy diet. Avocado fans can explore a host of content creators and more by visiting https://www.theavocadonation.com/.


  • Tru Alchemy

truScale Media has just unveiled Tru Alchemy, an innovative selfcare brand with a powerful lineup of scientifically-formulated and nourishing skincare products. Tru Alchemy is Scale’s sixth CPG brand to launch in the wellness and beauty space, expanding the tech-driven DTC company’s mission to create healthier and happier lives through the seamless integration of science, technology, nature and health education.Tru Alchemy’s product family transcends conventional skincare by using clean, gentle and wholesome formulas with intentional ingredients and immersive applications to deliver instant gratification and lasting results. The five selfcare products embrace Scale’s holistic approach to innovation at the intersection of beauty, nature, science and consumer experience:GLOW SERUM, QUENCH CRÈME, CELESTIAL CLEANSER, EYE ELIXIR, SPOT CHECK. The Tru Alchemy products are available to order at TruAlchemySkin.com.

  • EmblemHealth

EmblemHealth, one of the United States’ largest nonprofit health plans with 3.1 million members, has named WPP’s VMLY&R as agency of record across the entire family of companies, following a review.  VMLY&R will be responsible for brand communications, marketing strategy, creative assignments and media planning for all of EmblemHealth’s companies, which include New York medical group practice AdvantageCare Physicians, and Connecticut-based health insurer ConnectiCare. The agency will partner with EmblemHealth on creative campaigns and integrated marketing initiatives across all of its properties. VMLY&R will be responsible for brand communications, marketing strategy, creative assignments and media planning for all of EmblemHealth’s companies, which include New York medical group practice AdvantageCare Physicians, and Connecticut-based health insurer ConnectiCare. The agency will partner with EmblemHealth on creative campaigns and integrated marketing initiatives across all of its properties.
  • Coppertone 

CoppertoneCoppertone, the top brand in the sun protection & sun care industry, is changing creative agency partners, nearly two years after getting a new parent company. Following Nivea-maker Beiserdorf’s acquisition of Coppertone from Bayer in 2019 for US$550 million, Coppertone has named IPG agency Huge as its creative agency of record. Huge will be responsible for integrated marketing, including brand creative, retail support and activation. Wunderman Thompson previously handled the business.




  • Target 

Mondo LlamaTarget  has launched the Mondo Llama arts and crafts brand.The Minneapolis-based retailer’s new store-owned arts and crafts brand, Mondo Llama, is now available online at Target.com, the chain’s mobile app and will roll out to stores nationwide by March 28, company officials shared exclusively with USA TODAY. Items range from paints, crayons and canvases to project boxes, craft supplies and drawing kits. Prices start at US$1.75, and most items cost less than US$25.Target began developing its first crafting brand in more than a decade before the coronavirus pandemic as arts and crafts have grown in popularity in recent years, Julie Guggemos, the company’s senior vice president and chief design officer, told USA TODAY. More products will be added to Mondo Llama in the future.


Marketing ConferencesAt this exclusive virtual event on March 24, 2021, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.


CÎROC together with Sean “Diddy” Combs are bringing an early taste of summer with the arrival of their newest seasonal flavor CÎROC Summer Citrus. With warmer weather, longer days and the yearning to celebrate with friends and family, this limited time offering comes just in time for people to raise a glass to the season with delicious golden hour cocktails. CÎROC Summer Citrus will be making a splash all summer long! As a brand rooted in inspiring celebrations within the community and culture, this is just the beginning of what’s to come this summer. Just like other seasonal offerings, CÎROC Summer Citrus is only available for a limited time, while supplies last. Fans of CÎROC (21 and over) can find the new flavor nationwide (wherever spirits-based beverages are sold) with a suggested retail price of US$33.99. CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka is gluten-free and distilled from fine French grapes; a process inspired by over a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship, providing a crisp, clean taste and citrus nose. Launched nationwide in January 2003, DIAGEO – the world’s largest spirits and beer company – made spirits history in October 2007 by entering into a strategic alliance with entertainment entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, in which Mr. Combs and Combs Enterprises assumed the lead on all brand management activities for CÎROC.

  • Trinity Health

Trinity HealthTrinity Health, one of the nation’s largest multi-institutional Catholic healthcare delivery systems, launched It Starts Here, a COVID-19 vaccine education initiative focused on communities of color.The US$1.6M radio and social media influencer campaign features Black and Brown influencers with large followings in 14 underserved communities across the country to educate, raises awareness, and promotes the availability of the vaccine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 related deaths are highest among those in the Hispanic or Latino and Black communities in the United States. Recognizing a long history of mistrust in the health community from those of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, this campaign centers around an intentional, targeted approach to address vaccine hesitancy.It Starts Here is the latest initiative in a set of multi-faceted efforts from Trinity Health to reduce vaccine hesitancy including social media campaigns, colleague/community surveys and virtual town halls.Trinity Health serves diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states. Trinity Health includes 92 hospitals, as well as 113 continuing care locations. Based in Livonia, Michigan, and with annual operating revenues of US$18.8 billion, the organization returns US$1.3 billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs. 

  • Verizon Media 

Epsilon® and Verizon MediaEpsilon®  and Verizon Media  are expanding their long-standing partnership with the interoperability of Epsilon’s CORE ID and Verizon Media’s ConnectID. The new integration enables Publicis Groupe and Epsilon clients to build persistent custom audiences in Epsilon PeopleCloud, the marketing platform for personalizing consumer journeys with performance transparency, and access and activate those audiences through Verizon Media’s DSP. The stability and accuracy of CORE ID, when mapped to similarly deterministic IDs like Verizon Media’s ConnectID, will drive increased reach and improved performance and consumer experiences across all channels.Epsilon’s CORE ID is anchored in deterministic and transactional data, not cookies or mobile ad identifiers. It has been validated to have 96% accuracy as well as industry leading match and reach rates. Built in 2012 using open web standards and with Privacy by Design & Default, the persistency of CORE ID allows Epsilon to maintain consumer choice over time while identifying and serving 98% of brands’ ads to individuals, not orphaned cookies or device IDs.The expanded partnership follows several identity-related announcements made by both companies in December 2020, including Epsilon’s work with Prebid and the launch of the Verizon Media ConnectID.

  • Noodles & Company 

NoodlesNoodles & Company, known for serving classic noodle, Zoodle, and Cauliflower Noodle dishes from around the world, announced that it has taken the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, to advance a more inclusive and diverse Company culture.Noodles and Company’s CEO Dave Boennighausen joins the CEOs of nearly 2,000 leading companies and business organizations from around the country in taking the CEO Action pledge. CEOs who sign the pledge commit to elevate and support a more inclusive workplace by cultivating environments that support open dialogue on complex and difficult conversations; implementing and expanding unconscious bias education and training; sharing best-known diversity and inclusion programs; and engaging the board of directors in the development and evaluation of inclusion and diversity strategies. As Noodles works to further its commitment to people, food, and community, the Company will tie the progress made in these important areas to its executive annual incentive plan. Since 1995, Noodles & Company has been serving noodles your way, with noodles and flavors that you know and love as well as new ones you’re about to discover. From indulgent Wisconsin Mac & Cheese to better-for-you Zoodles and Other Noodles, the company serves a world of flavor in every bowl. Made up of more than 450 restaurants and thousands of passionate team members, Noodles was named one of the Best Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal for its unique culture built on the value of “Loving Life” which begins by nourishing and inspiring every team member and guest who walks through the door. 


  • Gentleman Jack

Gentleman JackJack Daniel’s  Gentleman Jack, an exceptionally smooth double charcoal mellowed Tennessee whiskey created by women and men who are experts at their craft, has partnered with Jessica Williamson (aka “The Whiskey Chick”), actress Maria Canals-Barrera and Shelly Bell for a campaign launching today entitled, “We Share One Spirit.”Filmed remotely, the diverse influential women from different industries in Florida share their stories, their drive to success, and raise a glass to the unsung women frontline essential workers. Their inspirational, moving videos will release one by one this week and run throughJD Women’s History Month, which coincides with the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic.With the World Economic Forum reporting last month that women comprise 70 percent of frontline workers, now is a poignant time to look back at female essential workers who have been working tirelessly to keep their communities safe. In the concept of sharing “One Spirit” during Women’s History Month, Gentleman Jack and its partners are calling attention to the contributions and importance of these women.”We Share One Spirit” will be presented on Jack Daniel’s YouTube channel and on social media with the hashtag, #GJOneSpirit. In addition to this content launch, Canals-Barerra, The Whiskey Chick and Bell will share their stories on their social channels. All content will also live on the brand’s “One Spirit” platform microsite. More information about Gentleman Jack’s “One Spirit” program for Women’s History Month can be found at GJOneSpirit.com


Portada Live

At this exclusive virtual event on March 24, 2021, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.

MarTech Investments in 2021 and beyond. The share of brands who choose the Customer Experience  MarTech category as their main area of investment over the next 18 months grew by more than 150% compared to our 2020 survey.

Portada Insights Report: What Brand Marketers Need from MarTech in 2021 and Beyond!

Our Portada Insights report “What Brand Marketers Need from MarTech in 2021 and Beyond” includes the aggregated results of brand marketers preferences in MarTech investment categories over the next 18 months. Results are broken down by the 5 Top MarTech investment categories and geographically (U.S and Latin America). Additionally, results for the top two categories  (Advertising & Promotion and Customer Experience) are broken down.

200 brand marketers in the Portada network throughout the Americas were polled. The survey took place in December 2020 and January 2021.

The 20 page report also includes qualitative statements of  brand marketers interviewed by Portada as well as advice and best practices from a select group of marketing service providers on how to best leverage marketing technologies.
Below are the key results of the report:

  • The share of brands who chose the Customer Experience  MarTech category as their main area of investment over the next 18 months grew by more than 150% compared to our 2020 survey. This increase is related to the acceleration of digitization and e-commerce propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Regionally, the increase of the expected investment in MarTech related to Customer Experience is more pronounced in Latin America compared to the U.S.
  • Advertising & Promotion continues to be the leading category in the U.S. and is the second one in Latin America. The advent of Internet privacy regulations has increased the need of brands to invest in technologies that foster first-party data capture-maintenance and analysis as well as in technologies that are viable in a cookieless world including contextual targeting.

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Dr. Scholl, Makita U.S.A., Inspire Brands, Driven Brands, Avocados From México, Taylor Reach Group, Price Chopper/Market 32, Tops Markets, QVC® US / HSN®, Panda Express® ….. and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Dr. Scholl

DR SCHOOLDr. Scholl, an American footwear and orthopedic foot care brand owned by Scholl’s Wellness Company, has appointed OMD USA to handle its´ media account. The agency won following a fast-paced review that began in December 2020. Dentsu Mcgarrybowen was the incumbent. 



  • Makita U.S.A. 



Makita® U.S.A., Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of industrial power tools, pneumatics power equipment and janitorial-sanitation products,  is continuing its commitment to future growth in the U.S. market with the purchase of 80 acres in Georgia. The land, located northeast of Atlanta in Hall County, is the target for planned future development to address continuing growth in the United States.Over the past three years Makita has made significant investments in the U.S.A. The Atlanta-area purchase follows the August 2020 opening of a new distribution, training and service facility in Reno, NV, and the 2017 opening of a similar facility in Wilmer, TX. Makita’s distribution chain also includes operations in Mt. Prospect, IL, Buford, GA, and La Mirada, CA. Additionally, the manufacturing plant in Buford is one of ten Makita manufacturing facilities worldwide.Makita U.S.A., Inc. is located in La Mirada, California, and operates an extensive distribution network throughout the U.S.A. With 50 years in the United States and over 100 years worldwide.

  • Inspire Brands

Inspire BrandsRestaurant group Inspire Brands, a multi-brand restaurant company whose portfolio includes nearly 32,000 Arby’s, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s, Rusty Taco, and SONIC Drive-In restaurants worldwide, has named Publicis Groupe its´ media AOR following a review that began in early August. Following this appointment, a dedicated media strategy team within Publicis called Inspire Media Engine will be formed and led by Publicis agencies Zenith and Digitas. Inspire Media Engine will handle national media buying and planning for Inspire’s portfolio that also includes Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy John’s and Sonic, as well as local media planning and buying for Dunkin’, Jimmy John’s and Sonic. The appointment does not include national paid search or social for some brands as those duties are handled in-house or through an agency partner not affected by the review. The account is valued at about US$600 million, according to a source familiar with the account.

