According to a recent study published by MediaMind, the five highest-performing formats for digital advertising are Sidekick (IAB Rising Star), Pushdown (IAB Rising Star), Homepage Takeover, Messenger Ads, and Video Extender.

MediaMind’s study found that creativity has a strong impact on ad results, stating that "the lowest-performing creative formats reduced brand awareness by 2.7%, brand preference by 4.9%, and purchase intent by 4.0%."

The creative formats for digital advertising highlighted by the study were based on the analysis of 300,000 creative pieces in MediaMind’s database.

The results are also based on the dwell rate, which measures the proportion of touch mouse impressions lasting more than one second, and on the average dwell time, which measures the extent of the ad’s exposure.

The study shows that users exposed to campaigns with a high dwell rate had a three times higher chance of generating brand-related keyword searches and a 70% higher chance of generating visits to the advertiser's website.

"As consumers increasingly forgo traditional media like magazines and newspapers, advertisers need to be aware that the format of their online advertising is an essential part of their creative," said Gal Trifon, CEO of MediaMind and Director of Digital Advertising for DG.

1. Sidekick

According to the study, a sidekick provides a 60% higher dwell rate on average, and a 37% higher average dwell time than a polite banner.

2. Pushdown Banner

Pushdown banners are loaded almost like normal banners, but when the user points to the ad, the banner pushes down the media contents, giving more space to the advertising message. Although it occupies a large portion of the screen, it is a very subtle format because the user only needs to scroll down to view the media content.

The study found that the sidekick format provides a 60% higher dwell rate than a polite banner, while users tend to engage 164% more with the pushdown banner format.

3. Homepage Takeover

According MediaMind, Homepage Takeover is the preferred format for launching new products and movies.  The dwell rate for this format was 32% higher than polite banners, with a 67% higher average dwell time in the ad campaigns analyzed by the study.

4. Messenger Ads

The study also found that Messenger ads, while small, are effective.  Messenger ads take advantage of waiting time during chatting to deliver the advertising message.

The dwell rate for this format was found to be 193% higher than that of polite banners, while the average dwell time was 163% higher.

5. Video Extender

Video Extenders have a small button that lets the user drag and expand the video over the content until the desired size is reached, and the video keeps playing while changing size.

User interaction with these video ads is very high, with dwell rates 103% higher than that of polite banners, and a 39% higher average dwell time compared to polite banners.


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