A new chapter in the war of wireless companies to attract the Hispanic consumer. Portada just heard that Boost Mobile is increasing its efforts to increase its market share among Hispanics. Boost Mobile, part of the Sprint Prepaid Group, offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts. We talked to Peiti Feng, Senior Manager, Advertising and Promotions, Sprint Prepaid Group., about the new campaign that targets Spanish-dominant Hispanics TV, radio and out of Home media.

Portada: What's the new Boost Mobile's campaign about?

Peiti Feng: The Facing Abuses campaign was created as an extension of the Sin Abusos platform developed in 2009.  Keeping with Boost’s irreverent advertising, the new campaign illustrates a consumer’s wireless woes through dramatic facial expressions such as the long face featured in our first commercial. Switch to Boost Mobile, and for only $50 a month on a dependable nationwide network, you no longer have to suffer from the depressing, tragic or mad feeling that your current cell phone company throws on you.


Portada: What are the main objectives for this campaign?

Peiti Feng: The main objectives for this new installment of the Sin Abusos campaign entitled “Facing Abuses” is to educate people who think they’re stuck in an abusive relationship with their wireless providers that there is a better solution out there.  The Boost Mobile $50 monthly unlimited plan is affordable, predictable and dependable.


Portada: Which kind of media will be used? Which are the main targets (by age, gender, geographically)?

Peiti Feng: The campaign will be on national TV (network and cable), radio, and OOH.  We are targeting Spanish-dominant Hispanic adults 18 to 49 with a male skew. The first spot on national TV was screened last Monday April 19. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brGtClGAQBs)


Portada: Is the campaign English only, Spanish only or bilingual? Why?

Peiti Feng: This campaign is tailored to the Spanish dominant consumers with specific insights for the segment, and thus it’s Spanish only.  It does, however, share the same strategic position as our general market campaign that is manifested differently in terms of advertising nuances.


Portada: Will Inspire be the agency in charge of the media buying?

Peiti Feng: Yes iNSPIRE is both the creative and media agency of record for the Hispanic marketing for Boost Mobile.


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