NSA’s Craig Desens: “We Expect Hispanic Newspaper Advertising to Remain Steady”

Portada: What is your outlook for 2010 Hispanic Newspaper Advertising?

Craig Desens, President of Geomentum Account Services and President of the Innovative Marketing Solutions and MagNet Media Divisions of NSA Media: “By all accounts we expect newspaper advertising targeted at the Hispanic population to remain steady across major markets for 2010.”


FSI is a category that has done relatively well in 2009. Why do you think that is and what is your outlook for 2010, particularly for Hispanic Newspapers?

Craig Desens: “The relative success of newspaper FSI’s in 2009 is driven by marketers ability to target Hispanic households situated near retail store locations.  In 2010, advertisers will be adjusting their quantities based on circulation drops, which will cause a slight decrease in quantity. However the correlation between overall circulation declines and decrease ad quantities will not be high, as FSI buyers do not typically buy full-run.  FSIs will continue to drive sales and remain the preferred method of ad delivery for consumers. Because of this, advertisers will find it difficult to cut significant quantities and are expected to become even more vigilant in their targeting efforts to maximize efficiency.”


What has your experience (response rate) been around online coupons and the way they work together with FSI´s in newspapers (if possible also some about Hispanic).

Craig Desens: “Few, if any or our clients are engaging in this.”


Are you doing campaigns around the mobile phone medium?

Craig Desens: “Mobile campaigns are a huge growth opportunity for marketers seeking to reach the Hispanic market. It is an opportunity area some of our clients are venturing into.”


Can you provide general indications about general market advertising and Hispanic specific advertising for the major brands you represent (e.g. Kmart, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Sears, Rite Aid, Safeway).

“Most of these advertisers reduced their newspaper spend by approximately 20% last year, consistent with overall trends. All advertisers continue to look for the areas within markets where newspaper advertising is the preferred media vehicle to drive sales performance at their local stores. They will also continue to seek Hispanic-specific advertising opportunities as the importance of this consumer segment continues to grow.”


Note: Randy Novak, Director of Newspaper Strategy for NSA Media, provided input into Desens answers.