Al Borde Goes National

Founded in 1997, Al Borde, which belongs to the same group as El Classificado, collaborates with Tower Records and Ritmo Latino Music Stores for the distribution of the paper.

Al Borde's new markets include the New York/New Jersey area, the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Washington D.C., Denver, Las Vegas, Reno and Los Angeles. “The cities were chosen according to their Hispanic Market value as well as on the basis of a combined data base with our distribution affiliate companies. The selection takes into consideration availability, consumer needs, and population,” says Melvin Ortiz, Creative Marketing Manager of Al Borde.

In the future Al Borde will, however, not have local editions for each city. “There will only be one national version as with any other national magazine,” Ortiz says. The paper will focus on its Latino age 18-40 target audience, but its spotlight will shift from the local underground music scene to wider entertainment coverage.

Al Borde is currently finalizing partnerships with Borders Book Stores, Virgin Mega Stores and Sam Ash Music Centres in order to enlarge its distribution network. The official launch will take place once all partnerships are agreed and distribution reaches 60,000 to 100,000 copies nationwide. “We expect to be at these numbers by December of 2005,” says Ortiz.

One of Al Borde's main reasons for going national is to win a wider range of advertising clients, Ortiz emphasises. New sections like Gadget Reviews, Extreme Sports, Culture pages, and Car Reviews, have been added to increase the publication's appeal to national advertisers. “Obviously the core of our advertising will come from alcohol, car companies, music, movies and other consumer product accounts,” notes Ortiz, adding that advertising clients will receive added value by an increase of integrated marketing opportunities like special inserts.

Al Borde has named WorldLink its exclusive national sales representative.The company will be responsible for traditional and direct response display advertising. The paper's representative at WorldLink is print media expert Robert Gordillo. Explaining why Al Borde signed up with WorldLink, which is renowned for its expertise in representing broadcast-media properties, Martha de la Torre, Publisher of El Classificado, says that: “WorldLink Media had the vision to partner with us as we take Al Borde to all major metropolitan markets in the U.S. Moreover, Robert has been a long-time supporter of Al Borde and when he heard we were planning to take Al Borde national he and his company offered to represent us.”

Franz Solms-Laubach