¡YO SÉ! Children Magazine to be Launched in 2008 as FSI in Newspapers

¡YO SÉ!, a monthly Spanish-language 16 page glossy children’s magazine (including 5 pages for advertising) inserted in newspapers is debuting at the end of January, 2008.

The magazine, published by NicaGal, will be inserted in weekend editions of the following Tribune newspapers: Hoy Fin de Semana (Chicago), Hoy Fin de Semana (Los Angeles), El Sentinel (Orlando, Tribune), El Sentinel Sur de Florida (Broward Palm Beach, Tribune). The combined circulation will be 750,000.

Editor and Publisher Christianne Meneses Jacobs, who also is a schoolteacher, tells Portada that in a later stage the magazine plans to expand to New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Texas and Arizona. The open rate for a full page ad is cost $30,000 (CPM $40). “We are currently negotiating with Wells Fargo, Burger King and Leap Frog,” says Nicaragua born Meneses Jacobs.

She adds that the magazine “will go in the newspaper over the weekend, and parents will be able to read with their children in Spanish.” ¡YO SÉ! will Contain Spanish-language articles about popular culture, celebrities, comics (by Adrian Ramos and Sharon Kroner) upcoming movies and television shows, short stories, the animal kingdom, biographies and interviews with Latino with successful Latinos, and features on young Latinos who are making a difference in society. “Stories and interviews with successful Latinos are very important to children,” says Meneses, who draws on her experience being a school teacher during 10 years.

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