  • Taylor Reach Group

spiritsOne of the world’s largest and fastest-growing premium spirits companies has enlisted the aid of The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) to assess their current capabilities and support the design of a new Direct to Consumer (DTC) organizational vision.The DTC channel will support consumers across the globe. Consumer support and experience will be delivered across multiple channels and across dozens of popular and premium liquor brands. The full roll out of this process is expected to take three years.The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., is a globally-recognized contact center, customer experience consulting and managed services firm focused on optimizing consumer engagement. The firm’s role in this massive undertaking is to perform a sweeping audit of the client’s current consumer service channels, determine how those channels compare against industry best practices, and make recommendations on improvements to support the DTC strategy.Taylor Reach has helped major retail, publishing, education, and financial brands, as well as government agencies at all levels, provide world-class consumer support and customer experience.

  • Driven Brands

Driven BrandsCharlotte, NC-based Driven Brands has appointed San Francisco-based agency Erich & Kallman AOR for Meineke Car Care Centers and Take 5 Oil Change. The appointment includes strategy, creative and production for national and regional campaign work, including TV, radio, OOH, social, and digital. Media planning and buying for offline media (TV, Radio, OOH) at both national and regional levels is also included.  (360i handles digital media).Moxie and Mythic were the incumbents for Meineke and Take 5 respectively. With over 2500 units in operation today, Driven Brands is the number one choice when considering a franchise in the automotive industry. (Check out a Portada interview with a leading Driven Brand executive.)

Marketing ConferencesAt this exclusive virtual event on March 24, 2021, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.


  • Avocados From México

afmAvocados From México has selected Omnicom´s GSD&M as its´ new AOR without a review. The agency will lead creative and brand for both general market and Hispanic, with the first work set to launch in early 2022.



  • Price Chopper/Market 32 – Tops Markets

topsNortheastern grocers Price Chopper/Market 32 and Tops Markets plan to merge, creating a supermarket retailer with nearly 300 stores in six states. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Scott Grimmett, president and CEO of Schenectady, N.Y.-based Price Chopper/Market 32, will serve as CEO of the merged company and on its board of directors, overseeing the operations of 292 Price Chopper, Market 32, Market Bistro and Tops Markets stores in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Frank Curci, chairman and CEO of Williamsville, N.Y.-based Tops, will serve on the combined company’s board and as a consultant to aid in the transition.The new parent company will be based in Schenectady. Both supermarket chains will retain their main offices in Schenectady and Williamsville and continue to be managed locally by their respective leaders.


  • QVC® US / HSN®


Qurate Retail Group’s QVC® US and HSN®, leaders in building brands through livestream video storytelling across multiple platforms, announced plans to introduce more than 90 emerging brands in apparel, accessories, beauty, culinary, home décor and innovations, and electronics throughout 2021. Two-thirds of the winning brands have self-identified as either women-owned or minority-owned, reflecting QVC and HSN’s commitment to developing a diverse and inclusive vendor community.  QVC and HSN discovered the brands through The Big Find®, the retailers’ second annual international search to discover entrepreneurs. Twenty-three brands are expected to launch by the end of March, including Pili Ani and 54 Thrones (beauty); Nude Barre and Poppy + Sage (accessories); Pacific Northwest Cookie Company, Curly Girlz Candy and Pure Food by Estee (culinary); and Go Hang It! and The Strapper (home innovations). After seeing the increased demand specifically in categories like home decor, food, and electronics during the COVID-19 pandemic, judges looked for products to address customers’ shifting needs as well as great storytellers who are authentic and passionate about their brand. Additional Big Find brands will launch throughout Q2 and through the rest of 2021.QVC and HSN form one of the world’s largest video commerce platforms, reaching more than 90 million homes in the U.S. (380 million worldwide) via broadcast channels and millions more via streaming, web, mobile, and social platforms. 

  • Panda Express® 

Panda E

Panda Express, one of the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concepts in the U.S., has sparked a celebration in honor of Lunar New Year, one of the world’s biggest festivals centered around food, family and togetherness. Through Feb. 28, guests can visit www.PandaLNY.com on their mobile phones to send their own virtual celebrations and personalized well-wishes to loved ones through this digital red envelope experience. Panda will also share special offers with every guest who sends and receives a digital red envelope during the festivities.To bring to life the spirit of Lunar New Year and invite those who may be unfamiliar, Panda unveils a new 3-minute short film that tells a story through the lens of a young man discovering the meaning of the holiday in his own way. The short explores the idea that a person’s desire to come together with loved ones and wish them good fortune is in fact a shared value that connects us all.The auspicious holiday is not complete without a family meal filled with symbolic dishes that bring forth new beginnings. Panda Express’ Firecracker Chicken Breast® returns with the same bold and loud flavors. 


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At this exclusive virtual event on March 24, 2021, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.



Univision buys VIX; What you need to know… Leadspace, The Brandon Agency….Companies get bought and sold, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it

Univision Buys VIX: What You Need to Know…

Univision Buys VIXUnivision is acquiring VIX. The transaction marks the end of VIX,  until 2017 called Batanga Media, as an independent firm since it was founded in 1999 by Troy McConnell, Luis Brandwayn and Jochen Fischer in North Carolina. Throughout its more than 20 years of existence VIX has been headquartered in Miami, Florida, with operations in 14 countries including Brazil, Chile,  Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.
Univision’s acquisition of VIX reflects the consolidation trend in the digital media space overall, e.g. Bustle Digital Group’s CEO Bryan Goldberg’s recently said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Bustle, Vice Media, Vox Media, Group Nine and Buzzfeed consolidate from five companies to three, and in the Hispanic/Latin American media space in particular (e.g. the purchase of a majority stake of Cisneros Interactive by Entravision).  it is well known that, overall, digital media property valuations (excluding  social media and Google), have been going down over the last 5-6 years. While the acquisition price of VIX by Univision was not disclosed, it is unlikely that VIX investors made a positive return.  VIX, had raised $73.5 million in funding from investors including HarbourVest Partners, Tudor Investments and H.I.G. Capital, according to Crunchbase. In addition, Discovery bought a stake in Batanga in 2016.
Also interesting is that Discovery is letting go of its stake in VIX, probably because it is betting on its own recent launch of Discovery+ through which it  enters the streaming market loaded with content from the company’s network lineup, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet, among others. 

Univision’s Acquisition of VIX: Pivot to Video

As video streaming and CTV advertising belong to the highest growth areas of the ad supported media ecosystem, media companies are heavily investing in their streaming services. This is the main rationale for the Univision VIX acquisition. Univision recently announced the launch of PrendeTV, featuring free, premium, 100% Spanish-language ad-supported programming. VIX operates a Spanish-language streaming platform serving Latin American and U.S. Hispanic audiences and includes a content library of 20,000 hours of film and TV programming. On a combined basis, PrendeTV and VIX will have more 30,000 hours of content. The service will be integrated into PrendeTV in the U.S., which, according to Univision, will bring immediate scale through distribution on mobile and connected TV platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.
Univision Buys VIX
Rafael Urbina, Univision General Manager/EVP of AVOD Streaming
Inside VIX Purchase by Univision
Samer Deen, Chief Digital Officer, Univision

“VIX is the next key step towards Univision’s goal of building the most comprehensive ad-supported streaming offering ever amassed for Latino audiences,” said Pierluigi Gazzolo, President of Univision and Chief Transformation Officer.  In addition to content and distribution, VIX also brings to Univision a seasoned executive team. After Univision’s VIX acquisition,  VIX CEO Rafael Urbina will serve as Univision General Manager/Executive Vice President of AVOD Streaming and report to Sameer Deen, Univision’s Chief Digital Officer.


LeadSpace Lands Funding and a New CEO

Leadspace Leadspace announced it has raised $46 million in growth funding led by JVP. The funding validates Leadspace as a front runner in a burgeoning Customer Data Platform (CDP) market that is estimated to generate $2.4 billion in 2020, and expand to $10.3 billion by 2025. Leadspace plans to use the funding to grow the team in both Israel and the U.S. and keep up with the increasing demand they’ve seen in the last year. Funding and fresh leadership will enable Leadspace to accelerate growth, product development and customer adoption of its leading AI-driven B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP). Current clients include Salesforce, American Express, Zoom, Microsoft, Verizon, Intel, Autodesk and many more.

The company is also appointing Alex Yoder as its new chief executive officer, whose extensive experience leading transformative growth within the companies he’s led will now help Leadspace redefine the emergent B2B CDP category. Yoder joins Leadspace after successfully building organizations as large as US $ $150 in annual revenue, spanning marketing tech, Ad-tech, SaaS and services. Leadspace has also announced that JVP Founder and Executive Chairman, Erel Margalit, will serve as Chairman of the Board for the company. Margalit has led investments in companies including CyberArk Software, QLIK Technologies and Cogent Communications and many others.

Stephen Childress at the Brandon Agency

Stephen Childress , Chief Creative Officer, The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency, an integrated marketing agency in the Southeast, has hired Stephen Childress as Chief Creative Officer. The hire is a new leadership position for the agency, which provides full-service, data-driven marketing solutio

ns to established and emerging brands including Green Giant, Security Finance, ScanSource, Santee Cooper, AgriSupply, stayAPT Suites, WasteQuip, and Wilmington Health.
Childress joins the agency following a background in creative leadership positions, most recently serving as Scoppechio’s Chief Creative Officer since 2017, and working at other agencies during his career like EP+Co and Grey. In his nearly four years with Scoppechio, Childress oversaw all digital, creative, social, content and production for the agency’s portfolio of clients including GE Appliances, Longhorn Steakhouse, Brown Forman and Fifth Third Bank. During his career, Stephen’s work has been recognized in the One Show, National ADDYs, Communication Arts, and more.




MMA Global introduced an analysis showing that outcome-based marketing plans can outperform traditional reach-based marketing plans by more than 50% on return on ad spend (ROAS).


The growth strategy, Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0 (OBM2), represents a major step forward in validating how marketing organizations can achieve profitable growth by targeting more responsive audiences.

The OBM2 strategy enables brands to align budgets, channel allocation, and audience targeting directly with ROAS tied to those consumers who are more likely to respond to and be impacted by a brand’s advertising.

MMA found that a marketing campaign organized around the most responsive target audience for a brand — dubbed the “movable middles” — will yield far better outcomes than traditional media plans optimized for reach. Movable middles are defined by having a mid-range probability of buying an advertised brand; they are proven mathematically to have five times the responsiveness to that brand’s advertising and are unique to each brand. While they overlap somewhat with heavy buyers, they also include medium, light, and non-buyers. This helps marketers not only achieve good returns, but also expose their brand to a larger group of receptive consumers for long-term growth.

Outcome-Based Marketing
Joel Rubinson, the former Chief Research Officer for the Advertising Research Foundation

Joel Rubinson, the former Chief Research Officer for the Advertising Research Foundation, conceptualized the methodology behind OBM2 strategy (in part based on work conducted two years ago) on MMA’s behalf. Rubinson worked in conjunction with global information services and technology company Neustar to leverage their agent-based simulation models that incorporate media consumption and purchase behavior data from their targeting platform. These models uncover the individual consumer-level activities and market-level factors that are predictive of purchase intent with a high degree of accuracy. This approach helped find non-buyers with similar purchase probabilities and predicts where and how to target these important audiences.

“We are incredibly grateful to Neustar for working with us by providing their team’s amazing support and advanced innovative modeling techniques to predict media consumption and purchase behavior across 100% of U.S. households. This capability was invaluable to proving Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0’s value,” said Greg Stuart, MMA CEO. “MMA has been on a decade-long pursuit of a more disciplined understanding and implementation of ‘modern marketing’ for CMOs responsible for higher levels of business growth and profitability for their businesses. This new strategy is one more leap forward to achieve this as well as to raise the stature and gravitas of marketing as a whole.”

