How Avocados From Mexico’s New SuperBowl Ad Targets the “Nueva Latina”

Last year, Avocados from Mexico for the first time advertised in the Super bowl, the first ever fresh produce brand to do so. AFM has decided that it will be advertising again at next weekend’s Super Bowl. It will be present in CBS English-Broadcast but decided against doing so in ESPN Deportes, which has the Spanish-language Super Bowl rights. Ivonne Kinser, head of Digital Media and Strategy at AFM, tells Portada that the main reason behind not advertising in ESPN Deportes is because AFM’s Hispanic target, (the “Nueva Latina”) is bilingual and bicultural so “we are already talking to them with the English spot in the Anglo outlet.” A look at what AFM plans in connection with next weekend’s mega game.

1007092449_c6925da254_z“Our 2015 Super Bowl digital campaign was very successful. We were top #2 in the list of Super Bowl Second-Screen champions, in a list comprised of some of the savviest digital brands across several industries. This year, we are replicating our 2015 digital media strategy, but making it even stronger adding some new media partners,” says Kinser.

We are replicating our 2015 digital media strategy, but making it even stronger adding some new media partners.

AFM’s 2015 spot was a play on the company’s “Always There” campaign, highlighting the fact that come rain or shine, ski season or beach weather, avocados are available.
As for the 2016 digital strategy and execution, Kinser notes that “our new digital agency Richards Lerma joined the game this year with a very creative idea that will definitely make our brand stand out of the Game Day social clutter.
Audiences will be able to participate in a very engaging story. “We are putting #AvosInSpace and giving away a lot of great prizes along the ways to the users that help us throughout our journey, which is already featured in the website and audiences can follow all the way through February 14th.”

Hispanic Specific Efforts

Regarding Hispanic specific marketing in relationship with AFM’s Super Bowl ad, Kinser notes that “We are engaging our group of 10,000 Hispanic Brand Ambassadors who will go out in social media spread our #AvosInSpace message across their networks. We are also leveraging our social media (Spanish) platforms to engage our Hispanic audiences with the story.

AFM works with social influencers including including IZEA, Mom It Forward, and ZEFR, Fit Men Cook, AKA, Kevin Curry among others.

Agencies that partner with AFM include Havas Media, including Arnold Worldwide, as AFM’s media agency for the general market. Inspire is Hispanic AOR agency and the digital AOR is Richards Lerma in Dallas.

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