The Millard Group Introduces its First Hispanic Invoice and Statement Program

Millard Group Inc introduced two Rodale Spanish-language book buyer insert programs. The Rodale Spanish book invoice program offers 145,000 annual insert opportunities into invoice mailings. It costs $66 million. Members of Rodale’s Spanish-language book clubs receive these invoices on a periodical basis, says Anthony Dinino, account manager at the Millard Group, Peterborough, New Hampshire. Rodale Spanish book buyers are 75% female with a median age of 48, median income of $35,000 and a unit of sale of $21.95- $29.95.

Millard also introduced The Rodale Spanish book statements program. The program offers 528,000 annual insert opportunities into billing statements. It costs $61 million. These statements are sent to book buyers, these buyers are not necessarily club members.