New Online Hispanic consumer database

Act One Lists launched ListKwik, an online accounts and order-entry system. Users can instantly query and download response and compiled consumer, lifestyle, business, executive, mortgage, new mover and new homeowner lists at wholesale prices.

"The industry's continuing advances in technology facilitate the need for vendors to be more expedient," said Steve Cushinksy, president of Act One Lists. ListKwik lets clients run queries and download the data themselves at any time, he said. Available master files include the Hispanic master file identifies 10 million U.S. Hispanic households.

Google Introduces Free Coupon Hosting for Google Maps Clients

Tech-giant Google announced recently that it will be offering free coupon hosting to users of its Google Maps service: “The coupon product is still in beta; we are diligently working on rolling out multi-lingual iterations soon,” said Google Account Executive Sarah Carberry.

The move upsets the status quo, since many other companies like ValPak and CoolSavings charge fees for online coupon services, while Google will be offering their service for free. An agreement has apparently been hashed-out whereby Google will host coupons sold by ValPak.

Some in the Hispanic coupon market, like Shayne Walters of Carmen's Cupones y Consejos, would welcome Google's entrance into the market. “Would I view it as competition? Sure, but I think that anything that raises awareness among Hispanic families about the utility of coupons would be a good thing.”

Carmen's Cupones is in the midst of its own online coupon beta test. “Besides, Carmen's Cupones y Consejos is about more than just coupons. We have newsletters that offer health and financial advice. Our readers relate to the brand in a very personal way, which is something I don't see them developing with Google.”

RCN Introduces Cable TV Offering Aimed at Hispanics

RCN Corporation, a cable, internet and phone service provider, announced that it is rolling out a series of cable TV channel packages – under the label “MiVision,” or “My Vision” – designed to provide a custom fit to the viewer's content preferences. The program will be available to customes in New York, Boston, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

The available packages are as follows: A “Variety Package” featuring an array of channels covering movies, art, soap operas, and news; a “Countries Package” that includes six leading LatAm channels; a “Kid's Package” providing family content; and a “Sports Package” featuring leading world sports channels.

RCN will also be offering 13 Spanish-language channels hitherto unavailable to RCN customers, in effect doubling the number of Spanish-language channels offered by the company.

The company is also offering On-demand content as well as bundling options with RCN's international and domestic phone services.