Mexican Magazines Have 3 times Higher ROI than TV

The Camara Nacional de la Industria Editorial (CANIEM) has issued one of the first independent, cooperative research projects on the Mexican magazine market. Titled “Las Revistas, un Medio Publicitario Eficaz” (Magazines, an Effective Advertising Medium), this research shows that magazines hold the attention of readers better than other media. “While this point might not seem important, it is exteremely important in this television-centric country”, says Charles McCullagh, Vice President/International at Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) in New York. CANIEM's study shows that magazines are far superior (3X) to television in terms of ROI. The study emphasizes that people go to magazines for objective, informed credible, information. Furthermore, magazines overall rated far better than television across most product category as the source of reliable product information. Mexican magazine publishers face intense competition from television and receive a modest 5%-6% of total media spending (vs. 17% in the US).