In a proof-of-concept study, MMA and Neustar deployed agent-based simulation methodology to target the movable middles on behalf of a brand of frozen pizza in the U.S. market. The analysis proved:

  • An Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0 plan optimized to target the movable middles outperforms a traditional reach plan by more than 50% on ROAS
  • Targeting the movable middles helps marketers increase marketing outcomes across the board versus traditional reach-based approaches, including attracting more non-buyers, increasing total consumer reach, and increasing buyer-penetration across light, medium, and heavy buying groups
  • Movable middles can be predicted with 99% accuracy for each brand, regardless of industry vertical.
Outcome-Based Marketing
Norman de Greve, CMO, CVS Health, and Chair of MMA’s North American Board

“The MMA always tackles the toughest marketing challenges, particularly when it comes to data and marketing optimization. Empirical evidence and analytics validate OBM2 as the most effective approach to improving return on advertising spend.” said Norman de Greve, CMO, CVS Health, and Chair of MMA’s North American Board.

The MMA always tackles the toughest marketing challenges, particularly when it comes to data and marketing optimization. Empirical evidence and analytics validate OBM2 as the most effective approach to improving ROAS.

“We want to ensure the brands we sell in our stores have the best chance of being considered for purchase — and MMA’s work is a welcome addition to any brand’s planning toolkit to help deliver results in an efficient and effective way,” noted Kay Vizon, Director of Media Services for Kroger. “I support this advancement in planning and applaud the MMA for their ongoing push to uncover ground-breaking and data-driven approaches to further brand growth.”

“We cracked the code on ad responsiveness when we realized that using a beta distribution to model consumer probabilities of purchase was the connection between ad responsiveness and targeting,” added Rubinson. “We are, in essence, arbitraging the opportunity to push harder on the groups of consumers that will predictably buy more of a product when exposed to advertising.”

Outcome-Based Marketing
Marc Vermut, Vice President, Marketing Solutions at Neustar

“This research uncovers why audience targeting recommendations based on ROAS and purchase probability work,” said Marc Vermut, Vice President, Marketing Solutions at Neustar. “It found that a marketing campaign organized around those ‘movable middles’ — the most responsive target audience for a brand — will yield far better outcomes than standard media plans optimized for reach.”

Marketing campaign organized around those ‘movable middles’ will yield far better outcomes than standard media plans optimized for reach.

Additional categories, including detergents, nutrition bars, and margarine, will be run through the same analysis in the coming months. The MMA has raised funds and expects to validate this planning approach in real-world, in-market experiments that will last a full year called “Brand as Performance.”

Noted marketing academics, including University of Oxford’s Dr. Felipe Thomaz and Dr. Andrew Stephen, as well as UCLA Graduate School of Management’s Dr. Dominique “Mike” Hanssens, have conducted a review of the methodology used in creating this new growth strategy and support MMA and Neustar’s model. Both universities are developing other complementary assessments and research that validate the findings. Meanwhile, a white paper on OBM2 can be found here.



  • Aesop

Aesop, TurboTax, United Airlines, Fiesta Insurance, Lexus….. and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Aesop

AesopGlobal skin, hair and body care brand Aesop has appointed Havas’ dedicated customer experience network Havas CX as its global customer engagement agency following a competitive pitch overseen by The Observatory International.The group has been tasked with developing a new global “replenishment and recognition” programm  for customers and will be supported strategically and operationally in key markets by Havas CX Helia in the UK and BETC Fullsix in France, which pitched together, along with Havas CX in Asia.
Aesop was founded in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia, and now markets over 80 branded products, including skincare, haircare, soaps, fragrances and homewares. In 2012, the company sold a majority stake to Natura & Co, the Brazilian global group behind Natura, The Body Shop and Avon. Natura took total ownership in December 2016.
The agency will work alongside Aesop’s in-house CRM team, which has invested heavily in customer marketing technology over the past 12 months. Tapping into data to advance the cross-channel customer experience, the strategy will focus on innovation, differentiation and digital acceleration and aim to inspire more customers to become brand ambassadors.

  • Intuit

TurboTaxTurboTax, from Intuit Inc., the leader in online tax preparation, announced the launch of its Latino-focused integrated marketing efforts. The year 2020 was an unpredictable and challenging year that forced many Latinos to make tough financial decisions. TurboTax has formed strategic media and community partnerships to promote access to key educational content and provide relief to those most in need. “TurboTax is committed to serving the Latino community by listening to their needs,” said Alejandra Molinari, Lead of TurboTax Latino Communications and one of the many brand marketers participating at our Portada Live, March 24th, 2020 event. TurboTax developed in-language tools to serve as a resource to the Latino community and support them throughout these unprecedented times; these include the Unemployment Center, a Self-Employed Coronavirus Relief Center, and the Coronavirus and Stimulus Center. TurboTax also offers TurboTax Live, so the Latino community can get answers to their tax questions as they go and a review of their return before they file. Additionally, NEW this tax season is the TurboTax Live Full Service offering which enables taxpayers to connect to a dedicated bilingual tax expert, who will prepare and file their tax return from start to finish, all from the comfort of their own home.Latino taxpayers with simple tax returns can take advantage of the TurboTax Live Basic limited time offer and have a bilingual tax expert review their return for free so they can be 100% confident their taxes are done right.Furthermore, TurboTax Latino integrated marketing program will include the following key extensions: #LeadingConEducación,  #ViveFullService” and #SmartDinero Partnership with WeAllGrow Latina Network.These efforts are being executed in partnership with Hispanic public relations agency Havas FORMULATIN. The agency’s work also includes both paid and earned media tactics as well as social media engagement throughout tax season.

  • United Airlines 

UnitedUnited Airlines has kicked off a global review of its creative business. Dentsumcgarrybowen, formerly Mcgarrybowen, has been the incumbent since winning the account in 2011. The agency has been invited to participate. Carat continues to hold media responsibilities for United Airlines. The airline declined to name other agencies invited to take part. The move comes as the airline suffers from massive dips in travel due to Covid-19. In the fourth quarter of 2020, United Airlines posted a US$1.9 billion net loss. United is looking to refresh its brand and creative platform in the wake of “the most sustained, seismic disruption in the history of commercial aviation,” a United Airlines spokesperson said in a statement.

  • Fiesta Insurance

FiestaFiesta Insurance, a leading retail franchisor of insurance and tax services, continued its expansion in distributing insurance and services in an innovative and collaborative approach to the Hispanic community, with the acquisition of La Familia Agency, LLC (LFAI). With this transaction, Fiesta Insurance expands its footprint in the state of Texas, and within corporately owned storefront locations.  LFAI, based in Dallas, is a profitable and growing independent insurance agency chain distributing insurance and other services across 67 locations. LFAI will maintain the La Familia Auto Insurance name and company-owned storefront business model. LFAI is a leading provider of insurance products at the right price for the Hispanic community in Texas.   

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  • Lexus 

LexusLexus has officially unveiled the Monogram retail experience, providing guests flexibility in how they buy their next Lexus. Working hand-in-hand with dealerships across the United States to integrate the online and in-store retail experience, Lexus is piloting a retail program providing guests more control over how they purchase their vehicle, increased transparency into current inventory and real-time pricing, and flexibility to shop when and how they want. Developed in partnership with Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Lexus Financial Services (LFS) in response to shifting consumer purchase preferences, Monogram offers a flexible shopping experience befitting the Lexus brand. Lexus’ Monogram technology puts the car buying process in the hands of the guest, providing an integrated user experience across Lexus.com, the dealership website and the physical dealership store. For Lexus dealerships, the new technology integrates with current inventory, the customer relationship management system (CRM) and directly with financing through LFS, allowing sales associates the opportunity to better understand customers wants and needs, while accessing time-saving tools, enhanced analytics and advanced lead handling that allows the dealer to pick up right where the guest left off online.

  • La Tortilla Factory 

La Tortilla FactoryLa Tortilla Factory, Inc.  (LTF) announced that Flagship Food Group, LLC (Flagship) has agreed to make an investment into the company to support its future growth strategy.  Flagship will become the majority stakeholder in the company while the third generation Tamayo family members continue to remain valued partners.Majority owned by CREO Capital Partners, Flagship is a diversified food company that sells a wide range of food products and services under the 505 Southwestern, Lilly B’s, TJ Farm’s and other brands.  Most of Flagship’s brands are rapidly expanding, having experienced double-digit growth in recent years.The Tamayo family started La Tortilla Factory in 1977 to serve local Northern California restaurants and retailers.  Today, the Company is the largest nationally-distributed tortilla brand whose product portfolio is focused on true better-for-you, organic, and low carb categories.The new partnership will build on the outstanding reputation that La Tortilla Factory has cultivated within the food industry and community since 1977.  Its 300 employees will remain in place and focused on the company’s vision to be the innovative brand leader in premium Mexican food.  The transaction closed on January 27, 2021.  Terms of the transaction are confidential.Cascadia Capital represented and advised La Tortilla Factory on this transaction.

  • Stella Watch Company

Stella Watch CompanyStella Watch Company has appointed Generator Media + Analytics its media AOR. GM+A was already working for the brand as the agency completed a number of projects for the New York-based startup in 2020 and  was tasked with supporting the client’s 2020 Holiday season ecommerce initiatives.




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Impremedia has acquired the food and recipes sites Comedera.  Comedera joins Impremedias’s family of news and lifestyle brands.

Iván Adaime, Chief Executive Officer, Impremedia.

“We are excited to bring Comedera into the Impremedia family,” said Iván Adaime, Chief Executive Officer, Impremedia. “We know Hispanic consumers are increasingly looking online for cooking solutions to make their lives easier and better, and this acquisition provides us an ideal way to address this growing opportunity.”

“Latinos are known for celebrating around the table with family and friends. We don’t organize any event where food is not involved. On top of that, in our daily lives, we also enjoy food, and we are increasingly concerned about the ingredients and the choices we make in the kitchen”, Rafael Cores, Impremedia’s VP of Content, said in a statement.

“We know how important, rich and diverse the culinary experience is for our target audiences,” Rafael Cores, Impremedia’s VP of Content, said in a statement. “Our goal is to provide a straightforward approach for the Latino consumer that we feel lacking in the current space, to everyday family cooks and new foodies.”

Comedera is a site for families and everyday cooks, with a history as one of the original food blogs. It was created by Madrid-based web entrepreneur and photographer Daniel Noboa, who launched it in 2012 and made it grow into a website that reaches millions of users every month.

Impremedia has a proven track record of building and scaling quality content brands. I’m thrilled that the site that I founded is ready to go to the next level,” said Daniel Noboa, founder of Comedera.

“We see a big opportunity in the food space. We will be investing in improving our recipe base while also getting in other food-related content areas,” concluded Adaime.

Last year impreMedia launched vertical sites Siempre Auto (Automotive) and Solo Dinero (Finance).

Jack Daniel’s, Royal Caribbean Group, DishLATINO, P&G, Southeastern Grocers, Honor, Audi ….. and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.



  • Jack Daniel’s 

Velvet FireJack Daniel’s , global spirits brand, and Italian liqueur Disaronno  have announced the launch of Velvet Fire, a national partnership between Disaronno Velvet Liqueur and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire. Launched in April 2020, Disaronno Velvet is the newest innovation to the liqueur category from the iconic Disaronno brand. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire launched globally in 2016 and has since become one of the top selling flavored whiskies in the world, offering whiskey enthusiasts a new way to enjoy Jack Daniel’s. Velvet Fire, which features a 750ml bottle of both Disaronno Velvet and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, is now available nationwide with a suggested retail price of US$49.99. The suggested retail price for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is US$19.99, with Disaronno Velvet available at a suggested retail price of US$29.99.

  • Royal Caribbean Group

Royal CaribbeanRoyal Caribbean Group announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Azamara brand to Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm specializing in consumer, retail and distribution investments, in an all-cash carve-out transaction for US$201 million, subject to certain adjustments and closing conditions. Sycamore Partners will acquire the entire Azamara brand, including its three-ship fleet and associated intellectual property. The transaction is subject to customary conditions and is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021. Royal Caribbean Group noted the transaction allows it to focus on expanding its Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Silversea brands.The transaction will result in a one-time, non-cash impairment charge of approximately US$170 million. The sale of Azamara is not expected to have a material impact on Royal Caribbean Group’s future financial results.

  • Cadillac

Asked by Portada about which activations Cadillac is planning in 2021 in the multicultural space, Alexis Kerr, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Content, Strategy and Execution at Cadillac answers that  “In 2021, we are leaning in heavily into the Hispanic community. We are fully engaging and focusing on properties we currently support. Hispanicize is a great example of a partnership that offers an activation as well as media buying opportunities. A few other media partners that we support that have our audience are Telemundo, Estrella, Unimas, Hulu Latina, Univision, Xandr Direct TV. We buy Hispanic Addressable TV to ensure a 1:1 at scale approach.” Check out the rest of our interview with Kerr.


