Macy’s Improves Online Ranking in December Despite Disappointing Comparable Store Sales

What: We looked at the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the U.S. in December of 2018 and how they scored in numbers of visitors.
Why it matters: In spite of disappointing comparable store sales in December, the Macy’s website racked up a strong finish to the year, moving up two places in overall share of total visits to the top 15 sites ranked by comScore. Walgreens managed to make it into the top 15 rankings.

Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the U.S., December 2018
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop 1,071,628
Site Total Unique Visitors*
Amazon Sites 206,103
Wal-Mart 131,911
eBay 109,423
Target Corporation 79,098 Worldwide Sites 72,845
Kohl’s Corporation 59,074
ETSY.COM 55,970
Best Buy Sites 55,000
Samsung Group 51,953
Macy’s Inc. 46,123
WISH.COM 45,056
The Home Depot, Inc. 45,056
Ticketmaster 43,605
Wayfair 38,194
Walgreen Co. 32,217

Source: comScore
*Numbers reported as shown

Macy’s comparable store sales disappointed in December of 2018, but online, the retailer moved up three rankings among the top 15 most-visited sites in the U.S. compared to the prior month. Analysts reported last month that Macy’s missed its predicted sales, clocking in a 1.1% comp sales increase for the nine-week holiday period, almost a full percentage point below expectations.

Online, however, the retailer saw nearly a half percentage point in increased visits over November, moving to 10th place among the top 15 sites analyzed in overall visits compared to 13th place in November. Kohl’s also saw a comparable store sales increase of 1.2% in the November-December period, but Kohl’s managed to maintain its 5th place in the comScore rankings.

Etsy, the e-commerce website dedicated to handmade or vintage items, surged in the rankings from 9th place in November to 7th place in December.

  • Amazon held fast to its first-place ranking in the top 15 sites, with 19.2 percent of all site visits, an increase over the 18.8 percent in November.
  • Amazon saw an increase in visitors to its site of just over 4,000 in December.
  • Target managed to edge out Apple for fourth place in the rankings. Apple’s overall share of site visits dropped from 7.6 percent in November to 6.8 percent in December.
  • The Home Depot also suffered a decrease in positioning, dropping to 12th place in December from 10th place in November.
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement dropped out of the top 15 most visited sites in the US in December, and Walgreen’s made it into the top 15, taking 15th
  • Etsy moved up to seventh place in the rankings in December from ninth place in November, increasing its percentage share of all visits to the top 15 sites from 4.6 percent in November to 5.2 percent in December.
  • eBay maintained second place in the rankings and won a slight increase in visitors over the month of November.