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US Media Consulting Expands to Represent Latin American print media

Panregional print media market amounts to approximately $50 million a year.


The Miami-based ad sales representation company US Media Consulting Group recently hired Juan Pablo Suarez, Columbian, as ad sales manager for print in Latin America. He is responsible to create a network of publishers and expand the online relationship into print.

“In Latin America there is a huge market for magazines and newspapers, and advertisers know that,” says Suarez.

“We believe we are well-positioned in online media,” says Bruno Almeida, president of US Media Consulting Group. “We are not doing print together with online. Print has to be offered independently most of the time. We have a special team for online and special team for print.”

Almeida explains that print media  amounts to a large portion of the panregional media buy  (the purchase of advertising in Latin American media properties by U.S., European and Latin American based advertisers), and that his company wants to be in this space. Almeida estimates the size of the panregional print media market to be between $45million and $50 million a year.

Last month, the GDA and Charney Palacios/Publicitas Signed an  Exclusivity Deal

Under the deal, all U.S. campaigns destined for the GDA papers are to be handled by Charney Palacios/Publicitas. US Media Consulting’s Almeida explains that a few properties within the GDA have decided to go exclusively with Publicitas. In Mexico, El Universal chose to go exclusively with Publicitas, so did Venezuela’s El Nacional and Argentina’s La Nacion. In those markets, US Media Consulting is going to represent , although not on an exclusive basis, Reforma (Mexico), El Universal (Venezuela) and Clarin (Argentina).

According to Almeida, not all GDA newspapers signed exclusivity deals. Examples of newspapers that did not sign exclusivity deals are: O Globo (Brazil), El Comercio (Ecuador), El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico).

Different Approach

US Media Consulting is going to continue to sell advertising in newspapers which have exclusivity arrangements with Charney & Palacios Publicitas, through an agreement it has with Charney & Palacios Publicitas. “We decided not to ask for exclusivity to our partner newspapers, because we want to offer a wide array of possibilities to advertisers,” says Almeida. 

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