Major League Baseball broadcast content is very coveted in the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America. Chris Milkovich who works in Major League Baseball’s International Broadcast Sales department provides interesting insights . Milkovich says that “ We don't sell advertising, but rather we license broadcaster's around the world to air baseball on their networks.”

According to Milkovich, Baseball is very popular in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Mexico. “We're dedicated to growing the sport in the other Latin American countries as well by hosting baseball academies and game development programs.  We give each broadcaster the right to choose which games they wish to air. Many times the games they select feature a prominent MLB player from their home country. “

Below is a summary of MLB’s coverage in Latin America: 

Colombia: Telecaribe, UNE
Costa Rica: SINART – Canal 13
Guatemala: Canal 13
Nicaragua: Canal 4
Mexico: Televisa, TDN, Sky
Panama: RPC, Cable Onda, TV Max
Venezuela: Meridiano
Dominican Republic: CDN, CDN2, Wind Telecom, Claro, TeleCable, Cable Max, Sky
Puerto Rico: WAPA, WAPA2, iN Demand

Online Presence

Milkovich adds that MLB has an online presence in Latin America, but all internet deals are done by Major League Baseball Advance Media. A separate business entity than the Office of the Commissioner which is where the TV rights are distributed.


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