New Advertising Campaigns

Unilever has been substantially increasing its print advertising allocation. Print advertising spending increased by 17% in 2004 and by 75% in 2005. Print-heavy brands include Lipton Iced Tea, Dove and Axe. “There is significant research demonstrating the value of print. Readers have an intimate relationship and are involved with “their” publications,” Irene Grieco, print manager at Unilever said during the Association of National Advertising Print Advertising forum last week. Regarding the Hispanic market, Grieco, noted that print advertising for Unilever food products will increase. Mosaica, Bravo Group, is Unilever's Hispanic agency. Unilever will increase its allocation to print advertising in health care products during the fourth quarter of this year when it will launch new fragrances as well as adding “cool moisture” to its Dove soap.

Unilever's allocation of media is driven by a number of factors which vary by brand and depend on: Consumer insights, Creative and communication goals, Historical learnings, Brand objectives, Strategies (line extensions), Geography.

Cendant is increasing its Hispanic media allocation for many of its brands. Kristin Colasurdo, Manager Media Services, at Parsipanny NJ based Cendant tells Portada®. New York based Wing Latino is Cendant's Hispanic agency. Cendant has used print media in the past, working with Reader's Digest Selecciones for national campaigns.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced the launch of its Hispanic media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of financial education in Hispanic communities across the United States. The summer-long Spanish media campaign will promote the use of the FDIC's free Money Smart financial education program in print and radio ads in Hispanic communities in 14 key areas: Atlanta, Austin, Boston Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, McAllen, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, San Antonio and Washington, D.C. The campaign will also encourage consumers to call the FDIC's toll-free Money Smart help line – 1-877-449-6629 – and visit the FDIC Spanish Money Smart Web page – available at – to find out how Money Smart can help improve their lives.

Nestle Purina is undertaking Hispanic consumer studies to determine whether the market is segmented from the rest of the population. Once Nestle Purina obtains results it will evaluate whether it will develop Hispanic advertising.