Marketing LatAm: C.Uranga-Grupo Modelo: “We need to balance the regional presence”

Portada: How is your marketing strategy in Latin America handled?

Carlos Uranga: "Like we do in the rest of the world, Grupo Modelo has a network of importers in Latin America that is responsible for marketing our products in each country."

Portada: Do you buy media pan-regionally or locally?

Carlos Uranga: "Given that the maturity of our brands varies from market to market, especially in Latin America, all media buys are done locally."

Portada: What agencies do you work with in Latin America?

Carlos Uranga: "In Mexico, we work with Leo Burnett, Teran TBWA, Alazraki, DDB and FCB. In the rest of Latin America, we only work with BBDO, which has a base in El Salvador."

Portada: In your opinion, what are the most important features of the pan-regional market for developing your brands?

Carlos Uranga: "To achieve this, we need to balance the importance of our regional presence, and understand and respect the laws of each region."

Portada: How do you align your Hispanic market strategy with your pan-regional strategy?

Carlos Uranga: "In all markets, our brands retain their essence and positioning, although they are executed differently at the creative level, depending on the country or region."

Portada: How do you apply pan-regional market strategy to your ad campaigns?

Carlos Uranga: "Our only pan-regional campaign is with ATP, the Association of Tennis Professionals, which gives Corona Extra a global presence through ATP’s tournaments on five continents. The partnership with Sony is only for Mexico, and is adapted to the realities of this market."

Portada: What media platforms do you use for your campaigns (TV, radio, print, online)? And in what proportion?

Carlos Uranga: "ATL or BTL support depends on the degree of brand maturity in each region, and of objectives and results for each."

Portada: How important are social networks in your campaigns? What about online videos?

Carlos Uranga: "Social networks play an important role in carrying our brand message to target groups we want to reach. We are confident that they will continue to increase in relevance as we use them to extend our influence and persuade our customers, and they already form an important part of our marketing and sales strategy."

Carlos Uranga has been Director of Marketing for Grupo Modelo in Mexico City since 2004, and is in charge of managing all of the company’s beer brands in Mexico as well as guidelines for its international brands. Since 1980, he has worked in ??marketing for various market research and consumer products companies in Mexico, such as AC Nielsen Company, CPC Products (now Unilever), Warner Lambert Personal Products Division (now divided between Pfizer and Kraft), and Grupo Gamesa (now Pepsico), among others.