Fox Sports Total, New Spanish-language Biweekly Sports Magazine

Cuatro Media will launch Fox Sports Total next February. The Spanish-language magazine will be biweekly and have a circulation of 500,000. Fox Sports Total will have two different editions: Fox Sports Total West and Fox Sports Total East. Fox Sports Total West will cater to a mostly Mexican audience, which loves soccer, while the Eastern U.S. edition will be addressing the East Coasts predominantly Puerto Rican, Dominican and South American population, who predominantly are baseball fans. Cuatro Media recently bought (from Fox) the license to publish Fox Sports Total.

Zoned by DMA

Fox Sports Total's editions will be further zoned with particular content for each regions main Designated Market Areas (DMA's). Advertisers will also have the opportunity to advertise in a particular DMA. Editorial content will be provided by Cuatro Media journalists as well as from Fox Sports en español (TV).

Cuatro Media has an editorial team of approximately 20 journalists in the U.S. However, most of its editors and its back office are based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Cuatro Media has offices in New York, Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The company is partly backed by private equity fund Savoy Capital, whose main shareholder is entrepreneur Frank Lorenzo. Cuatro Media recently acquired the license from Fox to publish a Spanish-language sports magazine.

Apart from publishing Fox Sports Total, the company also licenses branded supplements of Discovery and other media brands to several Latin American newspapers.

Jeffrey Duque, formerly employed in Time Inc. licensing division was recently appointed as Sales Director of Cuatro Media.