  • Woody Creek Distillers

    Woody Creek DistillersActor William H. Macy’s stars in Woody Creek Distillers new campaign.  in the ad Macy, who co-owns the Colorado based distiller of Vodka, Whisky, Gin and Rye, totes his uke around and dispenses tidbits . The campaign was created by New York agency Strawberry Frog who is charged with increasing Woody Creek Distillers visibility at a national level.


  • Dish LATINO 

DishLATINO announced the launch of the Cine & Entretenimiento Pack, delivering access to A3 Cine, A3Series, Cinema Dinamita, Hola TV, Star HD, Starz Encore en Español and Tarima. The new channel pack offers the best in Spanish-laguage movies and entertainment, and can be added to subscribers’ programming for US$5 per month. DishLATINO is one of the leading suites of English and Spanish language programming packages in the United States and Puerto Rico. 

  • P&G 

P&G / RhinosticsProcter & Gamble (P&G) is licensing its novel nasal swab to Rhinostics to launch and bring to the clinical laboratory market. P&G developed the swab as part of its commitment to help communities address supply shortages and to bring creative solutions to bear on the challenges facing laboratories and supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was a collaboration between resources from P&G’s Personal Health Care business and iMFLUX, a subsidiary focused on mold design and process technology innovation for the plastics injection molding market. Swabs continue to be in short supply and are critical to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The companies believe the nasal swab’s unique features make it a better material choice for both PCR and antigen-based assays. These swabs reduce handling and lab processing cycle time and increase lab capacity as new home collection kits expand rapidly into the virus detection market. 


Portada Live

At this exclusive virtual event, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.


  • Southeastern Grocers

Southeastern GrocersSoutheastern Grocers, parent company and home of BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores and one of the largest conventional supermarket companies in the U.S., announced the launch of an initial public offering of 8,900,000 shares of its common stock to be sold by certain of its stockholders, at an anticipated initial public offering price between US$14.00 and US$16.00 per share, pursuant to a registration statement on Form S-1 previously filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). SEG grocery stores, liquor stores and in-store pharmacies serve communities throughout the seven southeastern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina. BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie are well-known and well-respected regional brands with deep heritages, strong neighborhood ties, proud histories of giving back, talented and caring associates and strong commitments to providing the best possible quality and value to customers.

  • Honor

V40Honor, the Chinese smartphone brand formerly owned by Huawei, has launched its first device since being sold off last November. Huawei sold Honor to a consortium of buyers in China to help the unit survive in the face of U.S. sanctions that had put the brand on a U.S. export blacklist called the Entity List. This sanction restricted American firms from selling certain components to the Chinese technology giant, including both semiconductors and software.Honor’s new smartphone is called the V40. It boasts a 6.72-inch display and comes in three colors: silver, black and rose gold.Honor’s V40 starts at 3,599 yuan ($556) for the 128GB storage option and 3,999 yuan for the 256GB version. It will be released in China but it is unclear if it will be launched internationally.


  • Audi 

Audi of American celebrated the United States’ return to the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement after President Joe Biden issued an executive order to do so on his first day in office,  according to Mediapost.  Audi was among the first automotive manufacturers to publicly support and align its actions toward the goals of the agreement. Through social media, the brand showed its support for President Biden’s quick action on Wednesday. “We’re celebrating that the United States is once again cementing its commitment in the fight against climate change,” per a statement from the automaker. “For us, this is particularly exciting as we are set to introduce our next all-electric vehicle in our portfolio — the Audi e-tron GT — in February.”

  • Air Around the Clock 

Air Around the ClockAir Around the Clock, one of South Florida’s leading AC sales and service companies, has officially retained Lipof & McGee Advertising as Agency of Record for the company’s marketing needs. Effective immediately, Lipof & McGee Advertising will handle all marketing strategy, media planning and placement, creative, digital and social media services for the AC sales and service company.Lipof & McGee Advertising is the first advertising agency that Air Around the Clock will have worked with in the company’s 30-year history. The agency will work to improve Air Around the Clock’s message, media buys and tracking systems to work to immediately improve marketing ROI, and to help further grow Air Around the Clock’s customer base. Lipof & McGee will look at new opportunities in traditional media formats including billboards, and also look at expanding the company’s exposure online.


Samsung, Walgreens, Chobani, Mango, T-Mobile, Halsey, Fiverr, Cheetos, Doritos … and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. 


  • Samsung

    SamsungSamsung Electronics America, Inc. and Twitch announced a partnership that secures Samsung Galaxy as the exclusive mobile device partner of Twitch Rivals North America (“Twitch Rivals”). Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive, online events designed from the ground up for Twitch streamers and viewers. Through this partnership, Samsung and Twitch Rivals will create the next wave of mobile gaming heroes with a year-long program featuring regular, exclusive mobile gaming challenges and events. Events will feature Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy 5G-enabled mobile gaming devices. Samsung and Twitch Rivals are coming together to kick off 2021 with a live, Twitch Rivals broadcast on January 13. Other events are planned shortly thereafter, including a Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenge powered by Samsung Galaxy 5G devices. “Our flagship Galaxy devices help gamers win, with high-resolution screens and advanced processing power to deliver an amazing gaming experience.  And, of course 5G can help to deliver the low latency environment gamers want, especially in multi-player environments,” said Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President of Mobile, Samsung Electronics America.


  • Walgreens

WalgreensWalgreens is expanding its financial services offering in partnership with Synchrony  and Mastercard, as part of its ongoing commitment to offer differentiated healthcare services and benefits to customers. In the coming months, Walgreens will launch credit cards, issued by Synchrony, as well as a prepaid debit card, both of which will be powered by the Mastercard network. The credit cards will closely connect with Walgreens new customer loyalty program, myWalgreens, which launched in November 2020, and cardholders will be able to receive myWalgreens cash rewards and other offers. Additionally, the flagship, co-branded credit card will offer a wider range of benefits provided through Synchrony and Mastercard when used at other retailers and service providers.


Portada LiveJOIN US AT PORTADA LIVE March 24, 2021

At this exclusive virtual event, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.

  • T-Mobile

T-MobileT-Mobile has awarded its US $ 2 billion media account to Initiative , a unit of Interpublic Group (IPG). The award followed a review that began last September and included Sprint which T-Mobile acquired last April. Incumbents included Publicis Groupe and WPP agencies as well as Horizon Media. “Now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, we’re operating on a bigger scale and taking on bigger and bolder goals. As part of that, we reviewed agency relationships over the last few months. Our team heard from the best of the best and saw incredible thinking to help fuel our next phase of growth. We are grateful to those who took part and congratulate the team at Initiative for their well-deserved success!”, T-Mobile CMO Matt Staneff said in a statement. Spark Foundry and Essence lost the business, and Horizon retained the Sprint Boost account, which is now owned by Dish.

  • Halsey launches D2C Brand


    Created by multimedia, award-winning artist and author Halsey, about-face is a multidimensional color beauty brand rooted in innovation, self-expression and high-performance with customer experience as its highest priority. Set to launch direct-to-consumer via www.aboutface.com on January 25, 2021about-face celebrates the many facets and forms of expression that live in each person. about-face provides the tools to create looks that highlight authenticity and uniqueness in every form, recognizing that there is no one version of us.
    about-face will be sold direct-to-consumer in the US, Canada, UK and Europe on www.aboutface.com, as well as via an exclusive year-long partnership with Ipsy, featured in the newly launched and limited edition Glam Bag X on www.ipsy.com. The next about-face drop will be Anti-Valentine’s Day, a limited-edition matte lip range launching in early February 2021.

  • Chobani

    ChobaniGreek yogurt giant Chobani entered the coffee category with the launch of Chobani Coffee. Its new four-product line features two vegan options: Cold Brew Pure Black (black coffee with no sugar or dairy) and Cold Brew with Oat Milk (coffee blended with the brand’s Chobani Oat milk). One serving of these beverages provides the caffeine-equivalent of one cup of coffee and the line is now available at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.49 per 32-ounce multi-serve carton or two for $7 on promotion. While the brand is also expanding its dairy-based options in conjunction with its launch of vegan products, its oat milk and creamer business has seen triple-digit growth while its Greek yogurt business grew by double-digits. “Nutrient dense Greek yogurt and coffee have long been a perfect pair, fueling our lives throughout the day,” Peter McGuinness, president and COO of Chobani, said. “Chobani Coffee is crafted from single origin 100 percent Arabica beans, geared for the passionate coffee drinker looking for cold-press brews who love the added taste of creamers made from farm fresh milk and oat milk.”

  • Superbowl: A first for Fiverr…

    FiverrFiverr, an online market for freelance services, which provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide, is debuting as a Super Bowl advertiser running its first Super Bowl ad during Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021.  The new ad will be an evolution of the company’s recently launched campaign, “It Starts Here”, which went live in September 2020 and focused on SMBs as they navigated digital transformation with support from freelancers on Fiverr.  “It doesn’t get any bigger than the Super Bowl from a branding and marketing perspective,” said Gali Arnon, Chief Marketing Officer at Fiverr. “We believe this is a major opportunity for us to introduce the world to Fiverr in a unique and creative way. The spot will get to the very heart of how Fiverr supports businesses around the world. We can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve created.” Marketing presence at one of the world’s biggest sporting events follows several milestones for the company, including a successful IPO, a new brand identity and evolution, global investments in TV advertising, and a number of advanced technological innovations. Fiverr’s Super Bowl ad is expected to run during the third quarter of Super Bowl LV and will include campaign extensions across marketing channels throughout the remainder of the year.

    • … and Cheetos and Doritos Return

      CheeetosCheetos is popping back into the Super Bowl ad scene for the first time in over a decade to debut its biggest innovation in a decade — Cheetos Popcorn — on the world’s largest advertising stage. The :30 TVC spotlights the orange and red dust that all Cheetos fans proudly wear on their fingertips, known officially as Cheetle®, and will kick off Cheetos’ newest marketing campaign, “It’s a Cheetos Thing.” Beloved ’90s hip-hop star MC Hammer is the star of the new commercial, as seen in the teaser released today on Cheetos’ social channels. The teaser video explores the origins of one of MC Hammer’s most beloved songs, “U Can’t Touch This” — which celebrates its 30th anniversary this week — and asks the question, “Was Cheetos and Cheetle the inspiration behind the iconic track?” Fans are transported back to the 1990s before MC Hammer debuted his hit song, showing that it all began with a bag of Cheetos and Cheetle-covered fingertips. The teaser is in preparation for the full Super Bowl commercial that will give a nod to Cheetle-covered fingertips being not just a delicious treat, but a permission slip to escape the mundane routines of everyday life. “Cheetos is such an iconic and beloved brand that has gained even more popularity in the last decade, so we saw the Super Bowl as the only fitting place to debut our biggest product launch in a decade with Cheetos Popcorn,” said Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay North America.

      DoritosDoritos, one of the flagship brands from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, is bringing the country’s favorite country-meets-rap musical duo — Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus — together for another head-turning collaboration alongside critically acclaimed movie legend, Sam Elliott. The campaign fits directly into Doritos’ newly revamped mantra and tagline, Another Level.
      Fans were able to get a first glimpse of the commercial in a teaser video Doritos dropped last week that brought them straight to the scene of a country Western town named “The Cool Ranch.” Known from a wide array of work — including many Western films — Sam Elliott recited the lyrics to “Old Town Road,” leaving fans guessing what comes next. Today, Doritos is dropping a new teaser titled “Bassquake” on its social channels that helps fans start to put the pieces together.  The 2020 TVC will be the first time that the beloved Cool Ranch flavor gets the spotlight in a Doritos Super Bowl ad. \

  • Mango

    MangoMango will launch its debut homeware line in April. The Spanish brand joins a number of high street labels to enter the interiors market, including H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters. The collection will focus on textiles, all of which will made with sustainable materials, spanning bed linen, duvet covers, cushions, blankets, towels and bathrobes. The debut offering will also include candles, incense sticks and loungewear to either sleep or relax in. Eighty per cent of the products will be sourced locally, amplifying the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. Items for the bathroom and kitchen will be added for autumn/winter 2021.




