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February 9, 2010

Marketing to Hispanics: Marcelo Salup on Best Practices in DR Advertising

Miami based DMG Solutions has built an expertise in Hispanic Direct Response Advertising. DMG Solutions buys media for clients including DirecTV Mas, Continucare and Mapfre. Portada talked to Marcelo Salup, Media Director at DMG Solutions, about his best Hispanic Direct Response Advertising practices. As he notes, “the process is simple, though not simplistic”.

Changing Places: Roxana Rivas, Harry Neuhaus, David Queamante, Veronica Jimenez…

Roxana Rivas {Café Media}, Harry Neuhaus {LATV}, David Queamante {Creative Civilization} , Veronica Jimenez {Creative Civilization}, Steven Wolfe Pereira {MediaVest}, Lauren McEwan {Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.}, Paul Greenhalgh {MediaCom Worldwide}, Christian Schmalzl {MediaCom Worldwide}, Greg Kahn {Optimedia US}, Keith Mackay {Optimedia US}, Chris Pyne {Optimedia US}, Ben Richards {Ogilvy & Mather}