Welcoming more, and needed, research

Research companies are rushing to meet the demand for more and better information on Hispanic media and advertising (see “Print media buyers want research, more reach and unique content,” page 1, Portadatm No. 4 July/August 2003). TNS Media Intelligence/CMR has expanded its coverage of Spanish-language media, providing an all-encompassing, panoramic view of this important market. The coverage includes 31 consumer magazines and 30 newspapers, as well as 14 websites. Additionally, Marx Promotion Intelligence, a TNS company, tracked 1,087 Hispanic FSI (Free Standing Inserts) campaigns between January 2002 and September 2003.

Last August, in an effort to fully inte-grate Hispanic Americans into “The Survey of the American Consumer,” Media Research Inc. employed Spanish-speaking interviewers to conduct a nationwide survey of Hispanic/Latino consumers in their homes. Once the ongoing fieldwork is complete, clients will be able to compare and contrast the media/product usage, attitudes and demographics of Hispanics with general market consumer magazines, TV, radio and Internet.