Lists of large Spanish-language consumer magazines are one of the most efficient ways for marketers to directly reach Hispanics. Luckily, this “market”, appears to have experienced steady growth over the past few years, especially in recent months.

Grupo Televisa, Condé Nast magazines and People en Español (Time, Inc.) are three of the largest mailing lists available to direct mailers interested in reaching Spanish-speaking audiences. “Of course there are other ways to market to Hispanics or Spanish-speaking consumers, but not through primary-sourced lists generated by Spanish-language media such as these”, says Paul Freibott, associate director of research at ParadysMatera in New York.

Both Editorial Televisa and People en Español´s lists have grown substantially during the last 12 months (around 30% for each of them).

As of June 30, 2004, according to data provided by ParadyszMatera's MarketrelevanceTM Media Library, Editorial Televisa´s masterfile database had 188,126 active US subscribers available for list rental. (This number does not represent total circulation, which includes newsstand and other readers). Editorial Televisa publishes a wide array of consumer magazines (lifestyle, mens, womens, entertainment). Condé Nast Americas, publisher of Vogue en español, Glamour en Español and Architectural Digest en español, had 53,699 active US Subscribers in its masterfile database. A single magazine, People en Español (Time Inc.) had 198,435 active US subscribers. Condé Nast Americas mostly targets the Latin American market, which could be the reason the growth rate of its US active subscriber list is comparatively low, although growth of any amount is indicative of a healthy list.

The value of these lists depends to a large extent of the financial commitment the subscribers made to purchase the magazines. Whether or not these lists are 100% paid subscribers is case by case. Editorial Televisa lists “Active Subscribers” as 70% paid, and makes these names available separately for an additional fee. Mailers can also select Televisa subscribers by individual title for an additional fee. People en español also offers paid subscribers as a select, although this percentage was unavailable at press time. The list manager for Condé Nast estimates its paid portion at 55%, although it does not make it selectable. Regarding the average subscription prices: Editorial Televisa lists $20-$48, Condé Nast lists $15-$30, and People en Español lists $19.97 for 11 issues. Whether these prices are the full subscription rates or the introduction rates cannot be determined.

While all of these lists clearly target Hispanics who like to read in Spanish, the content of the magazines these publishing houses offer gives some additional hints to marketers. Condé Nast Americas´s titles, managed by 21st Century Marketing, particularly Architectural Digest en español and Vogue en español, are read by Hispanics who have a much higher than average purchasing power. The Editorial Televisa list, also managed by 21st Century Marketing, and People en Español, managed by Millard Group, includes subscribers to magazines which, as a whole, are read by the average Hispanic consumer.


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