Matt Van Dyke new CEO at Ford Direct, Joel Paulino, Emma Velez, Dana Bonkowski, Robert Ruvalcaba, Brian Slitt, Ezequiel Fonseca Zas, Ivon Rodriguez, Rob Armstrong… New positions are created by major corporations, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.


Matt Van Dyke, new CEO at FordDirect

Matt VanDyke
Matt VanDyke, CEO, FordDirect

Ford Direct, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchise Dealers, announced that Matt VanDyke has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, effective Feb. 1, 2021. Mr. VanDyke, who for more than 12 years has led and transformed Ford and Lincoln brand positioning in roles around the world, now takes charge of a team responsible for delivering best-in-class automotive marketing and advertising solutions to Ford and Lincoln Dealers throughout the United States. “We are thrilled to have Matt VanDyke lead the FordDirect team,” said Mike Pallotta, president of Pallotta Ford Lincoln in Wooster, Ohio and chairman of the FordDirect Board of Managers. “His passion for the digital auto retailing business is clear. His experience around the world shepherding the Ford and Lincoln brands, along with his knowledge of FordDirect following two terms as a board member, will serve him well as CEO. Our Board is confident Matt will continue the positive momentum FordDirect has made in its digital transformation. Our mission is to help Ford and Lincoln Dealers sell and service more cars and trucks. Matt is the best person to lead this team in continuing that work.”
VanDyke, 48, was most recently Director of Marketing for Ford Motor Company. Beginning in 2018, VanDyke led integrated communications, digital consumer experience, brand alliances, revenue management, and retail go-to market strategies. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Marketing for Ford of Europe, where he oversaw the Fiesta and Focus vehicle launches and led the piloting of various digital and retail consumer experiences, the rollout of new Ford websites, and the development and introduction of e-commerce solutions. He also served on the FordDirect Board for over five years.

The FordDirect Board also announced the promotion of Mike Gingell to Chief Operating Officer. Gingell joined FordDirect as Senior Vice President, Product, Marketing and Dealer Engagement in 2019. His promotion is effective Feb. 1, 2021.

Brand Marketer Appointments at Bacardi and T-Mobile

Joel Paulino, (photo right) has been appointed as Brand Director D’USSÉ Cognac (Roc Nation JV) at Bacardi. He previously worked as Sr. Brand Manager, Altos & Avion Tequilas at  Pernod Ricard.


Emma Velez

Emma Velez, photo left at a Portada event, recently was appointed  Sr. Manager, Multicultural Advertising at T-Mobile her prior position was Lead Manager Advertising Diversity segments at  AT&T Mobility & Entertainment Group.


Dana Bonkowski joins Zenith

Dana Bonkowski, right, has been named  SVP, Multicultural Lead at Zenith. She previously worked as SVP Multicultural Lead at Starcom. Bonkowski has developed a very strong multicultural marketing expertise over the last two decades.

Linqto, a digital investment platform for private market securities, announced that Ivon Rodriguez has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, Ivon will lead all consumer and product marketing programs for Linqto using her extensive knowledge to continue to generate awareness and expand the community of accredited investors for the Silicon Valley fintech company.
She joins Linqto from The 360 Group, a leader in entertainment marketing, and prior to that role was the Managing Director for IE University’s International Development office in the Southeastern United States and Caribbean.

Robert Rubalcava has been promoted to VP of Sales U.S. at Prisa. His prior position was VP of Sales, West Region.



Prizelogic, an independent incentivized engagement company whose clients include PepsiCo, Molson Coors, Lowe’s and Samsung, announced the appointment of Brian Slitt as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer. In this newly created role, Slitt will identify new revenue opportunities and pioneer new markets for the company.

New Executives at NBC Universal, Linqto, Eyeota…

Malu Carmona-Botana
Malu Carmona-Botana

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced the appointment of two new executives as it expands its Revenue Strategy and Distribution business unit to develop and grow content monetization opportunities in the U.S. and around the world.

Ezequiel Fonseca Zas
Ezequiel Fonseca Zas

Effective immediately, Ezequiel Fonseca Zas joins Telemundo in the newly created role of Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy and Distribution, and Malu Carmona-Botana is appointed to the new position of Vice President of Content Monetization. Both executives will be based in Miami, Florida. Fonseca Zas will report directly to Peter Blacker, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of DTC Licensing, and Carmona-Botana will report to Fonseca Zas.

Rob Armstrong, EyotaEyeota announced the appointment of Vice President of Product, Rob Armstrong to continue to address industry changes and provide the same complete access to high-quality and diverse data solutions and services. He will collaborate closely with teams across Eyeota’s global offices to ensure the company’s solutions provide the assurance of continuity for clients and stay ahead of the marketing industry’s evolution.Armstrong comes from ShareThis, Madison Logic and AD/FIN. He previously co-founded lockr and Bombora and has led the filing of 6 patents and 3 trademarks.

…and Univision.

Univision announced changes to the executive leadership team intended to accelerate its leadership position and drive Univision’s transformation for the future. The appointments include:

  • Pierluigi Gazzolo, appointed to the newly created role of President of Univision Communications Inc. and Chief Transformation Officer to drive the next era of growth
  • Luis Silberwasser, appointed to the newly created role of President of the Univision Television Networks Group to lead Univision’s national TV properties
  • Donna Speciale, named President of Advertising Sales and Marketing, to drive innovative expansion of Univision’s offering for advertisers
  • Friday Abernethy, promoted to Executive Vice President of Content Distribution and Partnerships
  • Adam Shippee, promoted to the newly created role of Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Strategy and Transformation
  • Amy Tenbrink, promoted to EVP & Associate General Counsel, Revenue/Business Development with expanded responsibilities across the Digital businessThe recently appointed CEO of Univision Wade Davis said that “today begins a transformation for Univision. One that will see us accelerate our position as the leading U.S. Hispanic media company as we launch new products and services that will drive value for our U.S. Hispanic audience and for our advertising and distribution partners, who want to reach and engage with this critical audience.”


Toyota, Athleta, Kia, Jim Beam, JP Morgan & Chase, Heaton Homes, Mass Mutual, Scotiabank, Honda….. and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now.


  • Toyota

    ToyotaToyota introduced the “The Sienna Life” campaign, welcoming  a refined and versatile minivan: the all-hybrid and all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna. “The new campaign is inspired by our guests living their ‘Sienna life’ to the fullest, across a wide range of life stages and activities,” said Cynthia Tenhouse, vice president, Vehicle Marketing and Communications, Toyota Motor North America. The fully integrated Sienna campaign was developed against Toyota’s long-standing Total Toyota (T2) marketing model, fully considering the transcultural mainstream audiences across America. Toyota campaigns are integrated through one strategic brief, creative idea, and media plan – and create a cohesive marketing approach inclusive of multicultural marketing and the total market model. The Tagency team includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Burrell Communications, Conill Advertising and Intertrend, with ZenithMedia placing TV and outdoor media buys. 

    Media Buys and Creative

    Toyota Sienna Life Campaign“The Sienna Life” is a fully-integrated campaign extending across linear TV, digital video, digital content, programmatic, paid social, audio, and out-of-home. High-profile prime and sports programming includes the NBA, NFL, Daytona 500, Univision, CBS All Access, HGTV, ESPN Deportes, Discovery en Español, India Tour of Australia Cricket games on WillowTV, and more. Digital content/video includes partners such as Condé NastRefinery29Tastemade, Hulu and Hulu Latino, Pinterest, PopSugarThrillist, Disney’s Mira the Royal Detective, DisneyNow and more. Partnerships include Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience, BET NAACP Image Awards, Vox, Curbed, Hola!, Amazon, and Spotify, among others. Social is across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit.

    In “Bold Statement,” created by Burrell Communications and directed by The Mill, a hip couple takes the “scenic route” on a drive through the city, giving everyone else an up-close look at their stylish Sienna. Conill developed two spots, “Phone” and “Cold,” that highlight the all-new Sienna’s available AWD capabilities allowing passengers to live memorable moments in the outdoors. In “Phone,” friends venture to a forest for a remarkable adventure only to swiftly leave as they discover that bears really can be found in caves. In “Cold,” a couple’s adventure takes them farther and into a colder environment than planned, demonstrating the Sienna’s AWD capability and best-in-class combined miles per gallon (MPG). Intertrend created two spots for the campaign: “Marathon,” where a family uses unique features available in the Sienna to relive moments from their favorite Korean drama; and “Team Outing,” which highlights a new way to work remotely and redefine work-life balance thanks to what the Sienna has to offer.

  • Jim Beam

    Jim Beam® Bourbon kicked off the year by offering drinkers a solution to their beer boredom: the  Jim Beam Highballl cocktail, which is made by mixing chilled Jim Beam Bourbon with ice and ice-cold, highly carbonated ginger ale. is the perfect alternative for those who are bored of beer but find themselves ordering another one on autopilot. The new marketing campaign, launching nationally this month, encourages those drinkers to add the Jim Beam Highball to their repertoire and order one when they’re looking for a light and refreshing option instead of their next beer. The campaign first aired on Jan. 4 with a new TV spot, “Need a Break From Beer,” across multiple national news, entertainment and sports networks, and will run nationally throughout the year. The commercial marks the latest collaboration between Jim Beam and global advertising agency adam&eveNYC. “With the launch of ‘Need a Break From Beer,’ we’re taking a widely enjoyed cocktail that’s been trending for years and finally shining the national spotlight on it,” said Jessica Spence, president of brands at Beam Suntory. The new campaign spot will air throughout 2021 on more than 20 national TV networks, including sports destinations such as MLB Network and ESPN2, entertainment hubs AMC and Comedy Central, and major broadcast networks including ABC, FOX and NBC. Starcom USA oversees media on behalf of Jim Beam. In addition to media partnerships, Jim Beam will deploy Highball programming throughout the year including retail marketing, baseball stadium activations, consumer sampling and value-add packaging. The brand will also host “Beam Gardens” — a playful alternative to traditional beer gardens — in several markets across the country.

  • Athleta

    AthletaGap’s Athleta brand has launched its first sleepwear product line for women, recognizing the fact that consumers increasingly are shifting to casual and comfort wear as a result of continued stay-at-home practices due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. The new women’s sleepwear collection, is now available on Athleta.com. Athleta, increased digital marketing investments and its focus on product strategy has been aiding sales. In third-quarter fiscal 2020, the company’s net sales were up 35%.  Athleta recorded the highest comps growth in the brand’s history, with more than 50% contribution from the online business. Management is on track with the execution of its Power Plan 2023, which focuses on opening  Old Navy and Athleta stores while closing the underperforming Gap and Banana Republic stores. As part of the plan, the company expects the Old Navy and Athleta brands to contribute about 70% of sales by 2023. 
  • The Coca-Cola Company


    Coca-Cola is jumping back on the direct-to-consumer bandwagon with the relaunch of its Insiders Club subscription service, the program was discontinued when Covid-19 started last March. The program has a waitlist of consumers willing to pay US $45 for product sneak peeks and virtual experiences including a workout with an NFL player or a celebrity-hosted cooking class. The specific contents of each box, thus far, are a secret but early 2020 offering included Dasani water flavors not yet on the market and some Coca-Cola stickers. Coca Cola’s DtoC reflects how marketing and  are turning more e-commerce oriented.Coca-Cola in recent weeks also launched a full review of its media and creative planning and buying practices, including its agency appointments around the world.

Portada LiveJOIN US AT PORTADA LIVE March 24, 2021

At this exclusive virtual event, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and marketing technologies. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Director David Karp at David@portada-online.com.


  • JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan & ChaseWPP and Dentsu, have won the media businesses of multinational investment banking conglomerate, JPMorgan Chase, in a highly competitive pitch. The pitch which kicked off in late September 2020, covers the offline media shopping for enterprise within the U.S., Northern Europe and Asia, and was supported by MediaHyperlink. Zenith, the US incumbent, lost the account after holding it since 2005. JPMorgan Chase  manages its US $200 million digital media account in house, and outsources the US $218 million offline portion. WPP will create a crew of GroupM media businesses known as Team.  JPMC powered by WPP to deal with the account, which incorporates all offline and digital planning, media shopping for, analytics, measurement and search engine optimization. JPMorgan Chase has been in-housing components of its advertising since 2015, when it launched an inside company known as Inner Circle below CMO Kristin Lemkau. In January, Leslie Gillin changed Lemkau as CMO, who grew to become CEO of the corporate’s wealth administration division.

