Capturing U.S. Hispanic Online Advertising Dollars in Peru

US Hispanic online advertising dollars are being spent in Latin American media properties to attract U.S. Hispanics eyeballs. Peru’s El Comercio newspaper’s website is an interesting example of successful geotargeting to the U.S. Hispanic market.

“Thirty percent of our website traffic is international and 15% comes from the U.S.,”Beatriz Hernandez Vega, online advertising manager at El Comercio in Lima Peru, tells Portada. Other countries where a sizable amount of traffic is generated are Spain (3% of total traffic) and, interestingly, Japan (2.4%) followed by Argentina and Chile. A quarter of El Comercio’s online advertising revenues come from geotargeted online advertising.

To traffic originating in the U.S El Comercio has sold geotargeted advertising to Western Union, Sprint Nextel and several financial institutions. El Comercio advertisers who target Peruvians who access their home country website (El Comercio) out of Spain, include Vodafone, Endesa, Air Madrid and Iberia.

The CPMs El Comercio charges lie at $10.50 This is relatively expensive for Latin America and is related to the strong position El Comercio occupies within the Peruvian online advertising area. To foreign advertisers, El Comercio charges a CPM of $11.50. GDA-Charney&Palacios, a print and online advertising sales network, obtains a commission out of that sale.