Will sports mag publishers shout gooool in 2006?

The eagerly In the past awaited World Cup promises to make 2006 a great year for sports fans, and for publishers eager to capture their attention. year, four new sports magazines were launched—Sports Illustrated Latino (Time Inc., controlled circ. 500,000, Spanish), Beisbol Mundial (Sensacion Marketing,circ. 1 million, bimonthly, Spanish), ESPN DeportesLa Revista (Editorial Televisa-ESPN, circ. 500,000, Spanish) and Boxeo Mundial (Sensacion Marketing, quarterly, Spanish). Monthly). Fox Sports (Title to be determined,Cuatro Media, est. circ.500,000, biweekly, Spanish) is set to launch in 2006.

In addition,Impremedia plans to publish Golazo 2006! (circ. 425,000, nine pre-tournament issues, Spanish), a special supplement which will cover The World Cup.
Landucci Publishers plans to put out Spanish and English editions of The Official Guide 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany(tm). The Official Guide 2006 (combined circ. 1.5 million) will be printed in two editions for the U.S., one in Spanish aimed at US Hispanics and other in English for the general market.

Magazines/Cars drive ad spending The Auto ad category (US $2.9 million) was the clear leader in sports magazines targeting Latinos for the January-October 2005 period, with ad revenues accounting for nearly half of total ad spending. Ad revenues generated by Auto advertising were more than double that of the second most active ad category, Satellite and Cable Networks (US $822,501). Food and Drinking Places (US $415,800), Non-Alcoholic Beverages (US $321,976) and Telecommunications (US $308,700) were the third, fourth and fifth biggest spenders, respectively, in Latino sports magazines.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages had the highest increase (729.80%) in ad spending compared to the same period (January-October) of 2004.
Newspapers / Auto and Telecom spend big in Hispanic newspapers too The leading ad categories in Hispanic sports magazines, while important, were not a substantial part of newspaper ad revenues. Overall, the top ten ad categories in Latino sports magazines accounted for about one-fifth (21.9%) of the total ad spending in newspapers targeting Hispanics. Auto advertisers (US $22.1 million) spent just slightly more than advertisers from the Telecom category (US $21.3 million, includes cable and satellite TV). The Insurance category (US $7.4 million) invested more heavily in newspapers (3rd highest ad spending) than in sports magazines (8th highest ad spending). Restaurants were among the top five advertisers in both newspapers and sports magazines targeting Latinos.