StartMeApp reports 8.6 billion impressions in Latin America – Q3

What: StartMeApp, Latin American mobile ad network, reports 8.6 billion impressions across LATAM region, as well as a 63% rise in North America impressions to 2.95 billion monthly during Q3.
Why is it important: Latin American mobile advertising market is becoming increasingly important and in a few months it will likely acquire a key-feature status.

Launched in 2011, StartMeApp is a global mobile ad network with strong precense in mobile advertising in Latin America. It has just released it Quarterly Report for Q3 2013, showing the network logged 20 billion monthly impressions during Q3, representing a third consecutive quarter of strong growth and a year-to-date increase of 100% in monthly impressions on StartMeApp’s worldwide mobile advertising network.



  • 8.6 billion Latin America pan-regional impressions across Latin America during Q3

Rest of the world

  • Q3 growth in North America of 63%, reaching 2.95 billion monthly impressioms during the quarter
  • Quarterly global impressions growth of 33%, from 15 billion monthly in Q2 to 20 billion monthly during Q3
  • An ongoing global surge in impressions on Apple iOS devices on the network, driven largely by a 5% increase in iOS impressions in North America, a 4% increase for iOS in Europe and a 2% increase for iOS across LATAM

StartMeApp has already delivered brand campaigns for clients such as Coca Cola, Skype, Audi, Adidas, Air France, Fox Latino, Chevrolet, Samsung, Microsoft, Peugeot, Allianz, Claro and The company works with publishers that include Rovio, Reuters, Sega, WordPress, Flixter, Grooveshark, Nimbuzz, ESPN, Zynga, Accuweather, Craigslist, The Weather Channel and many more.

iOs - Apple

During Q3 2013, the StartMeApp network worldwide showed a 2% increase worldwide in impressions on mobile devices running on Apple’s iOS, with the iOS share of monthly impressions rising by 5% in North America (including Mexico), 4% in Europe, 3% in Asia-Pacific region and held steady at 2% in Brazil and the rest of Latin America, while the Android OS showed a slight share decline of 1% in impressions worldwide, resulting from a regional shift in impressions during Q3 toward StartMeApp’s fast-growing North American market, where iOS made a strong showing on the network.

The OS breakout by region on the StartMeApp network during the third quarter included the following highlights:

  • In North America (tabulating the USA, Canada and Mexico), Apple's iOS gained most from the ongoing decline of the Symbian OS, rising 5% from 33% in Q2 to 38% of the Q3 total impressions on the StartMeApp network in North America for the quarter -- Android held steady in North America, with a 35% share of impressions, as did “other” OS, which showed no gains at 18% of the regional total;
  • In Latin America, iOS continued to increase in market share, gaining 2 percentage points to reach 24% of the regional total of impressions, while Android held steady at 46% of regional impressions and “other” OS impressions rose 2% to region 5% of the regional total.
  • In Europe, Apple’s iOS increased 4% regionally during Q3 2013 in contrast with Android and “other” OS, which each declined slightly by 2% in their respective share of impressions on the StartMeApp network in the European market; and,
  • In the APAC region, iOS increased its share 3 percentage points to account for 57% of regional impressions, while the Android share of impressions grew 6% to reach nearly 24% of all APAC impressions.

Featured Phones

The share of StartMeApp network impressions on feature phones continued to decline in North America, APAC and Latin America, with Q3 network usage figures showing an increase in impressions on tablet devices in across all regions. Highlights of the device type breakout of impressions on the StartMeApp network in Q3 included:

  • In North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), feature phones continued their decline, dropping 3% from a 7% share of impressions in Q2 to 4% during Q3 2013, while tablets’ share of North American impressions grew by 2% to reach 19% of impressions in Q3, while smartphones' 77% share of all impressions represented an increase of just 1% for the quarter;
  • In Latin America, feature phones share of impressions on the network fell an additional 3% during Q3, from 30% in Q2 to 27% during the quarter, while tablet’s share of impressions grew by 2% to reach 10 % during and smartphones upped their share by 2% to reach 63% of the LatAm regional total impressions for Q3;
  • In Europe, where feature phones are virtually non-existent, tablet devices increased their share of SMA impressions by 3% during the quarter, reaching 21% of all European ad impressions on the network in Q3, while smartphone device’ share of impressions fell 3% from 82% during Q2 to 79% during Q3 in the European market; and,
  • In the APAC region, feature phones' share of impressions fell 3% during Q3, while tablet devices' share rose by 3% from 10% during Q2 to 13% during Q3 2013 and the share of smartphone impressions remained static at 73% of the regional total.

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