  • NHL: Discover, Mass Mutual, Scotiabank, Honda

FCAThe National Hockey League (NHL®), in partnership with Discover, Honda, MassMutual and Scotiabank announced the official division names for the 2020-21 season: Scotia NHL® North Division, Honda NHL® West Division, Discover NHL® Central Division and the MassMutual NHL® East Division.

As previously announced, in reaching agreement on the format for the 2020-21 season, the NHL and NHLPA (National Hockey League Players‘ Association), determined that the ongoing closure of the U.S.-Canada border required realignment, with teams realigned as follows:

  • Scotia NHL® North Division (Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg)
  • Honda NHL® West Division (Anaheim, Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles, Minnesota, San Jose, St. Louis, Vegas)
  • Discover NHL® Central Division (Carolina, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay)
  • MassMutual NHL® East Division (Boston, Buffalo, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington)
  • Kia

KIa LogoKia revealed its new corporate logo and global brand slogan that signify the automaker’s bold transformation and all-new brand purpose. The introduction of the new logo represents Kia’s ambitions to establish a leadership position in the future mobility industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business.
Meant to resemble a handwritten signature, the refreshed logo was described by Kia as a “rhythmical, unbroken line” that is also symmetrical to symbolize confidence.  “Kia’s new logo represents the company’s commitment to becoming an icon for change and innovation,” said Ho Sung Song, Kia’s President and CEO. “The automotive industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and Kia is proactively shaping and adapting to these changes. Our new logo represents our desire to inspire customers as their mobility needs evolve, and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry.” In addition to an all-new logo, Kia revealed its new global brand slogan, ‘Movement that inspires’. Details on Kia’s new brand strategy, including brand purpose and philosophy as well as application to Kia’s future product line-up. Kia, which is preparing a brand transformation in 2021, based on its Plan S business strategy, is targeting global sales of 2.92 million units this year. The number includes 535,000 units in Korea and 2.39 million units from overseas markets. Kia also seeks to bolster profitability with flexible operations tailored to each region. In 2020, Sales in Korea saw a 6.2 percent increase from 2019 to 552,400 units, while sales outside of Korea retreated 8.7 percent to 2.05 million units.  Kia joins rivals in the automotive category putting areas like electric vehicle offerings and mobility services at the top of the agenda for growth.

  • Heaton Homes

Heaton Homes  announced the official launch of its website at HeatonHomesUSA.com. Heaton Homes’ primary mission is to provide refurbished apartment homes offering comfort, security, and stability for residents. The website features a sleek, modern design to help potential renters find their next home
Heaton Homes’ motto is ‘When you’re here, you’re home.’ We live and breathe our motto by providing exceptional living experiences for working-class residents,” said Spencer GrassieHeaton Homes’ Partner & Founder. “Our website will showcase the quality of our apartment homes to prospective residents and will allow Heaton Homes to connect with cost-conscious renters who share our core values and want to feel proud of where they call home.” The website will be updated on a regular basis with new rental listings featuring Heaton Homes-owned apartment homes. Prospective renters are encouraged to explore the website and fill out the rental inquiry form to stay up to date on new rental listings as they become available. Check out Heaton Homes’ website for your next home! Heaton Homes is a family-owned and operated real estate firm that acquires, owns, invests in and manages single-family residences and small- and medium-sized multifamily properties across New England, a region comprising six states in the Northeastern United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.


CVS Health Creates New Chief Customer Officer Position, Ronald Bautista, Christine Abramo, New Brand Marketing Appointments at PÜR-The Complexion Authority, Calvin Klein and Macy’s, Telemundo and Zelgor. New positions and are created by major corporations, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

CVS Health Creates New Chief Customer Officer Position

Michelle Peluso
Michelle Peluso, Chief Customer Officer, CVS

CVS Health announced that Michelle Peluso will join the company as Chief Customer Officer effective January 25. In this newly created executive leadership role, Peluso will be responsible for transforming the consumer experience and accelerating CVS Health’s digital strategy. Peluso will have direct oversight for CVS Health’s marketing and brand strategy, digital transformation and the end-to-end consumer experience. “Michelle is a seasoned executive with a strong track record in building a world-class consumer experience and delivering results,” said Karen S. Lynch, who will become President and CEO of CVS Health on February 1. “Michelle’s consumer focus will accelerate our work to ensure a connected health experience across all CVS Health touchpoints, as we continue to reshape health care as we know it today.” Peluso brings 25 years of experience to CVS Health. In her most recent role, as Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Chief Marketing Officer for IBM, she oversaw marketing and brand strategy and execution, digital sales, and the commercial business, with responsibility for over $5 billion in revenue globally

Brand Marketer Appointments at PÜR-The Complexion Authority, Calvin Klein and Macy’s

Astral Brands is proud to announce the appointment of Amanda Kahn as the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for their mineral-based and clean beauty brand, PÜR – The Complexion Authority.  Kahn succeeds Tisha Thompson who is stepping down from the role to spearhead a new opportunity that will be announced in 2021, after 15 years with the brand.

Calvin Klein has appointed Jamaal Layne as EVP of Global Brand and North America Marketing, effective Jan. 11. Most recently, he served as head of entertainment marketing at Sonos, where he established the company’s celebrity and influencer marketing initiatives and oversaw partnerships with licensee and streaming partners. Prior to Sonos, he held key marketing positions at Adidas, Converse, Nike and Microsoft, as well as consulted for brands like Carhartt, Stussy and Forever 21. At Calvin Klein, Jamaal will report to CMO Linh Peters.

Macy’s Inc. has promoted Nata Dvir to the role of chief merchandising officer of the Macy’s brand, starting Feb. 1. She currently serves as the department store’s SVP and general business manager for beauty and center core merchandise and replaces Patti Ongman, who previously revealed plans to retire at the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

Ronald Bautista and Christine Abramo…

Ronald Bautista, joined JP Morgan Chase & Co as VP of Multicultural Local Marketing.  Previously, Bautista worked as Senior Multicultural Marketing Specialist at Emblem Health.

Chrstine AbramoChristine Abramo, has  been appointed  VP, Business Development at Univision Communications Inc. Abramo previously was responsible for National Multicultural Partnershiups at Popsugar, which was acquired by Group Nine Media.

Miguel Angel Lopez, Phil Folgertite….

Miguel Angel Lopez
Miguelangel Lopez, VP News, Telemundo 31

Telemundo31,Telemundo’s owned station that reports for Central Florida’s Spanish-speaking audiences, announced that Miguelangel Lopez has been named Vice President of News. In this role, Lopez will be responsible for overseeing the station’s multi-platform news operations and performance. He will report to Migdalia Figueroa, President and General Manager of Telemundo31. His first day at WTMO will be January 25.


Phil FogeriteZelgor Inc. announced that Phil Fogerite is joining the company as Chief Product Officer. In this role, Mr. Fogerite will oversee product strategy and facilitate the optimization of both player experience and commercial success. Mr. Fogerite brings over a decade of experience working on AAA and indie games, specializing in data-driven design and development. He leverages a deep understanding of operational best practices, motivational psychology, and modern analytical techniques to deliver highly engaging gameplay and high-value product strategies.








Wade Davis new CEO at an Univision with new owners, Nick Kelly, Carlos Cordoba, Gonzalo Alonso, Alianza de Futbol acquired….  Companies get bought and sold, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.


Wade Davis new CEO at Univision…

Wade DavisWade Davis, media industry veteran and CEO and founder of investment firm ForgeLight,  assumed the role of Univision CEO. Prior in his career Davis was CEO of Viacom.  Davis is replacing Vince Sandusky as CEO. Led by Davis and benefitting from his expertise in managing the growth and transformation of large-scale media enterprises, Univision’s new leadership team plans to use the company’s platform and strong pipeline of entertainment, sports and news content to deepen its relationship with the Hispanic community. Over the past years Univision’s financials have been hit by high debt levels as well as revenue declines due to structural changes including cord cutting by consumers and a relative decrease in size of the Spanish-dominant population in the U.S.
Univision had been considering an initial public stock offering for many years, then dropped plans in March of this year. In the third quarter o 2020, Univision’s revenue declined 8% to US $627.6 million (from US $681.4 million). Income from continuing operations was cut by 60% to US $30.9 million (from US $77.4 million). Univision’s media networks’ advertising revenue sank 11% to US $287.6 million (compared to US $322.4 million) in the same period last year.

Univision’s New Ownership Structure …

Global private investment firm Searchlight and operating investment company Forgelight and Grupo Televisa announced the completion of Searchlight and ForgeLight’s acquisition of a majority ownership interest in Univision. As a result of the transaction Searchlight and ForgeLight purchased an approximately 64 percent ownership interest in Univision from an investor group including Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, TPG, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Saban Capital Group. Televisa has retained its approximate 36 percent stake in Univision’s fully diluted equity capital. .

Nick Kelly, President at Charlotte FC

Nick KellyNick Kelly has been named club president at Charlotte FC. Kelly, who will oversee Charlotte’s day-to-day business operations, joins after six years with Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev). He was most recently their vice president of partnerships, beer culture and community, overseeing company partnerships in the sports, music and entertainment fields. “Soccer has arrived in Charlotte, and we have an incredible opportunity to build an organization and a culture of fandom that rivals the top teams in MLS,” Kelly said in a statement. “When I met David Tepper and Tom Glick, I was attracted to the exciting vision they had for what Tepper Sports & Entertainment can be for the Carolinas and I look forward to helping realize that vision with Charlotte FC.” Kelly has a soccer marketing background, since AB InBev has sponsorship agreements with over a dozen MLS clubs and has partnered with international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup, Olympics, International Champions Cup and Copa America. Under Kelly in 2019, Budweiser became an official partner of the National Women’s Soccer League. “Nick has a track record of connecting brands with fans across all sports and will bring fresh ideas to Charlotte FC,” owner David Tepper said in a team release. “In the past year, we have assembled a strong sporting staff, led by Zoran Krneta, and have continued to build our business staff. Nick’s hiring comes at the perfect time as we turn our attention to preparing for an exciting first season in 2022.”

Carlos Cordoba, Gonzalo Alonso….

Entravision Cisneros - InteractiveAfter the acquisition of a majority stake in Cisneros Interactive by Entravision (read our updated analysis here), both Entravision and Cisneros Interactive announced changes in their leadership teams. Gonzalo Alonso has been promoted to SVP Digital Audio at Entravision Communications. His prior position was Founder and Managing Director at AudioEngage, an Entravision Company. Cisneros Interactive will continue to be led by Victor Kong, CEO.  Kong will be reporting to the board of Cisneros Interactive which will be comprised by executives of Entravision and Cisneros. Carlos Cordoba will assume the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Head of Audio Advertising. Victoria Morales will be acting as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Juan Pablo Florentín  as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). German Herebia, co-founder of Cisneros Interactive, will be leaving Cisneros Interactive to take up new professional challenges.

For Soccer Ventures Acquires Alianza de Futbol

For Soccer VenturesFor Soccer Ventures (FSV),  the investment fund backed by MLS team Philadelphia Union co-owner Richie Graham announced it has completed the acquisition of Hispanic soccer companies Alianza de Futbol and JUGOtv.  Both companies were previously owned by Relevent Sports. FSV is focused on the growth and long-term development of American soccer. Founded in 2004 by Richard Copeland and Brad Rothenberg,  Alianza de Futbol has represented opportunities in soccer programs for male and female soccer players outside of the traditional club system in the U.S. Since the program’s launch, players have come from 46 states and more than one thousand U.S. cities, connecting over 3.2 million Hispanic families to the Alianza de Futbol community. JUGOtv has operated as the content studio and social media arm of Alianza de Futbol.  “We’re beyond excited to join the FSV team,” said Joaquin Escoto, Managing Director of Alianza de Futbol. “The future of soccer in America is so bright, and we’re thrilled to be joining FSV on their mission to ensure all communities are part of that future. FSV are the perfect partners to help amplify our impact in bringing the Hispanic community closer to the most important organizations in American soccer.” New initiatives that expand upon Alianza de Futbol, both on-and-off the field, will be announced by FSV in the forthcoming months.


