May 7, 2013


damian voltesInterview with Damian Voltes

Portada:  Tell us a bit about your career so far?

Damian Voltes: Co-founded EmergingCast a company focused on an Internet-based model for the professional creation of content at scale in LatAm. Acquired by Demand Media (NYSE:DMD). Currently serving as VP, International.

Co-founded Digital Ventures and InZearch leading Ad Network and SEM/SEO Agency in Latin America. Both companies acquired by FOX/News Corp. (NASDAQ:NWS). Post-acquisition, he expanded the global operation of the ad network (now .Fox Networks) from 3 offices in LatAm to 21 offices spread across 4 Continents.

Portada: Why are you qualified to talk about investment opportunities in the Latin media and marketing space?

Damian Voltes: Both questions are answered below in a single response:
Since 1996 I’m involved in the online media business in LatAm being in all the sides of the table:
1. As an entrepreneur (sell-side), I founded and sold 3 online media companies: Digital Ventures (aquired by Fox/News corp), inZearch (also acquired by Fox/News corp) and Emerging Cast (acquired by Demand Media).
2. As a corporate development executive (buy-side), I was VP of Global Business Development at FOX and I’ve acquired companies in LatAm and Europe, and I’ve a similar role as VP, International at Demand Media.
3. As an M&A advisor being partner at Group Argent (investment bankers) we did multiple transactions in the online advertising and media industry in the region: DreamAd-Ybrant, AdFunky-Batanga, I-Network-Batanga, Hoodiny-Prisa, among others.
4. As an investor, I participate in 17 internet and media companies in LatAm: Hunt Mobile Ads (Leading Mobile Ad Network in LatAm), ZetaNet (Ad Trading Desk in LatAm), IndexTank (Acquired by Linkedin), FnBox (Sonico), PixOwl, TicTapps, Sumavisos, among others.

Portada: What are the perfect features for a Latin American entrepreneur in the digital media /marketing space?

Damian Voltes: An entrepreneur in LatAm should have creativity to tropicalize successful US business models, adaptability for the frequent changes in the rules in the region, tenacity and determination to execute its business plan. Also, it’s important the “business ethics” to have fiscal transparency in their numbers (not so common in LatAm). Last but not least: confidence, self-motivation, intuition, passion, discipline, people skills and ROI focus.


Nuria NetInterview with Nuria Net

Portada: Tell us a bit about your career so far?

Nuria Net: I’m an entrepreneur, everything I’ve done has been to break stereotypes, reach new audiences, serve underserved markets

 Portada: What is your dream career objective?

Nuria Net: Create diverse content for a multicultural American youth that goes beyond “Latino” labels

 Portada: Why are you qualified to talk about trends in Hispanic Journalism and Content Marketing?

Nuria Net: It’s where I’ve made my career



Javier FarfánInterview with Javier Farfán

Portada: We understand you are Ecuadorean tell us a bit about your personal and professional background?

Javier Farfán: – Latino born and raised in NYC. Spanish speaking at home but the rest of the world in English
– Grow up in Upper Manhattan, Was married and my wife passed away last year from breast cancer so I am rediscovering myself.
– No children
– Biking and Spending time with my family is my hobbies
– Career has been my focus to get me thru change in my life (Focused on Marketing, Music Marketing, and Marketing Innovation within Culture)

Portada: How do you keep abreast of all the changes in the Marketing and Media Industry?

Javier Farfán: – Mentors and keep connected to digital lead at PepsiCo
– Focus on young people who I work with or within the industry (I call them Fat Brain)

Portada: What are the main features a excellent Content Marketer targeting the Hispanic consumer should have?

Javier Farfán: – lifestyle content
– global topics
– music and entertainment (and not just latin talent)

Jorge LavardeInterview with Jorge Laverde

Portada: Why do you think you are qualified to talk about the Mexican market?

Jorge Laverde: I think I´m qualified to talk about the Mexican market, particularly because I´ve been directly involved not only with the Mexican market for more than 6 yrs, but also with the Mexican culture. During the past 2 ½ hrs I´ve been leading the Nokia marketing team for LTA North (including Mexico), and actively engaging with consumers, customers, agencies, and suppliers to better understand their habits, practices and needs. Some years ago, I led a marketing team for Procter & Gamble that was responsible for driving the feminine care business in Latin America with a strong focus in Mexico. In the personal side, I´ve been traveling extensively across Mexico with my family, to get more acquainted with the Mexican culture.

