February 1, 2016

Three Indicators that Show Why Yahoo! Mexico and Argentina Had to Shut Down

We take a look back on some of the indicators behind Yahoo!’s decision to close its offices in Mexico and Argentina. Yahoo! was one of the first companies to offer an Internet search engine with an email address, but in reality, its business is not growing, and its needs to make radical changes to compete. What experts interviewed by Portada have to say.

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How Avocados From Mexico’s New SuperBowl Ad Targets the “Nueva Latina”

Last year, Avocados from Mexico for the first time advertised in the Superbowl, the first ever fresh produce brand to do so. AFM has decided that it will be advertising again at next weekend’s Super Bowl. It will be present in CBS English-Broadcast but decided against doing so in the Spanish-language cast on ESPN Deportes. Ivonne Kinser, head of Digital Media and Strategy at AFM, tells Portada all about it.

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