New Hires at DISQO

DISQOConsumer insights platform DISQO announced the expansion of its marketing team with the following new hires:

  • Anne Hunter, VP of Product Marketing — Hunter brings a wealth of experience from her roles as EVP of Strategy & Growth at Kantar; SVP of Advertising Effectiveness at comScore; and Head of Insights at AOL.

  • David Grabert, VP of Brand & Communications — Grabert was formerly Global Head of Marketing & Communications for GroupM, WPP’s world-leading media investment group; and prior held senior roles with Clear Channel Outdoor, Canoe Ventures and Cox Communications.

  • Karin Odell, Head of Demand Generation — Odell built her career in demand generation at B2B SaaS companies in Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach (L.A.), including roles at EZ Texting, Velocify and FirstRain.


Perfetti-Van Mele,  Tecate, Airbnb, Noodles & Co, Sanofi, Post Cereal, Nike, Chico’s, Walmart, Clorox and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. 

  • Tecate

  • Tecate
    Tecate logo (PRNewsFoto/HEINEKEN USA Inc.)

    London, UK, headquartered Mirriad Advertising, a global technology company and developer of native in-video advertising, is supporting Heineken beer brand Tecate in an advertising campaign launched on New Year’s eve. Tecate is using a video  in Spanish-language with the music theme “Pa’ Que No Te Anden Contando,’ by the artist Giovanny Ayala, Mediapost reports. In the song Ayala sings about a former girlfriend who he says is not important to him anymore and asks her to leave him alone. Mirriad Advertising, who manages an AI-powered technology to analyze content  (e.g. context and emotions) to identifiy the most relevant context for brands , inserted Tecate banners in the video. The campaign aims to connect the brand with Mexican Americans between the age of 21 and 35 on YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, FB, TikTok Instagram and other platforms in the U.S. and Mexico. In February of 2020 Tecate introduced a new brand positioning and modernized visual identity in order to grow cultural relevance with consumers with the launch of the “Mexico is in US” campaign for the Tecate’s USA portfolio, which includes the brand’s signature Tecate Original and Tecate Light products, as well as Tecate Titanium and Tecate Michelada. The campaign honed in on soccer and music and also marked the point of departure with boxing. Prior to 2020, Tecate was a major sponsor of boxing events in the U.S.

  • Perfetti van Mele

    Perfetti-Van MelleWavemaker announced that it has been named Media Agency of Record (AOR) by Perfetti Van Melle USA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionary and gum, including global and regional brands such as Mentos, Airheads, Chupa Chups, and newly launched Fruit-tella. The appointment is effective immediately. The confectioner sought to consolidate its global agency roster and integrate its business, and selected Wavemaker following a review for its strong track record of innovation and proven expertise driving growth for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands. “A key differentiator for Wavemaker was its ability to fuse global and local expertise across multiple disciplines, from media and data sciences to ecommerce and shopper media,” said Rachel Chambers, Vice President, Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle USA. “We’re thrilled to partner with Perfetti Van Melle to connect with consumers in ways that are both playful and sales predictive,” said Amanda Richman, CEO, Wavemaker, US. The appointment expands Wavemaker’s global relationship with the candy-maker, which now spans the US, China, Netherlands, India, UK, MENA, Belgium, Turkey and Indonesia.

  • Ford

    FordPulling time originally intended to promote its new F-150 pickup, Ford Motor Co. launched a nationwide ad campaign on New Year’s Day asking Americans to “Finish Strong” in the battle against Covid-19 by wearing masks and taking other scientifically recognized steps to reduce the spread of the disease.  Produced by Peter Berg, the Hollywood director known for films such as “Patriots Day,” and narrated by “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston, the 30-second spot will air during the first three days of 2021 during college bowl and NFL games, while being backed up with an expansive social media campaign. Approximately half of the media buy originally intended for the launch of the new F-150 pick up was still by Ford toward that purpose.  Five multi-channel 2021 Ford F-150 advertising spots aired on January 1  during college football playoff games. The creative used was developed by Wieden + Kennedy.

  • Airbnb

Droga5 has been named lead creative agency by Airbnb.  Wieden+Kennedy had previously worked with the brand, which invested US $36 million in U.S measured media in 2019, per COMvergence estimates. Advertising expenditures  are expected to increase as the global economy recovers from COVID-19 in 2021 and 2022. Droga5, now owned by Accenture, has picked up the ad account, reportedly without a pitch.

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  • Noodles & Co.

NoodlesFast casual restaurant chain Noodles & Company announced Fortnight Collective as its agency of record through 2021. Fortnight Collective, a Boulder, CO based international creative agency specializes in an immersive, collaborative and speed based, go-to-market process. The agency is leading in its class for providing the right talent around the table at the right time to accelerate brand momentum via rapid marketing prototyping. Noodles brought on Fortnight Collective amid the pandemic, seeking an agile creative agency to adapt to shifting consumer needs and deliver advertising that generates awareness, builds brand loyalty, and evokes a positive emotional connection from current and future consumers. “Following the commencement of the first project in March 2020, the two have partnered to develop a series of creative and compelling marketing campaigns and have plans to carry over into the new year. “Having previously worked with Fortnight Collective, I immediately knew when COVID hit that their team would bring the right mix of agility and top creative talent to help us achieve strong results during this unprecedented environment,” said Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company.


  • Sanofi

SanofiFrench pharma company Sanofi selected Omnicom Media Group as its new media agency of record for markets outside the U.S. In the U.S. the company retained Havas Media as its media AOR. Sanofi’s annual global ad spend is estimated at about $1 billion, with a little more than half earmarked for the U.S.


  • Post Cereal

Post CerealBarkley has been named agency of record for four Post Cereal brands: Honey Bunches of Oats, Great Grains, Honeycomb and the PEBBLES family of cereals (Fruity, Cocoa, and Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES). With the partnership set to kick off in January 2021, the agency is tasked with heading up strategy and creative and will be partnering with brand teams to provide breakthrough relevant, whole brand thinking for the Post Cereal brands. The Post portfolio of brands spans a wide array of consumers, and the company is looking to increase household penetration and re-energize the breakfast cereal category with these iconic brands. PEBBLES, which is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2021 and today is the top kids cereal brand, has been one of the fastest-growing cereal brands for five consecutive years. “We look forward to building on our strong foundation by leveraging Barkley’s deep understanding of the CPG category and demonstrated ability to to reach consumers with vastly different tastes and preferences,” said TD Dixon, chief growth officer at Post Consumer Brands. “Barkley’s modern consumer expertise and vision made them a clear stand out during the review process.” For Barkley, the Post Cereal win follows nine account wins in the past 12 months, including Motel 6, Delta Faucets, San Jose State University, SummaCare, Copper Mountain Resorts and Security Benefit.
  • Nike


Nike is upping its virtual-reality game, adding 3D holographic content to some of its ecommerce offerings. And while a long list of retailers, including Levi’s, Gap, Macy’s, Wayfair and Ikea, have been trying to turn tech like virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D into viable selling tools for years, the pandemic may be pushing consumers to new levels of open-mindedness regarding such tools. Nike is working with Omnivor, a Seattle-based tech company, creating the Nike Virtual View at both Finish Line and JD Sport. The technology lets shoppers pick a hologram that matches their size and body type.

  • Chico’s

ChicosWomen’s clothing and accessories retailer Chico’s FAS seeked improvement in its sales trends during the holiday season by offering same-day delivery from its Chico’s, White House Black Market and Soma boutiques across the U.S. through a partnership with Roadie. The retailer said the same-day service is available in 97 percent of its 1,310 boutiques in the U.S. Through the Roadie delivery platform, Chico’s said orders made online will be delivered within four hours from the time the products are available at curbside or by BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store). Customers are charged a flat rate of $17.99.“Chico’s FAS moved swiftly to provide same-day delivery as an additional shipping option for customers, even when holiday shipping deadlines have passed,” said Molly Langenstein, president and chief executive officer of Chico’s FAS. Major retailers including Amazon, Target, Best Buy, CVS and Walmart have been offering same-day delivery for some time.

  • Walmart

WalmartWalmart conducted an hour-long Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular, its first ever shoppable live stream event,  on the video-sharing social networking app Tik Tok. Shoppers were able to snap up merchandise from brands like Champion, Jordache and Kendall + Kylie, as well as private labels Free Assembly, Scoop and Sofia Jeans. According to the Bentonville, Ark.-based company, 10 TikTok influencers from around the world — including Michael Le, or @justmaiko, who has 43.1 million followers on the platform — donned clothing, footwear and accessories from the retailer’s fashion portfolio. During the event, pins for those products  popped up, and viewers were able to tap on them to add the items to their cart. They were then directed to mobile checkout or have the option to look through their selections at the end of the event.

  • Clorox-Unilever and Facebook

    With sales soaring during the pandemic and commitment to maintain spending, Clorox has turned to TikTok, Google and long-term strategies to support new habits. Clorox also plans to slowly resume Facebook and Instagram advertising following a six-month hiatus that’s contingent on the platforms’ continued work controlling harmful content, says Chief Marketing Officer Stacey Grier. Most of Unilever’s brands also will restart their Facebook and Twitter advertising, based on the same contingencies. Facebook has already seen a partial exodus of large companies this year. The #StopHateforProfit boycott that began in July and attracted big-name brands like Clorox, Verizon, and Coca-Cola put a dent in Facebook’s revenue growth in the third quarter. It also delivered a noticeable lift for rivals like Pinterest  and Snap.









Extreme Reach (ER), an asset management solution company for TV and video advertising, released the findings of its Q3 2020 Benchmarks Report, which includes ad performance data for impressions served from its AdBridge™ platform to CTV, desktop, and mobile devices for July through September 2020.

Key findings from the report include:

    • CTV leads in the share of impressions by device: At 39%, the share of impressions served to CTV continues to lead other devices. ER sees a wide range of preferred devices across its client base with some clients devoting as much as 72% of their impressions to CTV, while others focus largely on desktop and mobile. Because ER is the ad server of record for so many Direct-to-Consumer brands that optimize in real-time to measurable behaviors, the data includes a wide variety of strategies for CTV. The aggregate share of impressions across all ER clients served to CTV remained nearly flat from Q2 to Q3.
At 39%, the share of impressions served to CTV continues to lead other devices.
  • 30-second ads remain the preferred ad length for advertisers: Data from the report indicates that 30-second ads accounted for 81% of ad impressions served by Extreme Reach in Q3 2020, compared to 79% in Q2 and 66% in Q3 2019. This marks an all-time high and the continuation of a trend that began in Q2 2018, when 30-second ads first overtook 15-second spots in ER’s quarterly report.
  • Desktop benefits as WFH continues due to COVID-19: In Q3, desktop accounted for 21% of ad impressions, a 40% YOY increase. As remote environments for work and study remain the norm, ER sees more impressions going to desktop to achieve brand goals as consumer behavior adapts to the new digital and virtual environment. Video advertising completion rates (VCR) for ads on desktop remained steady at 70%, though lower than rates seen for mobile app and CTV (where skipping ads is generally not an option).
    The COVID-19 induced Work from Home environment has benefited desktop, which accounted for 21% of all ad impressions. 
  • Media aggregators hit a new high: Similar to the growth seen in Q2 2020, media aggregators surged to 47% in Q3, an increase from 35% in Q2 and just 20% in Q3 2019. While premium publishers still lead in share of impressions served, at 53%, this is the lowest percentage reported for premium publishers since Extreme Reach’s first report in Q1 2017.

    Video Advertising: Native DTC Brands Favor Mobile and Desktop

Video Advertising“2020 continues to bring challenges to marketers and each quarter our data reflects shifts in strategy to account for the current circumstances,” said Mary Vestewig, Senior Director, Video Advertising Account Management at Extreme Reach. “We see many digital native DTC brands focused on attribution and favoring ads on mobile and desktop over CTV. Others, looking to grow brand awareness, invest far more heavily in CTV. What’s clear is that no single media mix suits every client and I believe that remains a constant even as many factors in digital advertising evolve and change.”

We see many digital native DTC brands focused on attribution and favoring ads on mobile and desktop over CTV. Others, looking to grow brand awareness, invest far more heavily in CTV.  

Extreme Reach’s Q3 2020 Video Advertising Benchmark Report is based on the aggregate performance metrics from AdBridge™, which tracks campaigns for a diverse set of brands across multiple categories.

