Tampa Tribune to carry Hispanic newspaper 7 Dias

7 Dias (TV Net Productions, weekly, circ. 25,000, C.A.C. audited), a two year old Spanish language newspaper catering to Tampa Bay Hispanics, recently reached an agreement with the Tampa Tribune (Media General, daily, circ. 240,000). 7 Dias publisher Eduardo Luis Baron says that the two papers worked together for five months to develop the partnership. “Tampa Tribune was interested in targeting the Hispanic market. Our paper is very similar to theirs in terms of format and style, so it was a good fit.” 7 Dias is now part of Tampa Tribune's portfolio, which means that the Tribune can cross-sell ads in 7 Dias to clients interested in reaching Tampa's Hispanics, a population which includes 30% Puerto Ricans, 26% Mexicans, 10% Cubans and an increasing number of professionals.

According to Baron, each paper maintains its own ad sales force. The papers share advertising and classified revenues, but Baron would not disclose the details of the split. 7 Dias is currently supported entirely by local advertisers. Through this partnership, Baron expects increased advertising from automotive, financial and major corporate accounts. Right now, 7 Dias is distributed to between 8,500 and 10,000 Hispanic Tampa Tribune subscribers, as well as to people who call in to order subscriptions. Baron explains that this is the first step in their distribution strategy. Fifteen thousand copies of 7 Dias are also distributed through 800 locations, including grocery stores, libraries, and business offices, in high density Hispanic neighborhoods throughout Greater Tampa Bay. Through response cards inserted in the 25,000 copies of 7 dias now in circulation and Baron's lifestyle magazine La Guia del Golfo (circ. 22,000 C.A.C. audited), a glossy lifestyle magazine published twice a year in Tampa, with franchises in South Florida, Indianapolis and Toronto, they plan to compile a list of Tampa's Hispanic households and pinpoint neighborhoods with high Hispanic populations. Baron says that once they have gathered more detailed demographic information, direct mail might enter into their distribution strategy.