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Vertis Inc. Launches ¡Alcance! Hispanic Marketing Program

A new suite of marketing tools to help retailers and marketers reach and establish relationships with Hispanic consumers.


Baltimore-based marketing company Vertis Inc. has announced the launch of ¡Alcance!, a suite of marketing tools to help retailers and marketers reach and establish relationships with Hispanic consumers in the U.S.

In addition to offering various direct marketing services to reach the Hispanic consumer, clients are also coached on what creative design and messages Hispanic customers respond to best, according to proprietary studies conducted each year. The studies poll 2000 consumers over the telephone and online.

Vertis' ¡Alcance! suite is comprised of three separate products: ¡Alcance! Market Focus, ¡Alcance! Data-Driven Design and Delivery, and ¡Alcance! Reach and Deliver.

¡Alcance! Market Focus is a tool that helps marketers identify Hispanic consumers already within their database to help ascertain the number of Hispanic households within a particular area. The purpose is to give marketers a more streamlined and cost-efficient approach to budget allocation.

¡Alcance! Data-Driven Design and Delivery uses known customer behavioral, demographic and lifestyle data to target Hispanic consumers with versioned inserts and direct mail.

¡Alcance! Reach and Deliver uses polybag doorhangers to deliver offers and samples to Hispanic consumers.

Identifying the necessity of such a suite of products, Carlos Fuentes, Director of Multicultural Marketing said, “Marketers are seeking more sophisticated strategies and tactics that go beyond the basics of translating copy and presenting different photos and color palettes to complement their Hispanic marketing initiatives.”

In the spirit of this more sophisticated, targeted approach, Vertis works with clients to create custom-made campaigns, concentrating on each of ¡Alcance!'s facets as necessary.

As spokesperson Maria Amor said, “The difference between ¡Alcance! and other direct marketing programs targeting Hispanics is that it is more comprehensive. It is not just direct mail or doorhanger campaigns. Instead it offers a variety of resources under one integrated campaign.”

Carlos Fuentes adds that the reason clients are attracted to ¡Alcance! is because “They want measurable strategies that are cost-effective and can be tested against existing marketing campaigns. Vertis' ?Alcance! products achieve these goals by targeting key Hispanic segments and providing cost-effective tactics to increase consumer response, and build brand awareness among U.S. Hispanic consumers.”

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