Portada: Tells us a bit about your personal/professional background?

Jorge Laverde: Originally from Colombia, married with 3 kids (11 yrs, 8 yrs, and 6 yrs), and leaving in Mexico for the past 2 ½ yrs. Has also lived in Caracas Venezuela during 7 ½ yrs (1996 – 2003), while he was working for Procter & Gamble. He is very active and passionate person. loves travelling, meeting new places and people, and specially trying typical food and new flavors. Hobbies are: Tennis, golf, skiing, and motorcycles.

Has more than 15 yrs of experience in Marketing, with a solid background in Finance. Has been working for Nokia during the past 5 yrs, leading the marketing team for LTA North (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Caricam), based in Mexico. His previous experience includes marketing responsibilities in Newell Rubbermaid (Marketing Director – Colombia, 2005-2008) and Procter & Gamble (Regional Marketing Manager – LA, 1996-2003).

As marketers are turning to Latin markets in the U.S. and Latin America for growth, we are today revealing a pathbreaking agenda for the Latin Content Marketing Forum (June 4th) and the 5th Annual Latin American Advertising and Media Summit (Afternoon of June 4th and June 5th). Both events will take place in Miami’s InterContinental Hotel.

The two days are packed with presentations and panels that will provide marketing, media and advertising agency executives the latest actionable insights and entice them to expand their reach in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

Join the conversation with the hashtag #PortadaLatin


Book at the special Online Promotion Rate for the Latam Summit and the Latin Content Marketing Forum and get one hotel night at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami for free! Limited time offer until May 13! Early Bird registration expires this Friday April 19. Take advantage of the Early Bird Combo registration (Latam Content Marketing Forum and Latam Summit!) here:

Portada’s highly anticipated Latin Content Marketing Forum will feature major players in Hispanic and Latin American Content Marketing.

Highlights will include:

  • General Mills’ best in class Hispanic Content Marketing program. Jennifer Leen Berglund, Interactive Marketing Manager – Multicultural Marketing, General Mills will talk about why Content Marketing is crucial to reach out to U.S. Hispanics and about how International Corporations should use content to maximize their Latin markets exposure.
  • Journalists in the Age of Content Marketing. Journalists and other content producers are at the core of Content Marketing. They are targeted as “Earned Media” by Agencies and Brand Marketers. How can agencies and brand marketers work with Journalists in a productive way without compromising their editorial integrity? Answers will be provided by Nuria Net, Managing Editor, Features – Digital, Fusion, Nicol Turner-Lee, President and CEO, NAMIC, Alberto Collazo, Ford, Communications and Emilio Sanchez, President and Editor in Chief, VOXXI.
  • Pepsi’s Hispanic Content Marketing Strategy. Javier Farfan, Senior Director of Cultural Branding, PepsiCo will provide key insights on how Pepsi integrated paid, owned and earned media. Farfan’s comprehensive presentation will also delve into how it caters to its English-dominant, bicultural and Spanish dominant Hispanics.

Latam Summit highlights will include:

  • Nick Denton, CEO and Founder Gawker Media. Find out why everyone is talking about Gawker when its CEO Nick Denton sits down with Portada’s Laura Martinez to talk about Native Advertising, E-Commerce and the future of digital Journalism.
  • Claudio Ferreira, publisher of Brazil’s Veja Magazine, the second largest magazine in the world . Ferreira, a key player in Brazilian media will provide his vision about the future of the Brazilian Advertising and Media markets.
  • Advertising/Marketing Technologies: The Writing is on the Wall – Why Data will increasingly be the king in Latin American Advertising Latin American marketers and media executives will explore how data can be used as a key asset that turns challenges into opportunities.
  • Sports Marketing: Ben Jankowski, Group Head, Global Media, Mastercard and Virginia Pereira, Head of Media Latin America, Mastercard, will show how Mastercard uses sports content to connect with Latin American audiences.


