Editorial Televisa releases Readership Study

November 13, 2006

Editorial Televisa releases Readership Study

Editorial Televisa has released a new readership study in conjunction with Simmons Market Research about six of its U.S. publications.

The study highlights strong affinity amongst readers for the company's magazines, to which 99% of those polled reported having a “significant attachment.”

The study also found that readers were highly engaged, 30% of ESPN Deportes La Revista readers saving advertisements for future use. Readers of Cosmopolitan en Español read the magazine an average of 4.8 times per copy.

Prevention en Espa
ñol readers showed themselves to be quite loyal readers, with 72% of them reporting that it is the only magazine they read at home.

– aided by a 50% pass-along rate – clocked an impressive readership size, which Simmons measured at 2, 118,000 readers.