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MSN messenger taps the mass market Hispanic in Latin America and U.S. Hispanics and Latin Americans have higher click-through rates.


Serving hundreds of millions of impressions a month to Latin America and to U.S. Hispanics, MSN Messenger and Hotmail are becoming a top choice for advertisers seeking mass market appeal.

Veronica de Armas, US Hispanic manager of I-network, owned by Spanish online advertising firm Antevenio says “It’s really a fantastic vehicle for advertisers. MSN is huge among Latinos – it’s how they everyone communicates with their friends. In addition, Latin Americans and U.S. Hispanics have significantly higher click-through rates, typically 0.5% to 1%.

She points to stats that show that 75% of MSN Latino users are college educated, 70% use it daily, and most users connect over broadband connections.

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