#Portada14: The unended Quest-How to best connect with a changing Hispanic audience

One of the highlights of Portada’s the 8th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference was the expert panel discussion “The unended Quest: How to connect In-Language or in-culture across generations.” The panel, presented by GFK, was moderated by Carlos Garcia, SVP Multicultural at GFK with Maria Lopez Knowles, CMO, Pulpo Media, Leonardo R. Torréss, General Manager of DishLatino, Vilma Vale-Brennan, Managing Partner, Multicultural Lead, MEC and Steven Millerman, CEO, Prime Access as panelists.

Carlos Garcia, SVP Multicultural, GFK
Carlos Garcia, SVP Multicultural, GFK

One of the main insights of the data provided by the GFK Knowledge panel was that consistent with the higher proportion of biculturals in the Hispanic population the features of the Hispanic population are getting closer to mainstream U.S. attitudes.
That also means that, on average, fewer Hispanics are married and fewer Hispanic househoulds have kids.  In other words, the bicultural segment of the Hispanic population is growing and the less acculturated segment shrinking.
In addition, according to the GFK Knowledge panel, “Spanish continues to be spoken at home by the majority; but more are also speaking English at home.” Fewer Hispanics also claim to receive Spanish-language broadcast at home.

These insights seemed to resonate with Pulpo Media’s Maria Lopez Knowles who noted that “she never watches TV anymore.” Prime Access’ Steven Millerman noted that video is a key component in the new multichannel distribution model, but that “TV still is a huge driver.”

According to GFK’s Garcia, “Univision and Telemundo are not doing enough to address the Hispanic consumer”. “They are showing someone else’s life,” he noted, referring to the large amount of Latin American produced telenovelas the broadcasters air.

Univision and Telemundo are not doing enough to address the Hispanic consumer. They are showing someone else’s life.

Should a media properties name reflect its Hispanic identity?

DISH Latino's Leonardo R. Torréss,
DISH Latino’s Leonardo R. Torréss,

DISH Latino’s Leonardo Torréss, emphasized that it is very important to reflect the Hispanic identity of a media property in the media property’s name. As examples he cited DISHLatino or People en espanol.