Breaking News: MEC appoints José Miranda as new Analytics & Insights Director for Latin America

056657b6d0f08e25d73208c88e727b02_400x400Agency MEC has appointed José Miranda in the role of Regional Director for Analytics & Insights. Portada talked with Miranda on his appointment.

José Miranda will be based in Miami and will report directly to Michael Jones, CEO, MEC Latin America.

Jose Miranda_MECIn his new position, José will play a key role in  advancing the skills across the region’s A&I discipline. He will be responsible of developing new data and digital solutions for the region’s existing clients as well as new business. His responsibility covers nine markets in the region, and he will be part of the LatAm EXCO team.

Miranda talked to Portada about his recent appointment and new role at MEC:

Portada: Do you think the analytics and insights industry is working side by side with the growing digital marketing market in Latin America?

 Jose Miranda: “One of the biggest challenges for the analytics and insights industry around the world is giving business value to clients. At MEC Latin America we are definitely leaning on our global network to both inspire and help us make the data and digital revolution in Latin America a smooth and efficient one. One such proprietary tool is CookieCutter. Despite grandiose claims by digital attribution vendors that they can translate full-pathway attribution into media optimization, we have found their generic recommendations simplistic, rarely addressed our business needs, and failed to deliver the control, transparency and the results we expected to see on behalf of our clients.”

One of the biggest challenges for the analytics and insights industry around the world is giving business value to clients.

Portada: What metrics do you think that are missing in Latin America regarding the digital ecosystem?

Jose Miranda: “The digital ecosystem helps to spread the messages out in better communication conditions than traditional media for consumers. Therefore, there is necessary to give companies metrics that meet the needs of their business results along the consumer pathway in terms of Visibility, Engagement and Business Conversion.”

Is necessary to give companies metrics of Visibility, Engagement and Business Conversion

Portada: Could you tell us about your plans in terms of developing new data and digital solutions for the clients in the region? Are you thinking in technology for RTB?

Jose Miranda: “I am a member of the global A&I Exco. Analytics and Insight (A&I) is the global research, data and analytics division of MEC, we have behind us the power and investment of GroupM and we also work closely with Kantar companies. We put a lot of focus on data and technology, and RTB is just one example of this.Working closely together with the experts in our global network, I will implement the decision making tools and technology that has put MEC in the forefront of digital and data in the last years. Among these we have our ground-breaking study MEC Momentum, MEC Momentum is our proprietary approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions, and fundamentally changes the way we approach planning for brands.”

Video  Campaigns 

Portada: Cynthia Evans said at our LatAm Summit last June that the problem now is how to measure frequency video campaign. What do you think?

Jose Miranda: “And she is right. We are developing a tool which we hope will answer this question. Stay tuned.”

Portada: Also, Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer of comScore said that “We are in the Wild West” talking about metrics related to video. What is your opinion? How can we work for measuring engagement and interactions in video?

 Jose Miranda: “Analytics are very important for a long-term video strategy, and our clients need metrics to help them make sure that they reach their marketing objectives. To do this efficiently, we need not only to embrace new technology, but also to be the best data experts in the business.​”

Miranda has a solid experience in marketing and data analytics, working at Carat Expert, Zenith Media, and lastly as Data & Analytics Director with Havas Media Spain. He has led projects for clients across a variety of categories and also published several articles as well as a book on digital publication, “Publicidad On-line: Las claves del éxito en Internet”.