Mobile Ad Exchange StartMeApp Shuts Down

StartMeApp, the mobile Real-Time Bidding Exchange has shut down. The company had offices in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, England, and Singapore.

A former leading executive at StartMeApp tells Portada that there were differences in the leadership team and that, as a result of that, they decided to shut down the company. Portada tried to reach Alejandro Campos Carlés, Co-Director and Founder of StartMeApp, but the e-mal sent to him bounced.

Monetization Issues

Despite the strong growth of mobile marketing and advertising many companies in the mobile sector are struggling with a tough environment, as the monetization of mobile inventory continues to be challenging to make these businesses profitable (e.g. see the relatively low valuation Millennial Media recently sold to AOL at).
Mobile Inventory monetization issues are even larger in the Latin American market, where StartMeApp had most of its presence in. In Latin America, mobile advertising is still in a relatively early stage and ad market volumes are nowhere near those currently reached in the U.S. and Europe.

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