Sephora-Kohl’s, HHS, CVS, Pepsi, Visa, Motel 6, Under Armour, Steinmart,  … and more brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. 

  • HHS

    Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Department of Health and Human Services on Friday launched a national ad campaign promoting awareness about the forthcoming coronavirus vaccines with a US $150,000 ad buy on YouTube, CNN reports. The ads will stream across YouTube, include clips from a six-minute-and-30-second public service announcement video featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn and Chief Scientific Adviser to Operation Warp Speed Dr. Moncef Slaoui explaining how vaccines are approved, how they’ve beaten diseases in the past, and how this vaccine can help the U.S. beat the coronavirus pandemic. HHS plans to spend U.S. $250 million on a national education campaign to promote the vaccine in the coming weeks with an emphasis on digital and social media. 

  • SteinMart

SteinMartOn the heels of its purchase of the Radio Shack brand and re-launch of Dress Barn and Pier 1 Imports into online-only businesses, REV) announced that a subsidiary emerged as the winner of a bankruptcy court auction for the  intellectual property of Stein Mart Inc. REV expects to re-launch the off-price family fashion and home goods retailer as an online-only store early next year. The REV subsidiary acquired the Stein Mart nameplate as well as its private label brands, domain names, social media assets, and customer data from Hilco Streambank, an IP advisory firm that was marketing the assets. “Our growing set of investors sees Stein Mart as another important addition to our  increasing stable of venerable brick-and-mortar retail brands that we are bringing back -to-life as online destinations,” said Alex Mehr, CEO of Miami-based REV in a statement. , which, over the last two years, has also acquired such brands as Linens ‘N Things, Modell’s Sporting Goods and Franklin Mint. REV Executive Chairman Tai Lopez said Stein Mart was a pioneer in taking an off-price brick and mortar retail concept online.  “The company’s investments in an omnichannel platform for its offering of designer and private label fashion apparel, shoes, home décor and accessories paved the way for Steinmart.com to post double digit sales growth and increase its average online order to $80,” Lopez said.

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  • CVS

CVS Pharmacy y MasCVS is growing its Hispanic-focused CVS Pharmacy y mas chain, with a special focus on grocery. CVS Pharmacy y más stores are designed to provide an enhanced, convenient and personalized shopping experience specific to local Hispanic communities. The company is opening 12 more CVS Pharmacy y más stores, this time in New York and New Jersey, the first stores of this kind in the Tri-State area. Shoppers will find tailored deals from products and brands they know and love, with a higher level of customer service and lower prices. CVS Pharmacy y más opened locations at 89-11 Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights and 329-339 Wyckoff Ave. in Ridgewood in November. Other New York stores also opened in the Bronx at 732 Allerton Ave. and 1688 Westchester Ave., as well as in Central Islip at 2 East Suffolk Ave. The store format incorporates bilingual staff and signage, and features more than 1,500 products from trusted Hispanic brands, such as Iberia FoodsYauconoFabulosoTio NachoPilon and Café La Llave. CVS Pharmacy has opened more than 200 CVS Pharmacy y más locations in more than 90 cities across California, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Puerto Rico since 2015.

  • Sephora-Kohl’s

    Kohls SephoraKohl’s  and Sephora announced a long-term strategic partnership marrying Kohl’s customer reach and omnichannel convenience with Sephora’s service, product selection and beauty experience. “Sephora at Kohl’s” will be a fully-immersive, premium beauty destination, designed within a 2,500 square foot space and prominently located at the front of the store. When the first 200 locations open in Fall 2021, the Kohls.com online beauty selection will also convert to exclusively showcase an expanded assortment of Sephora’s prestige product offerings. The partnership will expand into at least 850 stores by 2023, offering an expansive footprint, a wide-reaching customer base and visibility for Sephora’s brand partners within the prestige environment in which they thrive. Sephora will bring its, playful trial and immersive prestige beauty experience, with more than 100 carefully curated beauty brands to Kohl’s 65 million customers across the U.S. Sephora has 500 of its 2,600 stores in the Americas and Kohl’s has more than 1,150 locations in 49 states, serving 65 million customers, with very limited overlap between the two store networks. Both companies expect that this combined offering of at least 850 Sephora at Kohl’s locations by 2023 will draw new and younger customers to Kohl’s and will bring the Sephora experience to millions of new shoppers and existing members of the Sephora beauty community, who may not live close to a Sephora location. Online, the Sephora at Kohl’s experience will launch on Kohls.com in Fall 2021, making Sephora the exclusive beauty partner on Kohls.com. (Three weeks ago Target and Ulta Beauty announced a similar partnership).

  • Pepsi

    PepsiPepsiCo announced the extension of its partnership with the UEFA Champions League for the 2021/22 – 2023/24 seasons. The continuation follows PepsiCo’s recent announcement of its multi-year premier partnership with UEFA Women’s football through 2025, now presenting a unified and significant presence across football’s prestigious league. SodaStream© joins PepsiCo’s starting brand line-up for its UEFA Champions League activation, alongside the Pepsi® trademark – including Pepsi MAX, Lay’s® and Gatorade™. Doritos®, Ruffles®, Lipton® and 7UP® will also support.

  • Motel 6

    Motel 6Motel 6, the leading economy lodging brand, has selected Barkley, a Kansas City-based independent agency as its new agency of record. The decision comes after an agency review and request-for-proposal process, which kicked off earlier this year and narrowed a field of agencies before awarding the business to Barkley this month. “Motel 6 is an iconic brand with a 58-year history leading the economy lodging segment. A large part of that success has been our commitment to keeping the light on for our guests and being there when and where they need us – and that has been a considerable advantage for us in a year like 2020,” said Rob Palleschi, CEO of G6 Hospitality. “Still, you can’t continue to lead a category in today’s environment without evolving, which is why we are excited to be partnering with Barkley to advance our strategic vision for the brand and shine a fresh, new light on a legacy brand.” In the past few years, Motel 6 has implemented a number of initiatives to restructure and evolve the business in ways that place greater emphasis on its brand management. As part of these changes, the company appointed Adam Cannon to the newly created role of vice president of brand management, and in this capacity he will be managing the Barkley relationship. Simultaneously, Motel 6 has added 98 franchise properties to its portfolio in 2020 and continues to project similar growth into 2021. The introduction of new Brand Standards across independently owned properties and a renewed commitment to consistency around quality, safety, and service through those standards has been a key focus for the brand management team. Barkley will be working with Motel 6 on several key initiatives in 2021, including a ‘return to travel’ campaign, expanding its reach to guests, and aligning across multi-channel marketing efforts.

  • Visa

    VisaVisa has selected Wieden + Kennedy and Publicis Groupe to handle global advertising duties. The financial institution spent US $60 million on measured media in the U.S. last year according to Kantar Media, and an estimated $200 million globally.  W+K succeeds BBDO as lead on creative strategy and major creative advertising initiatives while Publicis Groupe will continue to be responsible for global media and add to its remit production and support for the brand’s “hyper local work,” according to a message posted on the company’s LinkedIn page by Chief Marketing &Communications Officer Lynne Biggar. “Accelerating business for and with our customers means we’re always innovating and pushing forward – exploring new ways to meet evolving needs to achieve impactful outcomes,” stated Biggar. “Our brand and business ambitions warrant having Wieden+Kennedy and Publicis Groupe partner together to expand our brand platform by combining both best-in-class creative and global execution expertise.”

  • Under Armour

    Under ArmourUnder Armour and NBA basketball star Steph Curry launched Curry Brand   on December 1, a collection of “footwear, apparel, and accessories backed by Under Armour’s performance product innovations.”
    Curry Brand features footwear, apparel, and accessories backed by Under Armour’s performance product innovations. But there’s more to the brand than product— a percentage of Curry Brand’s yearly revenue will be invested in under-resourced communities. The goals are as high-achieving as his basketball records: by 2025, the Curry Brand aims to create at least 20 safe places to play, support 125 programs that impact young athletes, and deliver opportunities to train more than 15,000 coaches—making an overall impact on more than 100,000 youth. While Curry Brand’s efforts will eventually reach communities worldwide, they will begin in Oakland, where the brand will collaborate with local organizations like Positive Coaching Alliance and Coaching Corps to provide professional development for every youth sports coach in the Oakland Unified School District and the Oakland Parks & Recreation Department. Oakland will then serve as a model for other regions.

  • Illinois Department of Human Services

    The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) announced the launch of a statewide outreach campaign to Latinx and immigrant communities facing disproportionately high COVID-19 positivity rates. The campaign communicates in Spanish and 16 other languages through a variety of ways to help empower community members to protect their health. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are seeing that our Latinx and immigrant communities are disproportionately suffering, and it’s a priority for my administration to make sure we’re doing everything we can to share the most accurate and updated information so individuals can protect themselves, their families and their communities,” said Governor JB Pritzker. Officials say the Latinx community has a positivity rate of more than 20%, nearly double the positivity rate among all other races and ethnicities, and accounts for 21% of positive cases in the state.


Laura Schwab, Romina Rosado, Peter Blacker, Ronald Day,  David Salinas,  Fiona Cooke … people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

Laura Schwab Joins Rivian

RivianElectric vehicle manufacturer Rivian has hired an industry veteran as its first top marketing executive. Laura Schwab, who lead Aston Martin in North America for more than five years, announced via Instagram that she has been employed by electric vehicle maker Rivian.  She assumes the new role of Rivian vice president of sales and marketing. She will work in the automaker’s Irvine, California office. Schwab spent 14 years at Jaguar Land Rover in sales and marketing, eventually becoming director of marketing for the British brands in the U.K. before leaving for Aston Martin in 2015.


Realignment at NBC Universal-Telemundo

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced the realignment of several of its divisions.

Ronald Day, President, Entertainment and Content Strategy, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

Ronald Day is elevated to President of Entertainment and Content Strategy, continuing to report to Beau Ferrari, Chairman, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

In addition, Romina Rosado is promoted to EVP, Entertainment and Content Strategy reporting to Day. Both Day and Rosado have led the company’s omnichannel strategy resulting in significant growth across linear and non-linear platforms. With a focus on entertainment and in collaboration with Telemundo Global Studios, Network News and Sports, the division will ensure content is made available on all Telemundo platforms including Universo and Peacock, as well as other direct-to-consumer outlets, under a centralized and coordinated strategy. This division will develop a data-driven content strategy that is tailored to audience preferences and fits each of Telemundo’s platforms across the portfolio.

Romina Rosado, EVP, Entertainment and Content Strategy

A newly-redesigned Revenue Strategy and Distribution unit will be led by Peter Blacker in a broader role as EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Head of DTC Licensing, continuing to report to Ferrari. Blacker has been instrumental in leading the expansion of Telemundo’s revenue streams and the development of its digital and emerging businesses. In his new role, he will focus exclusively on the commercialization, monetization and distribution of Telemundo content including direct-to-consumer and emerging platforms. Blacker will be responsible for partnering with Telemundo’s creative engines (Global Studios, Entertainment, Sports and News), as well as with the NBCU Distribution & Licensing and Peacock teams, to develop monetization opportunities in the U.S. and globally. Telemundo Global Studios, led by its President Marcos Santana, will continue to oversee long and short-form content creation for all platforms including direct-to-consumer and emerging formats.

Peter Blacker, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Head of DTC Licensing

The current executive leadership team continues to report to Ferrari including:

Beau Ferrari, Chairman, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

Amanda Calpin, Chief Financial Officer; Luis Fernández, President, Network News; Mónica Gil, Chief Administrative and Marketing Officer; Ashaki Rucker, SVP, Human Resources; Marcos Santana, President, Telemundo Global Studios; Ana Salas Siegel, EVP, General Counsel; Ray Warren, President, Telemundo Deportes.


David Salinas at InMarket

David SalinasDavid Salinas,  is the new Central Region Sales Director at InMarket. Location analytics and data providers InMarket and NinthDecimal joined forces in September, when In Market bought the latter for an undisclosed sum. Earlier in his career Salinas worked at Conversant and Undertone.



Fiona Cooke now at HCode

Fiona CookeFiona Cooke is the new VP of Sales, Southeast at H Code, based in Atlanta. Cooke joins HCode from Nativo. Earlier in her career she worked at Buzzfeed.