Vela Media expands

Vela Media, a provider pf Spanish and English weekly book reviews, and accompanying word puzzles recently signed deals to provide content to two Spanish-language newspapers in Atlanta, one in New York City and one in Los Angeles. Vela works with newspaper and magazine publishers to customize the type and difficulty level of the word puzzles to match each publication's readership. Al Dia (Philadelphia weekly, circ. 50,000 CAC audited, Spanish), La Raza (Impremedia, Chicago weekly, 199,000 CAC audited, Spanish), El Hispano (Sacramento weekly, 20,000, bilingual), Farandula USA (Velázquez Press, Southern Calif. weekly, 55,000 VAC audit, Spanish), also receive content from Vela.Vela media provides this content for free. Vela Media is a content provider specializing in print publishing.