Book at the special Online Promotion Rate for the Latam Summit and the Latin Content Marketing Forum and get one hotel night at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami for free! Limited time offer until May 13! Early Bird registration expires this Friday April 19. Take advantage of the Early Bird Combo registration (Latam Content Marketing Forum and Latam Summit!) here:






Already Confirmed Sponsors of the Latin American Advertising and Media Summit include:


Batanga Media


ESPN International


Critical Mass


Alcance Media




Televisa Publishing and Digital







In late March, winery Concha y Toro launched mobile sites for its premium labels Don Melchor, Marques de Casa Concha, and Gran Serie Riberas. The company’s brand has a presence in 135 markets and hopes to reach a wider audience through the new mobile sites, said Carla Errázuriz, Assistant Manager for Marketing, in an interview with Portada.

The launch of the new mobile sites was not accompanied by any kind of advertising campaign. “All we did was alert some media outlets,” said Errázuriz. The brand does not work with advertising agencies and does all its media planning and buying in-house.

As for the winery’s ad spending, Errázuriz said that Concha y Toro invests a percentage of each label’s sales in advertising, but would not specify the amount.

The mobile sites were launched in several languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, Portuguese and French, depending on the label), and also include Store Locator sections.


Portada: What is Concha y Toro’s digital media strategy?

Carla Errázuriz: Concha y Toro has always been at the forefront and that is why we have launched our mobile sites. Consumers are increasingly using digital media to search for information, etc.

It’s very important for us to be present on all digital platforms.

The global trend of using mobile devices to surf the web led us to make these mobile versions in order to connect users with our brand news, giving them access to our sites from any smartphone, and from any location.

Portada: What response have the mobile sites had since the launch?

Carla Errázuriz: The response has been very satisfactory. Our website visits have increased, as well as visits to all other Concha y Toro platforms. Site visits jumped 20% in just the first month since the release.


IMG_2585Translated by Candice Carmel


Twitter’s hiring of Cynthia Gaylor, an experienced banking specialist at Morgan Stanley, kicked off media speculation that the company was on the road to going public, even though company co-founder Jack Dorsey had said earlier in the week that “we’re not even thinking about it.”

Through a tweet, Twitter announced its hiring of Gaylor, a veteran investment banker with experience in acquisitions and IPOs.

“[I] look forward to joining and focusing on M+A and strategy,” tweeted Gaylor on Thursday. “Pointed north…let the migration begin!”

Gaylor’s profile on professional social network LinkedIn says she led “technology execution efforts,” which include IPOs and debt transactions, as managing director of mergers and acquisitions in the bank’s global technology group.

She has also been an advisor on high-profile transactions such as Zappos’s sale to Amazon and AdMob’s sale to Google.

But while the media echoes rumors that Gaylor’s hiring suggests that Twitter is the next company to announce an initial public offering, its executives have not commented on plans for the company.

However, earlier this week, the co-founder of the Silicon Valley firm said in an interview that Twitter “is not even thinking” about going public in the short term.

Twitter’s value is an estimated $9 billion, after founding employees sold 80 million shares to a fund managed by BlackRock Inc., according to reports from three people familiar with the matter. The company expects to generate $1 billion in sales in 2014.

Translated by Candice Carmel


CNNE and CNNI held an upfront event in New York on Thursday, May 2, 2013.
CNNE and CNNI held an upfront event in New York City on Thursday, May 2, 2013. (Photo: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN)

CNN Latino, the Spanish block programmed exclusively for the U.S. Hispanic market, has signed an affiliation agreement with KPDR Partners to begin airing on KPDR-LD 19 in Salt Lake City. The agreement calls for KPDR-LD to broadcast CNN Latino’s block from 3-11 PM and from 4-12 PM (MT).

Channel 19 is a low-power television station and Salt Lake City’s newest television station. KPDR, “K-Powder” broadcast free over the air on digital channels 19.1 through 19.6, serving the Salt Lake City Valley and the Wasatch Front. According to Nielsen’s 2012-2013 Hispanic or Latino TV homes Universe Estimates, the Salt Lake City market ranks 31st in the country with 95,370 Hispanic Households.

With the expansion into Salt Lake City, CNN Latino now reaches about 30% of U.S. Hispanic households, and according to svp and general manager of CNN en Español, Cynthia Hudson, the network “is in discussions with other affiliates in other Top 10 markets, and hope to make those announcements in the coming months.”

CNN Latino is already available in Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Tampa and Phoenix.

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