Is Twitter on its Way to an IPO?

Twitter’s hiring of Cynthia Gaylor, an experienced banking specialist at Morgan Stanley, kicked off media speculation that the company was on the road to going public, even though company co-founder Jack Dorsey had said earlier in the week that “we’re not even thinking about it.”

Through a tweet, Twitter announced its hiring of Gaylor, a veteran investment banker with experience in acquisitions and IPOs.

“[I] look forward to joining and focusing on M+A and strategy,” tweeted Gaylor on Thursday. “Pointed north…let the migration begin!”

Gaylor’s profile on professional social network LinkedIn says she led “technology execution efforts,” which include IPOs and debt transactions, as managing director of mergers and acquisitions in the bank’s global technology group.

She has also been an advisor on high-profile transactions such as Zappos’s sale to Amazon and AdMob’s sale to Google.

But while the media echoes rumors that Gaylor’s hiring suggests that Twitter is the next company to announce an initial public offering, its executives have not commented on plans for the company.

However, earlier this week, the co-founder of the Silicon Valley firm said in an interview that Twitter “is not even thinking” about going public in the short term.

Twitter’s value is an estimated $9 billion, after founding employees sold 80 million shares to a fund managed by BlackRock Inc., according to reports from three people familiar with the matter. The company expects to generate $1 billion in sales in 2014.

Translated by Candice Carmel