images-250x185The Social Networking Market in Latin America has been experiencing a phenomenal growth, reaching a total aggregate of 85,934 million minutes per month on such sites. Of this result, Brazil reaches the top position as the Latin American country with the highest number of minutes spent on social networks (49.682 million  minutes and 55.24 million page views), according to a study carried out by comScore.

Brazil: The country with highest number of minutes on social networks in LatAm

In Latin America, the total number of minutes on social networking sites reaches 85.934 million  with 96.704 million page views. Out of this total, Brazil is significantly ahead of other Latin American countries (Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile), reaching a total of 49,682 million minutes and 55,240 million  page views on social networking sites.


Facebook still leads in LatAm – Taringa in Argentina

• Facebook: has a total of 145.009 million unique visitors across the region, out of which 66.983  million belong to Brazil.
• Share this: has 92.674 million  unique visitors and Brazil accounts for one third of the total (38.236 million).
• LinkedIn: with a total of 37.538 million unique visitors in the region of which 13.087  million are in Brazil.
• Taringa: reaches 29.335 13.087  million unique visitors across the region, but unlike the other sites, is in Argentina where it has the highest number of visitors with 8.775  million.
• Twitter: has 29.153 million unique visitors in Latin America, out of which 11.491 million belong to Brazil.
• Google +: is Brazil’s third social networking  site ranked by unique visitors (13.562 million)
• SlideShare: surprisingly, has the most unique visitors in Colombia (3.128 million).

Total time spend on Social Networking 

In Latin America, Facebook leads the total time spent on social networks with a 95.5% percentage of overal time. The gap is huge comparing to  other social networks, which achieved much lower percentages:

    • Twitter 1,4%
    • 0,9%
    • Badoo 0,6%
    • Tumblr 0,4%
    • LinkedIn 0,4%
    • Vostu 0,4%
    • Taringa 0,3%


Mobile leads in the U.S.

Most social networks in the US market see more engagement via mobile, with respect on other platforms like desktop. Snapchat, Instagram and Vine are the social networks with  highest percentage of engagement on mobile (100%, 98% and 98% respectively).

Millennials lead in the U.S.

Results show that  millennials, the generation from 18 to 34 of age born between 1980 and 1996, dominate the major social networks’ penetration rates in US . The three most used social networks  by this generation regarding penetration rates are:

    • Facebook: 91%
    • Instagram: 46%
    • Twitter: 39%


Source: CosmCore


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